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Kids Castle {An Under the Stairs Playhouse}

When we built our house almost ten years ago, we did not finish the basement.  Over time, piece by piece we have slowly finished up different rooms.  Today I am going to share our under the stairs playhouse, or Kids Castle. Ideas for Building a Castle Under the Stairs

 This is our modified floor plan of the basement.  Central, under the stairs is where our castle is.  The blue line is the pop out that we added to make the space larger than the builder intended.  It doesn’t stick out very much into the room, just barely further than the mechanical room.  We added two windows to the front for natural light and a rounded door in the center.  If you look close, you can see we also added an interior window between the stair wall and the back side of the castle.  The yellow box shows where the trap door is and the red line shows where the rock wall ladder is.  The area  next to the stairs is a two story section with seating and carpet on the second floor.  The area where the stairs is slopes down from a high ceiling to a short one.

Burlap and Denim Basement Castle Floorplan  Let’s take a look at the photos to help tell the story.  Here is the front of the castle.  I kept it really clean with a deep Artichoke paint, to match the walls in the rest of the space.  The trip is all crisp and squared off with a white high gloss paint. Castle Under the Stairs for Childs Play Area  With all of the wainscoting in the room, I felt that the castle being solid Artichoke was enough of a statement.  I love cute faux painted kids spaces as much as anyone else, but I didn’t want it in my “grown up” theater and entertaining basement.  Now that my kids range from preschooler to middle school, the fresh feel of the castle make it enjoyable for all ages, boys and girls. How to Build a Kids Play Space under the Stiars  
When you walk in through the small rounded doorway there is a light switch on the right.  If you walk toward the back of the space you pass this fun Pirate map I purchased a few years ago at Pottery Barn Kids. Ahoy Matey's Pirate Map in Castle under the Stairs Our Castle has been a great place to store all of those big awkward toys that only our little one plays with.  Toddler Play Area under Basement Stairs  Back where the sloping celing ends is a small bookcase that holds all of the Little People. Store Kids Toys under the stairs in a custom Castle  Off to the left is some removable wallpaper that I bough and stuck to the wall.  I cut around the interior window.  It’s a great place to dump dinosaurs and make believe.
Removable Wallpaper in Dinosaurs in a Kids Play Place
The window has turned out to be the perfect “Bank Teller” window, Drive through window, or shelf for snacks and toys.

Dinsaour Play Area under the Stairs

On the other wall I threw up some old paintings I had done so it could look like a car shop too. Toys Under the Stairs in a Castle

So, wondering where how the second story comes into play here?  Look in the photo below.  Can you see the space between the white trim of the top of the castle and the actual ceiling?  That has become the ultimate viewing spot for toddlers to teens when we are showing a movie.

Basement Castle Under the Stiars

 When you enter the castle and head to the left, this is what you see: Rock Wall inside Childs Play Castle Under the Stairs

 It is an indoor rock climbing ladder that my husband and I built (link to the post at the bottom of this page).  Kids and teens love climbing the rock wall and lounging in the upstairs of the castle.

Indoor Rock Wall DIY

 Once you climb and turn around, this is what you see, the upstairs portion of the castle.  We had it carpeted for comfort. Climbing up the Kids Castle

 While it doesn’t look like much space, and honestly it isn’t that big, we regularly find 3 kids up here together.  It is always the first place to be “Called” as in “I Call the Castle!” The Best Seat in the House for Kids On top of the Kids Castle  From the other side you can see the hole that goes back down to the main floor.  We are in the process of building a trap door to cover it, but the kids like it the way it is right now.  Someone usually throws a Pottery Barn Kids “Anywhere Chair” over the hole while they chillax up there. Trap Door Space in a Kids Castle Under the Stairs

 Getting down is easy with the rock wall ladder. Looking down from on top of the Castle at the Rock Wall

 So there you have our kids playhouse under the stairs!  What do you think?  Too plain?  Would your tweens and teens still hang out in a playhouse?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Castle Under the Basement Stairs

To learn how to make the rock wall ladder, click the image below:

Indoor Rock Wall Ladder for Kids




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  • This is so cute!! May many good memories evolve from this. Save it for your grandchildren if you can. Paint colors might change but all kids would love this. Your ideas for storage are ingenious. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Bethanne, you are so right about the grandchildren! That is a bit far off for me, but I know they’d love it.

  • Cutest, most creative space ever! What a fun addition to your home. LOVE it!,

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