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Faux Stainless Steel Removable Backsplash for Renters

My sister moved to England, take a moment and weep for me.  Okay, back to business.  Here is the kitchen in the great town home she is renting in Oxford.It's a great house with lots of great features but the backsplash wasn't one of them.  A photo I saw made the tile appear to be red and yellow check.  My first thought was McDonalds!  "Butta Buh Buh Bah, NOT Lovin' it."  Since you can see straight from the front door, down the hall, over the kitchen table and through to the kitchen ALL from the front door, we knew something had to be done, we'd add a faux stainless steel removable backsplash for renters! In real life, it is a bright orange yellow and cream check, not much better than I had imagined. Before she moved we made a stop in at Lowe's and picked up five rolls of stainless steel Contact paper.  It is called Read more [...]

Design For a Simple Life: Renovated Vintage Campers

I'm excited to share a post that an interior designer friend of mine wrote just for Burlap and Denim readers!  It's about living a simple life with renovated vintage campers. Design For a Simple Life by Guest Blogger: Stevie Sharp  When I decided to become an Interior Designer it didn’t take me long to realize that I was going to be the minority as a twenty-one-year-old male. I still haven’t figured out if being the minority is an advantage or a disadvantage but there is one thing that I have noticed. Being a male in this industry I tend to be attracted to different projects and think differently about most things. As we all know most men are very simple this I believe is the reason that I love Minimalist design and a Minimalist living. Just because of the simplicity. I truly believe that there have never been Read more [...]
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15+ Fantastic Front Doors

 On a recent trip to England I fell in love all over again with Front Doors.  You see in England, there were all types of doors, rounded, square, pointed, painted, pickled etc.  Almost nothing makes more of a first impression of a home that the front door.  I found myself drawn to taking pictures of as many as I could. Here are a few of my favorite front doors:  This was a beautiful townhouse in London.  I love the bright light sky blue house with the jet black flat finish front door.  The black wrought iron keeps the look tidy and crisp.  And who doesn't love a couple of real topiaries flanking the entry?  Well done.  In a village in the Cotswolds there was this gem.  Also with a black door but this time with a high gloss finish and 15 panes of glass.  This has a much more stately look with the matching Read more [...]

Upcycled Vintage Industrial Lighting {No Electrician Needed}

Do you know who Chico is?  The one with the pony tail?  He was Candice Olson's electrician.  I used to be so jealous of Candice when I would watch her remodel and redecorate a space while having Chico at her beckon call to add can lights here, or a pendant over a side table.  Where was my electrician to do all of my fabulous lighting work?  Well flash forward a few years to today: Since we moved into our house, I have wanted pendant lights over the kitchen island or bar.  Unfortunately I didn't have the builder put any in from the beginning and the can lights that we do have are in an odd configuration with NONE of them over the bar!  Well no fear, I finally added these awesome pendants and barn wood for my own vintage industrial lighting, without calling an electrician.   So this was what I had created previously. Read more [...]
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Christmas Wrapping Paper Pendant Light DIY

I have started my Christmas decorating early this year.  You see I took a trip to England, Oxford to be exact.  I was visiting my sister who recently moved there when we happened upon a little art gallery gift shop.  I found a sheet of  ADORABLE Christmas or winter gift wrap (and you know how I LOVE  Christmas gift wrap and how to store and display it).  I carried it on to two planes tucked inside of a regular roll of wrapping paper.  I knew I wanted to do something special with it, not just wrap a present, but I didn't know what until I looked above my kitchen sink and saw my scrapbook pendant light. (Read about how  this scrapbook paper pendant  light started HERE) It had been a few years since I had added the pendant and scrapbook paper and it was starting to look ratty and faded.  This would be the perfect Read more [...]

Ditch your Hand Towel for a Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser

This is my guest bathroom.  I have made a few changes from the original "builder basic" bath it started as (read about the vanity and ceiling  HERE).  One of my favorite additions is the stainless steel industrial paper towel dispenser.  You've seen the commercials for the Kleenex brand disposable paper towel dispenser.  The one where they show how disgusting the guest bath hand towel can be.  That is why I have always bought white towels for hand towels.  I like that you can bleach them, but they still seem stained after a few months and seem icky to me.  Well I have bought and enjoyed the Kleenex paper boxed towels but... they are expensive, they didn't blend with my bath style and aren't wall mountable in my bath.  So when I saw this used stainless steel paper towel dispenser for $10 at ReStore, I jumped on it. Read more [...]
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Stain a Wood Playset to Make it Look New Again

Eight years ago when we moved into our home, there was one big-ticket item that I dreamed about and was ready to make a reality.  A backyard playset.  Once our fence was installed and our landscaping complete I couldn't wait to purchase one of these monsters.  You know, the kind that are in 10 boxes from Costco, Sam's club or Rainbow?  We chose the one from Sam's Club because I liked the brown wood and green accents.  I liked how they blended into the landscape of our yard.  After a week of assembly (yes, it took a full week) the kids couldn't get enough. Well eight years later it's wear was showing and becoming a bit of an eyesore.  I think that most people think that because it was built to be outside, it must weather the elements great!  Or they think "It's made of cedar, so there shouldn't be any upkeep."   Well Read more [...]

Recycled Concrete Patio

Ever wanted a unique durable DIY patio?  Well my awesome neighbor created a recycled concrete patio using broken up pieces of concrete from another neighbors torn our driveway!  So here are the pieces that Erik picked out from the torn out driveway.  He laid them out on the grass to make sure they fit together alright and that he had enough pieces for the new space. Then he tore out the grass for the new patio. He laid down some landscaping fabric and a layer of yard gravel to set the concrete and began around the edge of the existing rectangular pavers. Erik continued laying the concrete, working to be sure that each piece was level in the sand and gravel.  This was especially difficult since the concrete was not perfectly equal in thickness.  Then with a push broom he filled the spaces with more gravel and Read more [...]

13 Builder Upgrades You SHOULDN’T Do

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called the 37 Builder Upgrades You SHOULD Do.  Today I am going to share 13 Builder Upgrades You SHOULDN'T Do.  Most of these are things that are easy DIY's, don't save you money in the long run, or are better personalized on your own.   When your builder asks if you want the following tell them you Don't want: Accent paint-I have done a lot of painting in my time, and now I can plan on about one day to prep, paint, and clean up an entire room.  It usually costs under $100 and can completely change the feel of a space.  Check out my favorite wall mural HERE. Drawer pulls-Usually a builder has a limited selection of drawer pulls or cabinet door knobs.  Don't rush, check out retailers like Home Depot (especially their Martha Stewart special orders), Lowe's, Restoration Hardware, Read more [...]

37 Builder Upgrades You SHOULD Do

So you've decided to build a house.  What an exciting life event!  All the builder upgrades will be awesome! But wait, what if I screw it up?  What if I forget important details or my builder doesn't have the designer's touch?  Should I build the largest house I can or should I build the nicest house I can afford?  Well fear no more.  I LOVE the building (and remodeling) process, have been through it many many times, and am here to help.  Builder Upgrades: What you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T upgrade (because of the huge volumes of information I am sharing on this subject, this will be a mini series, so stay tuned for follow-up posts on what upgrades you shouldn't do and what you may want to change that could cost you nothing).  UPDATE: Read the 13 Upgrades You SHOULDN'T Do HERE. Whether you are building a large custom-house Read more [...]

Update Your Kitchen with The Home Depot

This post is sponsored by Home Depot and Blogher. My idea of a great date with my husband is a stroll around a home improvement store.  I know, kind of weird but true.  We build our house 8 years ago in a track neighborhood.  Our kitchen didn't come with any bells and whistles so we added a few items that we purchased at...Home Depot.  Here are a few ideas of how you can update your kitchen with The Home Depot. Read about my "Midnight Beach Kitchen" HERE These drawer pulls and cupboard handles are from Home Depot. This classic white subway tile is from Home Depot. Right now I have Corian (available at Home Depot) but I hope to soon have marble or granite from my local Home Depot.   Be sure to check out the video below and see why Home Depot is my go-to place for home improvement!     Read more [...]

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall Ladder

This is the inside of a children's play area in our basement (read the full post on The Castle HERE).  It is a two-story castle with a trap door on the second floor.  There is one small problem though, how do the kids get up to the second story with out climbing on the trim? We considered building a ladder but that seemed like a lot of work and could take up a lot of space in this small area.  I even bought an old aluminum pool ladder from ReStore for $2 but it stuck out quite far and ended up re-donating it.  That is when I came up with the rock wall ladder.  I had my own vision for the space and thankfully my husband went along with my crazy idea once again.  We started at Home Depot (we like their lumber better) and went to their "project" lumber section.  We found a piece of laminated pine that would need to Read more [...]

Blow Dryer and Curling Iron Storage

Today I am sharing one of my favorite and most useful products.  I was at a Parade of Homes show about 6 years ago when I saw it.  It was an under the sink storage solution for curling irons, flat irons, and blow driers. As we were leaving there was the inventor/salesman in the garage.  I was sold and bought one on the spot.  In my master bath, under my sink was wasted space.  There was a dummy drawer front that was easily removed.  After a few screws were installed (by me, thank you very much) the storage shelves were installed.  The product comes with all of the hardware necessary including hinges, and detailed instructions. There are two spots for curling irons or flat irons (I actually shove two curling and one flat in mine). The other side holds a large blow drier. I love how these simple aftermarket Read more [...]