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DIY Fabric Business Cards {in Burlap and Denim}

I’m excited to share my Burlap and Denim business cards with you!  I whipped them up before my first blogging conference last year when I realized I hadn’t ever ordered any and it was too late to do so.  I figured that since I am a crafty interior design blogger I could make some myself and here is what I came up with, DIY fabric business cards.

Fabric Business Cards from Burlap and Denim - Copy

 Can you see the beauty in these?  They are made from burlap AND denim!  First I printed off my logo, website url, and email on one side and a photo of myself on the other (after all, you meet a LOT of people at a blog conference) all on a thick cream pearlescent card stock.  Then I stopped in at my Home Fabrics and picked up a yard of stiff dark denim.  I cut it the size of a standard business card.Supplies for DIY fabric business cards from Burlap & Denim

 To take care of the burlap, I fond this cute chevron printed burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  I cut it into small strips and folded it over the denim. Burlap Chevron Ribbon for Business Cards - Copy

  I top stitched all three together with cream thread.Machine Stitch Cardstock to Fabric for a unique business card - Copy

I wasn’t sure how many people would see the photo of me on the back and was surprised to see almost everyone I’ve given it to flip it over and inspect all angles of it.  It has proved memorable, which is exactly what I was after. add a photo on the back of the card stock business card I love how these turned out!   They are the same size as a regular card, they were inexpensive (proably cheaper than ordering cards), were ready in a short time, and fit me and my personality and blog perfect!

Creative Business Cards from Burlap and Denim

 Do you have a business card that you love?  What do you think about fabric business cards?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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  • Wow, your cards are so much better than paper ones. They exactly say what you are and show the burlap/denim. They are so perfect. You should be quite proud of yourself and I imagine everybody that got one still has it cause it is so perfectly represents you.
    Happy days

  • I have a business card, but it’s just bleh. I lo-ove your creative business cards. Lo-oove them. They’re perfect for you.

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