Introducing Burlap and Denim Home

I have some really exciting news!  This has been a long time in the works and has take a lot of time over the past several months to develop which is why you haven’t seen as many posts from me recently.  As a follower of my site I wanted you to be the first to know…

Introducing Burlap and Denim Home



This is a really exciting solution to a challenging problem.  I’m so excited to share it with you and hope that you’ll love it too.

It all started with my love interior design when I was a tween.  It evolved into building and designing my own homes and then into being an interior designer for many beautiful homes.  As family and kids began to enter the picture I still wanted to be able to help my friends, family, and followers and to share all of the fun projects I was working on – Burlap and Denim was the perfect solution to keep in touch with everyone.  It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve loved every moment.

As Burlap & Denim has grown one problem began to persist.  More and more people approached me and asked for my design help.  I love designing and knew I could help these new friends but I didn’t have enough time to go around.  What’s a girl to do?

As I began thinking about how I could help more people to create a living space they loved and about the design process and what’s involved to create a great space I came to a few realizations.  The first was that I spend a lot shopping for the right pieces for a space that match the clients taste and style preferences.  The most time consuming part of being a designer was the shopping, but it was also the most fun!  A girls gotta shop… right?

The challenge I found when hunting for great pieces, the “diamonds in the rough” is that there is sooooo much clutter in the market to filter through.  Locally we have several huge home furnishing stores filled to the brim with stuff…. and more stuff… and to be honest, most if it is awful.  Half my job as a designer is helping clients to not select a piece they’ll later regret.  When you go on line the situation get’s even worse – there are e-stores claiming hundreds of thousands of products you can order – they are one stop shops filled with clutter and few good pieces.  How is a sane person with limited time going to find just the right piece for their home that they’ll love?  It is literally like looking for a needle in a haystack and frankly, it can be extremely overwhelming.  I have come home exhausted before from shopping trips with very little to show for it.  You probably have experienced this yourself.

So, working through the challenges – all of us want to create a beautiful space to live in and but have limited time to shop.  The situation is complicated by the sheer number of products that are available from home furnishings mega stores and online retailers that are filled to the brim with well… average selections and a few good ones.  And finally, I really want to be able to help to create an awesome space and find those great pieces but have limited time…

The “Ah Ha” moment… open my own store!  While daunting –  I loved the idea and know you will too.  As I thought more about the idea I began to realize that I could help my customers by selecting items for the store that were pieces I’d put in my own home or would pick for a client.  Thus avoiding the endless hours they’ll need to spend looking for the diamonds amongst the rough.  It would be a store filled with only diamonds, only beautiful things.

Well, several months later and many, many, many late nights, phone calls and meetings later — I’m excited to announce that Burlap & Denim Home is open.


Burlap and Denim Home Furnishings and Decor


I hope you’ll love it and share it with your friends and family (hint… hint).  The store is small but everything in it is awesome.  I had a hard time not ordering so many of the items for my own home.  I’ll keep adding more and more great furnishings to the store as the months roll on.  I’d also love your feedback.  If you see something that needs fixing or some product that you think I should carry please reach out to me… I’d love to hear from you.

So, I’m just going to throw this out there… I need your help to get the word out about the store.  Please share the link on your social networks, blogs, social gatherings.  Together we can make this store a great success!  As an outright bribe to come visit the store and make a purchase you and your friends can use the promo code found on Facebook to get Free Shipping & 20% OFF the entire store through April 30th.

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  • do you know how to get Scotchguard off furniture nailheads? any advice would be appreciated. thanks

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