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Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

     As a child I remember gazing upon my grandmother's costume jewelry Christmas tree.  It was so shiny and the Christmas lights made it mezmorizing.  My grandmother was very crafty, she made hers at a church activity.  This was a popular craft back in the 1970's.      There was a magazine produced with instructions back then! (here is an excerpt) Check out that tree, wait the hair is what is really amazing about this photo!  Ha, ha. Years later I decided that my kids deserved the a magical Christmas tree like the one I had enjoyed.      My grandmother was an avid crafter.  She had homemade ornaments, stockings, and more supplies than you could imagine.  When she passed away my mother brought box loads of mixed up crafting supplies.  It was too much for even her to handle.  I offered to take it Read more [...]

Amp Up a Faux Chandelier

If you couldn't tell by now, I heart funky lighting.  When I saw this fixture at Urban Outfitters, I knew I could make something of it. At just $39 this little beauty can add a lot of punch for not a lot of cash. I purchased the white version at our local Urban Outfitters.  12X12 scrapbook paper is almost large enough to cover each 1/8 of the chandelier so I bought 16 papers total.  There are so many amazing colors and designs that it was difficult to chose the right 16, but this was going in a teenage girls room so I let her tastes dictate the final selection.  We decided on a bird theme with an Anthropologie vibe.  The orange, brown, and hot pink trees were painted from a stencil Urban Outfitters used to sell. Before assembling it I laid the chandelier so that 1/2 of one side was on top of the paper.  I Read more [...]

DIY Barrel Shade Chandelier

Seven years ago when my husband and I built our house, I was in love with this chandelier. It is a Kathy Ireland entry chandelier from Lamps Plus.  Well, seven years is a long time in my design eyes and the love has faded.  Even my husband was ready for a change.  I decided that what I really wanted was a barrel shade over a chandelier.  Maybe I could buy a shade and slip it over the existing chandelier.  I searched the internet high and low but the largest shade I could find was 18" in diameter.  My chandelier is 30"!  That was not going to work.  Even if there was one that was large enough, with the standard top X it would be too high to expose a little iron above and below the shade like I had imagined. I'd have to make my own, a DIY barrel shade for my chandelier.  What would I use for my stiff circle for Read more [...]
Sep 18, 2011 - Lighting, Recycle & Reuse    6 Comments

Paper Pendant Shade

My dad was building a house and put this cute pendant/chandelier in the entry.  The house was almost finished when a finish carpenter accidentally rammed his ladder into the light fixture!  The glass on 3 sides shattered.  With no glass and no ability to order more from the lighting company, he asked if I wanted it.  Oh yea, I wanted it.  I knew I could figure something out.  Well, time passed and the chandelier collected dust.  I thought I'd hang it with out glass and it might look OK.  Then in a major house clean out I thought I'd see what I could sell it for on KSL (our local "better than" Craigslist).  AS I was typing the description I suggested that the purchaser could use paper to make a shade.  Why didn't I think of that?  Oh wait, I did.  After zero interest on KSL I decided to take my own advice.  Read more [...]
Sep 14, 2011 - Lighting, Recycle & Reuse    32 Comments

Salvaged Wood Lamp

I am sure you have heard of Craigslist, but where I live, it's all about KSL Classifieds.  This is a news website that has free classifieds.  It is AMAZING!  I have sold and bought things from KSL and have not been disappointed yet!  Well, this story starts with a Friday night, browsing the FREE section.  I had never checked out the FREE section, but figured I'd give it a shot.  After an hour or so I found a listing for free barn wood.  It turns out a construction crew was doing some work right off the freeway about 10 miles from where I live.  They tore down a small shed and an old wooden fence.  All I had to do was follow their directions and load up all that I could.  My husband wasn't too keen on spending his Saturday morning picking up someone else's free junk, but I was in!  I hardly slept a wink, figuring everyone Read more [...]