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Nov 12, 2014 - Christmas, Graphic Design    20 Comments

It’s the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year

 I was browsing my most recent Pottery Barn catalog and came across the most adorable sign.  It was made of wood and has the words "It's the most wonderful time of the year" hand panted in a vintage sign style.  It captivated me and I'm still not sure why, but I simply adore it.  With a price tag of $169, I knew I could take this project on myself. I started out searching the world wide web for the perfect fonts that would give me the same feel as the original.  Here is what I came up with.  It's close enough for me. I dug around in my basement till I found a great old frame that would also act as the canvas for the painting.  It is an inexpensive poster frame made of wood, with a plexiglas insert and MDF backer.  It's aproximatly 22" X 28".    Find a similar one HERE. I threw away the plexiglas and removed the Read more [...]
Jan 16, 2014 - Graphic Design    22 Comments

DIY Fabric Business Cards {in Burlap and Denim}

I'm excited to share my Burlap and Denim business cards with you!  I whipped them up before my first blogging conference last year when I realized I hadn't ever ordered any and it was too late to do so.  I figured that since I am a crafty interior design blogger I could make some myself and here is what I came up with, DIY fabric business cards.  Can you see the beauty in these?  They are made from burlap AND denim!  First I printed off my logo, website url, and email on one side and a photo of myself on the other (after all, you meet a LOT of people at a blog conference) all on a thick cream pearlescent card stock.  Then I stopped in at my Home Fabrics and picked up a yard of stiff dark denim.  I cut it the size of a standard business card.  To take care of the burlap, I fond this cute chevron printed burlap ribbon Read more [...]

“Soda Lighted” to wish you a Happy Birthday

 It is the start of a new year and so time to share a new small birthday gift that is perfect for teens.  In my case teenage girls from our church youth group, or Young Women.  My niece had received a soda bottle with the phrase "Soda Lighted" (instead of so delighted) as a going away present from her leaders and I thought it was adorable!  I decided to purchase a variety of fun bright sodas from a local supplier.  We have a cute toy/candy shop that has a large selection but Cost Plus World Market also has a great supply.  And before any of you worry, the one on the right is Apple Beer, a delicious apple flavored soda.   Supplies Needed: Card stock Hole Punch Ribbon or Pipe Cleaner Paper Straws Free Printable   I made a label that would fit any bottle.  I designed them in bright fun colors Read more [...]
Mar 28, 2013 - Giveaway, Graphic Design    10 Comments

Awesome Graphic Design Fonts & Freebies!

FREE download for Burlap & Denim readers only!  Keep reading... I want to share an AWESOME website that I found recently.  It's called:  They have the best fonts!  You know I love a great font and graphic design and they have both.  Once you become a FREE subscriber you can even download a bunch of FREE fonts to try out.  (And don't worry, you won't get SPAMed for subscribing, I've checked them out, they are legit!) Their Hand Shop pack is totally Burlap & Denim style.  It gives you the look of a hand drawn sign using their fonts.  In the past I have spent hours (seriously, hours) picking out the best fonts that go together and work for the project that I am working on.  The great thing about FontsCafe is that they do the matching for you.  So lets say you want to make a chalk board art piece that looks Read more [...]
Feb 13, 2013 - Crafts, Graphic Design    16 Comments

Giant Unstretched Canvas Art DIY (for the un-artistic)

I have a two story family room.  I quite like it but, it has two giant blank walls on the upper story.  During the summer I hang a SURF banner and at Christmas time a NOEL banner.  Those banners out stay their welcome and linger for months because I haven't had a replacement for my Fall, Winter and Spring decor.  Well not anymore.  I just finished a giant un-stretched diy canvas art and I love it.  I was originally inspired by the ever fabulous Pottery Barn: I may add the wood to the bottom and the top of mine as well, but for now, I had to put this up so I could take my NOEL down...yes, in February! I started out by purchasing a drop cloth from Harbor Freight for around $15 (cheap and thin, perfect for this job).  I cut it to the dimensions that would best fill the space.  Then I drew a faint line with a pencil Read more [...]

Skater Bed Upgrade and FREE Giant Mural

During a back to school shopping trip at Famous Footwear my son Jake and I picked up this awesome skateboarding poster!  It was a store display and is approximately 6 1/2 feet tall and 10 feet wide.  It would be perfect for a preteen's bedroom.  I asked the store employee is I could have it when they were finished displaying it.  After a few calls to her manager, she said YES!  A few weeks later she called me and told me it was ready to pick up.  She put toilet paper over all of the tape adhesive so it wouldn't stick to itself, and rolled it up for me.  I couldn't believe how sweet they were and that they gave it to me for free!  It didn't even have a Famous Footwear logo on it or anything!  It was thicker than I expected.  I hung it on the wall using thumb tacks along the borders.  A similar poster from PB Teen Read more [...]
Jan 23, 2013 - Graphic Design, Printables    16 Comments

Passport to Reading

A good friend of mine was in charge of our schools Read-a-thon this year.  She asked me if I could design a "Passport" for each of the kids in the school.  Inside they could fill in their information and have a place where they could write down the min. they read for each week.  This is what I came up with. On the inside, the students can glue a picture of themselves (or some times teachers can print them off from their class pictures).  There is a note from the "Principal" and a place for them to sign their name, just like a real passport. There are 12 spaces for "stamps", stickers, signatures, or recording their minutes or "reading miles traveled".  You could also encourage the students to read books that talk about other countries around the world. To download the PDF printable for the Passport to Reading, Read more [...]
Oct 15, 2012 - Graphic Design    13 Comments

Give Thanks Chalk Art

Another chalk post?  Why yes, that is the beauty of chalk art, it is always changing.  This was my summer board. I had sprayed it with a heavy coat of hairspray and it stayed clean and crisp all summer.  To clean off the chalk and hairspray, I took a wet paper towel and wiped it down.  Some of the chalk wasn't budging so I added warm water and some foamy hand soap.  After a few wipe downs we were back to a clean slate. For fall I wanted a bold wheat graphic.  I searched till I found one I liked and added the words "Give Thanks".  I measured my chalk board and created a template in Publisher.  I selected fonts and scaled them to fit.  I took the printed piece of paper to my local FedEx store and had them print it on a transparency.  I laid it on my overhead projector and copied the outline. Of course things Read more [...]

Easy Tutorial for Giant Chalk Art

My good friend Erik hired me to help him design his new office space for his laser hair removal company named "Simplicity".  This was my first non-residential space and it was a blast.  The over all office has a warehouse feel so when it came time to design the break room, I suggested one wall be a giant chalk board.  The wall is pure black but since there are huge bright windows on the adjacent wall, it doesn't feel dark at all.  Strangely enough, it really warms up the space.  The ceiling is also painted black for an industrial feel.  When the company moved from their old location to their new digs, I wanted to welcome them with a quick chalk art design on the large wall.  Here is the design I came up with after cutting and pasting a few images and fonts in Publisher. For less than a dollar I had it copied onto Read more [...]
Aug 22, 2012 - Graphic Design, Printables    7 Comments

10 Fabulously Free Fonts

I love fonts and typography.  It wasn't until this year that I realized that there are FREE fonts out there, just waiting to be downloaded!  Thousands of free fonts.  If you are new to downloading fonts, I'll share a few of my favorites and outline how do download them to your computer for easy use.   Click on the name below to download the fonts: Prima Handmade, Jellyka King's Hat, The Classy Dots, Shelter Me, Embossing Tape, Free Booter, Tall Trees, Channel, Type Xero, KG Eyes Wide Open How to download and install fonts onto your computer: 1. Click one of the font names above in green. 2. Find and press the "Install" button on the font website. 3. Go to your "Download" folder and double click the file name (mine shows up on the bottom of my browser). 4. If a comment window opens up, click close. 5. Find Read more [...]