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Feb 13, 2013 - Crafts, Graphic Design    16 Comments

Giant Unstretched Canvas Art DIY (for the un-artistic)

I have a two story family room.  I quite like it but, it has two giant blank walls on the upper story.  During the summer I hang a SURF banner and at Christmas time a NOEL banner.  Those banners out stay their welcome and linger for months because I haven't had a replacement for my Fall, Winter and Spring decor.  Well not anymore.  I just finished a giant un-stretched diy canvas art and I love it.  I was originally inspired by the ever fabulous Pottery Barn: I may add the wood to the bottom and the top of mine as well, but for now, I had to put this up so I could take my NOEL down...yes, in February! I started out by purchasing a drop cloth from Harbor Freight for around $15 (cheap and thin, perfect for this job).  I cut it to the dimensions that would best fill the space.  Then I drew a faint line with a pencil Read more [...]
Jan 30, 2013 - Crafts    3 Comments

Easy Frayed Applique Pillow Shams

We finally finished our basement!  Well, almost.  Enough to start decorating!  I wanted the space to have a bright fun, casual feel.  I found some fabric that I fell in love with at my local Home Fabrics.  It had a great thick texture with a wide weave.  It had all the fun bright colors I was looking for with a bit of tropical to go with my ever love affair with the ocean.  It was perfect.  And it had great flowers, leaves and such that would be easy to cut out.  AND at less than $8 a yard, it was a steal (I heart Home Fabrics).  This would work perfect for my applique pillows. I continued my shopping experience at Home Fabrics and found two soft casual striped cottons that matched, but didn't match.  They would be the perfect background for the applique.  The striped fabrics were a mere $3 a yard, YES! I ran Read more [...]
Nov 15, 2012 - Crafts, Lighting    31 Comments

DIY Light Up Marquee Star

My favorite design element is lighting.  Nothing gets me more excited than building a lighting element, plugging it in and watching it set the space aglow.  Mix that with my love of anything Vintage-Industrial and you can see how easily I became obsessed with marquee light up signs for the last few years.  When I opened up my 2012 Baby and Child catalog from Restoration Hardware I loved finding that they had a cute vintage looking star.  unfortunately it was $269.  Slightly out of my budget and not very large (24"). Pottery Barn also has one for sale for $129 again, not very large (22"): BUT, if you know me at all, you know that I'd almost always rather make it myself than buy it.  So, I scoured the internet for tutorials on how to make these little beauties.  I combined different techniques from all of the tutorials Read more [...]

Driftwood Garland

With my beach roots, I adore anything that reminds me of the ocean.  So last year while on a trip in Hawaii, I gathered up a few bags of driftwood and stashed it in my luggage.  I have contemplated many different driftwood projects since then, but none made me as excited as this, driftwood garland.  It is super simple and cost me about $3 (not including the trip to Hawaii of course). I started with jute cording that I picked up for around $3 from Michael's.  I taped off the end giving it a firm shoe lace like tip. Then I laid out my driftwood and drilled a small hole in each end of each piece.  The drilling created a big dusty mess but it was easily wiped up.  Then threaded the driftwood with the taped jute.  If it didn't go through the hole easily, a small pair of pliers pulled it right through.  The easiest Read more [...]
Sep 28, 2012 - Crafts, Open House    6 Comments

Sewing Pattern Tissue Flower Feature Wall

 A few weeks ago I posted my tutorial for making Sewing Pattern Tissue Flowers.  I was originally making them for an office space I've been working on, but fell so in love with them I had to use them in my own home. Click the image below for the complete tutorial for making these beauties:   HERE is my original inspiration for making and installing the flowers.  The ever amazing Anthropologie: For my installation, I wanted to keep it light and easily removed.  You know me, I love to change things up, so I didn't want even MORE holes in my walls.  I opted for standard scotch tape, the one in the green box for office supplies.  I taped up the strings that hold the flowers together.  The tape is nearly invisible and easily removed. For now, my tv is centered on a wall in my family room.  I decided to Read more [...]

Pottery Barn Rug Swatch Dhurrie Pillows

Dhurrie rugs are very popular right now and for good reason.  They are rich in texture and colors and are available in many great textures.  Pottery Barn has one right now that I really like called the Alhambra Tile Dhurrie Rug: It unfortunately is out of my budget right now.  Well, imagine my complete surprise when at a recent Down East Home (a local outlet for Pottery Barn scratch and dents) tent sale, I rummaged through the rug sample box and found four 18"X20" samples.  These are what you can order on Pottery Barn's website if you want a swatch of the rug to make sure it matches your home.  They retail for $25 a piece.  BUT at the DEH tent sale, they were $2.50 each!!!  I bought all four and made pillow shams out of them.  Here's how. Supplies: rug swatch heavy canvas zipper down pillow 10 min. I Read more [...]
Sep 6, 2012 - Crafts, Recycle & Reuse    9 Comments

Sewing Pattern Tissue Flowers

Although I have only sewn one outfit from a pattern, I have fond memories of my mom whipping out a pattern and sewing up something fabulous (did she say she sewed an "outfit" eww! in my defense I was in 4th grade and by the time I finished the "outfit" I refused to wear it due to the hideous fabric I had selected).  At a recent "Free" yard sale swap that a fellow blogger hosted, I found a stack of old sewing patterns free for the taking.  The images on the covers were  priceless, and I knew I could create something with this bit of nostalgia. I've seen patterns used in many ways recently, but my favorite were tissue paper flowers.  After searching for the perfect tutorial, I decided to make one myself and include all the important details that I felt others had left out and I had to learn by trial and error. Layer Read more [...]
Jul 9, 2012 - Crafts, YW Camp    7 Comments

Girls Camp Doodle Rocks

After snooping around Pinterest, I found these great decorated rocks for sale on Etsy.  I decided to let the girls creativity come out and decorate their own.  We brought up the "Prayer Rock" poem and explained the girls could use them to help them remember to say their prayers, or they could just doodle.  I purchased two bags of rocks from the Dollar Store, one light one dark.  I also bought "Extra Fine" black Sharpie permanent ink at the Dollar Store as well.  A quick run to Hobby Lobby for a few white Paint Sharpies, the finer the better. Here are a few of the sample rocks my boys and I made to show the girls. This is a really easy simple craft that is a great filler for extra time at camp or a rainy day activity.   Linked Up: Tatertots & Jello Read more [...]
Jun 25, 2012 - Crafts, YW Camp    86 Comments

Girls Camp Tie Dyes

Whenever I go to a city fair or carnival I am always drawn in by the bright crisp tie dyes that hang from the canopies and are usually sold by some funky hippies.  A slight tinge on jealousy always lingers knowing how many times I have tried to make awesome tie dyes but failed miserably.  You see in high school, my friend Nicole and I had a great plan to make some rad t-shirts for ourselves.  We bought loads of R.I.T. dye and started making awesome designs in a bunch of t's.  After the dye set for a few minutes, we unwrapped them and exposed our awesomeness.  Unfortunately those awesome designs turned into faded muddy messes every time we rinsed or washed our creations.  Well, never again.  I found a kit (thanks to our regional YW camp meeting) that does all it promises and then some. The Tie Dye Kit There Read more [...]
May 11, 2012 - Crafts, Favorite Things    7 Comments

“SURF” in Burlap & Denim

So if you are a faithful reader of Burlap & Denim, you probably already know the following things about me: I LOVE denim I LOVE burlap I LOVE the Beach (and I'm talking about the sandy area next to the ocean people, lakes are fun but do not qualify as having a beach!) A few years ago I packed them all into one little BIG project.  This surf sign: Doesn't it look great with all of my summer stuff? (check out my Summer Mantle & Burlap Sofa Makeover) This was a very simple and easy project and cost around $20.  I started with 4 yards of burlap, 2 yards of denim, and 1 yard of white duck.  I cut the burlap in half lengthwise to make two pieces of burlap that were each 2 yards long (or 6 feet).  Then I cut them down the center so they were only 1/2 as wide making four identical panels.  I cut the Read more [...]

Summer Chalkboard Art

I've been kind of obsessed with chalk board signs lately (check out my Pinterest board).  While creating a gallery wall in my entry, I decided to add a large chalkboard that I have.  I wanted to create a temporary piece of art for the summer in black and white to match the gallery (I posted about the gallery wall HERE).  First I gathered the necessary supplies: paper towels, chalk, Q Tips, and Aqua Net (also needed but not pictured: ruler, tape measure, and level).  Then I measured the board and created a layout that I liked.  About the beachy layout:  I love the art (by Katie Daisy) with the quote "I long for Salt Air in my hair", we take a road trip from UT to Laguna Beach every summer, and we love to sit on the sand or surf in the ocean as a family. I added an orange grid and printed off the template. With a Read more [...]
Apr 17, 2012 - Crafts, From Scratch    35 Comments

Deconstructed Sofa

Last weekend was spring break for our kids.  We dropped them off at their grandparents home for a few days of fun for them, and relaxation and shopping for my husband and I.  It started with some antiquing and then a trip to a beautiful new shopping center in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.  City Creek has been under construction for quite some time and I couldn't wait to see it.  They had a beautiful new Restoration Hardware store that I couldn't wait to check out.  It was amazing, a huge store with several rooms, each presenting a different line of furniture.  I had recently received my HUGE catalog and enjoyed looking through it, but the deconstructed furniture line looked even more impressive in person.  It is made to look like each piece is in the middle of construction.  Unfortunately the price tags Read more [...]
Mar 23, 2012 - Crafts    7 Comments

Eggs & Chick Easter Sack

Recently I ordered a plain burlap bag from one of my sponsors, It is a plain bag and sells for less than a buck!  It is approximately 12" wide and 20" long. I wanted to dress it up for Easter, so here is what I did. First I added a cuff along the top of the bag.  This gave it body and a finished look.  Start with the bag right side out, sew the fabric on top of the top edge.  Then tuck all of the fabric inside the bag.  Turn the bag inside out and secure the bottom of the fabric to the bag so it doesn't pop up.  Turn the bag right side out and fold down the fabric as far as you like (for me this varied depending on where I was using the bag). Second I found a graphic I liked, actually I layered and re-sized three different images (Eggs and Chick for Burlap Easter Bag).  I printed off Read more [...]