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Mar 16, 2012 - Crafts, Organization    3 Comments

$11 Bulletin Board

Recently I was asked to make over a cubicle (more on that in a later post).  The budget was $50 for the entire makeover so I had to get creative, real creative.  I wanted to create one spot for all of the clients photos, mementos, and awards.  A way to make them special, highlight them. Supplies: 1 yard Background fabric (mine is a linen look a like from Hancock Fabrics $9 on sale) 4" Burlap roll available HERE or cut down any burlap or fabric you have (mine was from Home Depot for wrapping trees and is only available in the fall) Mini Clothes Pins (Hobby Lobby $2 with coupon) Stain or Paint (I used my sisters wood stain that happened to be the perfect gray/aqua) Twine If you are not using this in a cubicle, you could attach it to the wall with silver thumb tacks, one in each corner and a few on Read more [...]

Recycle and Reuse Bulk Orange Boxes

For an upcoming project I needed some cheap (FREE) storage that was cute.  I turned to my stash of orange boxes from Costco.  Once again my bulk buying has helped organized a space.  Check out how I transformed a standard box of oranges into decorative storage (note: I just used the bottom box and recycled the top part with the writing on it).  Here is a tutorial on how to upcycle cardboard boxes.   I went to my trusty chevron pattern.  It seemed really organic, maybe because it is often woven in wool, and went well with the natural cardboard box.  I printed off a chevron design on to a piece of  card stock.  Then cut out the black portion with an Xacto knife. With a pencil and painter tape, I traced the design onto the front of the box.  I shifted the stencil down and continued tracing until the entire Read more [...]
Mar 7, 2012 - Crafts, Printables    2 Comments

Rustic Fabric Tags

Today I want to share a little fabric tag I made.  It is really simple and didn't cost me a dime, all scraps I had on hand. First cut out a rectangle out of scrap fabric.  Mine is a linen look-a-like.  Fray the edges on three sides.  On the top, sew a contrasting piece of fabric folded over the top edge. Print off numbers 1-9 HERE.  Cut the numbers out with an Xacto knife.  With stencil adhesive glue the backs of the numbers and lay them in the center of the tag.  Lay the tags on a piece of plastic food wrap in case the paint goes through the fabric.  Lightly paint around the edges of the numbers with craft paint.  Remove the numbers and allow to dry. Sew a small piece of twine to the top edge of the tag.  Go back and forth a few times to make sure it is secure. Hang the tag on just about anything!  Great Read more [...]

Garden Party Burlap Slipcovers

 Have you ever had a stroke of genius?  Where you know an idea is going to turn out amazing?  Well this was one of those times, only it wasn't my idea, it was my brilliant sister's. Recently an awesome company called contacted me about advertising on my website.  I volunteered to make something using their supplies.  I looked over their website, selected a few items and promised them I'd come up with something once the supplies arrived. That huge roll of burlap melted my heart.  It is 12 inches wide and 100 yards long!  My sister Amy came over and that's when the idea came to her; weave it through my ladder back chairs and make slipcovers.  And so it began. I measured the length I wanted from just below the seat, up and around the top, and back to the start.  I measured it to 58" but later trimmed Read more [...]
Feb 13, 2012 - Crafts, Recycle & Reuse    3 Comments

Chevron Skateboard

My 12 year old son Jake loves artsy projects almost as much as I do (and I couldn't be prouder).  While I was making my bleached out chevron rug, he wanted to get in on the game.  He took an old skateboard of his and made a plan. He taped off a rough design with blue painters tape (no measuring needed) and laid it on old newspaper. Grabbed the orange spray paint and sprayed away. Patiently let it dry thoroughly (this was the tough part). Pealed off the paint and went back to skateboarding. Now he has a very cool skateboard that is unlike any other. Great job Jake! Linked Up: Thrifty Decor Chick Read more [...]
Jan 31, 2012 - Crafts, From Scratch    8 Comments

Gasoline Signs on Fabric

A friend of my husbands offered a free plastic car bed on Facebook around Christmas.  Justin took him up on the offer and picked it up.  Our little guy was so excited to get out of his crib and be in a big boy bed, especially since it was a car (check out his Cowboy Nursery HERE)!  For me, it became a challenge.  How in the world was I going to make a giant blue plastic car bed look good in Rockie's room.  Well, I'm still working on it, I'll let you know when that is all worked out. To start, I knew I needed some art work.  I shopped on line and found little that was right.  I love the vintage signs but the ones I'm interested are way too expensive.  The small metal reproductions available at Hobby Lobby and such are cute, but too tiny.  I decided to make my own.   Supplies: any heavy fabric gesso printed Read more [...]
Dec 12, 2011 - Christmas, Crafts    3 Comments

Winter Snow Globes

I know, EVERYONE is pinning snow globes on Pinterest.  But these are so cute, I had to make them!  My technique is a little different than many of the others you've probably seen, but I love each and every one! Supplies: Glass Jars Fake Snow Ornaments Trees Hot Glue Gun Patience Skinny Hands (or tongs) Let me give a little bloggie advice about the supplies: 1. Glass Jars-I cleaned out my fridge and found a few gems.  The upside down short fat one is from Costco's Better than Bullion but a nacho cheese jar would work for that size too.  As for the tall jars, Walmart had an amazing deal.  12 jars for $6!  And they have a great shape and a green cast all making them prefered to the traditional Kerr or Ball brands.  The mid sized Kerr jar pictured was one I had in my cupboard already. 2. Fake Snow-I Read more [...]
May 30, 2011 - Crafts, Printables, YW Camp    25 Comments

Paper Bag Journals

Paper bag journals are a fun inexpensive craft perfect for trips, camps, or fun summer memories.  My family made these at our summer family reunion in Laguna last year (filled with beachy words, photos from the Hollywood sign, and souvenirs from "Pink's") and the kids from 6 to 15 loved making them.  For YW camp last year they were a hit as well. At a regional camp meeting last year I saw a great journal craft.  I took their idea and put my own twist on it.  It is an inexpensive project and with a lot of prep work, goes very smooth in the woods. Supplies (per journal): 3 lunch bags, folded and pre punched with 5 holes 22" twine, taped on one end for easy threading scrapbook paper pre-cut to fit pages of the journal (16 total, 3 sizes) velum labels (printable below) testimony card for insert (printable Read more [...]

Bottle Caps for Camp

Find the Updated 2013 templates HERE Last year for camp I was in charge of the crafts (dream job!  Lots of work, but worth it).  A quick easy one that the girls enjoyed were bottle cap pins.  You could make these magnets, neclaces, whatever, but we did pins because they were the cheapest and I thought they'd look cool on their camp bags.  The technique is basically the same as the bottle cap necklaces tutorial found HERE.  Instead of drilling a hole for the necklace, we brought superglue and after the bottle caps were dry we glued the pin to the back. Supplies: blank bottle caps (Hobby Lobby) card stock (use a different color for each sheet you print for variety) Glossy Accents (JoAnn or Hobby Lobby) pins (very cheap at Hobby Lobby) super glue (Dollar store) scissors   This is the one I made for myself (note: Read more [...]