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Taking it up a Notch with a Glass and Marble Mosaic Bath Accent Wall

Look at what my hubs found at COSTCO, yes, Costco!   One box contained 5 square feet and cost $20 a box.  That is a steal of deal, better than the big home improvement stores. It is a light aqua sea glass in matte and shiny finish mixed with Carrera marble.  Random lengths are attached parallel to one another with a mesh backing (the photo below shows the back side of the tile squares).  One very important thing to note is that the glass tile has been painted on the back side of each piece.  This makes it possible for a novice to install this tile (if the glass tile had been clear through the back like Oceanside tile, then any imperfections in the setting of the tile and the mastic are shown, even magnified). So when we purchased this tile my husband knew exactly where he wanted to use it.  Our basement bathroom Read more [...]
Oct 5, 2012 - Home Improvement    6 Comments

Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Outdoor Furniture

This is my deck and outdoor dining set.  We purchased it around seven years ago from Sam's Club.  This set looks amazing despite living most of its life in the harsh sun, rain, and hosting hundreds of meals.  But it didn't always look this great. The surface of the metal gets dull over time and those grease spots from last nights pizza glare at who ever is sitting in front of it.  I was having a few friends over for lunch and wanted to eat out side when I tried everything to get this table to look new again.  That's when I discovered the magic of Sprayway's Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish!  (and NO, this is NOT a sponsored post, I just happen to be obsessed with Sprayway brand cleaners)  In one quick step I just sprayed the Stainless Steel spray all over the table and wiped away 7 years of ick.  It also had the Read more [...]