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Apr 11, 2012 - From Scratch, Organization    2 Comments

Monogrammed In/Out Hanging Bags

One more project from the cubicle project, and then the big reveal! In a small work space, desk top space is at a premium.  I decided that two hanging bags would serve as great In/Out boxes.  I found these great brown bags, perfect for the cubicle on clearance at TJ Maxx.  Unfortunately the design on the the front was hideous, hence the $3 price tag.  I bought two of them anyway and made over the back side. I found two craft paints that matched the design and started taping off the edges.  A border of blush and a home made monogram stencil filled in with a soft aqua freshen up the dark brown. Because I knew I was going to have bird accents in other parts of the space, I couldn't pass up these earings from Forever 21.  I just fished the ring through the fabric and attached the earring back on the inside. Here Read more [...]

My Small Kitchen Office ReOrganized

Can you guess what is hiding behind these cabinet doors?  Would you believe me if I told you that this small block of cabinets is the hub of our home? They hold office supplies, my crafting arsenal, and all four of my kids papers and art supplies (oh, and a paper junk drawer)! This has been a dumping ground for years.  The counter space is the spot where the rest of the kitchen gets cleaned up to.  You know, the place where when people come over all the mess gets "hidden" to.  But not any more. Here are the Before and After photos.  You can see that the cupboard on the left is under utilized and the counter is overflowing with unorganized junk.  Let me show you how I optimized the space, and organized it for good. When we built our house, we had the builder install an outlet in the cupboard for our cordless phone. Read more [...]
Mar 16, 2012 - Crafts, Organization    3 Comments

$11 Bulletin Board

Recently I was asked to make over a cubicle (more on that in a later post).  The budget was $50 for the entire makeover so I had to get creative, real creative.  I wanted to create one spot for all of the clients photos, mementos, and awards.  A way to make them special, highlight them. Supplies: 1 yard Background fabric (mine is a linen look a like from Hancock Fabrics $9 on sale) 4" Burlap roll available HERE or cut down any burlap or fabric you have (mine was from Home Depot for wrapping trees and is only available in the fall) Mini Clothes Pins (Hobby Lobby $2 with coupon) Stain or Paint (I used my sisters wood stain that happened to be the perfect gray/aqua) Twine If you are not using this in a cubicle, you could attach it to the wall with silver thumb tacks, one in each corner and a few on Read more [...]

Tips for Styling Open Shelving

This is the room we call the "Red" room.  It's the first room in our house off the left of the front door.  It's kind of a multi-purpose room for us.  At one time it held our giant air hockey table, till we finished part of the basement game room...phew.  It has great light in the morning and is a great place to read the Sunday paper.  We have a desk with a family computer and shelving to hold all the nececcities, and for me that means decor.  I thought I'd show you around and then give you my tips for styling open shelving. For the walls I chose a dark deep red with a flat finish.  We left the ceiling the main house color (KH Desert Sand) and the trim is glossy white.  The black and white print is a lithograph of Paris my hubs ordered from the Louve, it's huge and I love it.  The white sofa was a hand-me-down and Read more [...]

Recycle and Reuse Bulk Orange Boxes

For an upcoming project I needed some cheap (FREE) storage that was cute.  I turned to my stash of orange boxes from Costco.  Once again my bulk buying has helped organized a space.  Check out how I transformed a standard box of oranges into decorative storage (note: I just used the bottom box and recycled the top part with the writing on it).  Here is a tutorial on how to upcycle cardboard boxes.   I went to my trusty chevron pattern.  It seemed really organic, maybe because it is often woven in wool, and went well with the natural cardboard box.  I printed off a chevron design on to a piece of  card stock.  Then cut out the black portion with an Xacto knife. With a pencil and painter tape, I traced the design onto the front of the box.  I shifted the stencil down and continued tracing until the entire Read more [...]
Feb 17, 2012 - Organization    28 Comments

Gift Wrap Display and Organization Station

Have you ever been to a Paper Source store?  On our last trip to Carlsbad my husband and I happened upon one of their adorable stores.  One entire wall of their shop was lined with beautiful wrapping papers.  They are a mix between fabulous scrapbook paper and amazing hand made wallpaper I'm not gutsy enough to glue to the wall.  I knew right then and there that I wanted a place to display beautiful papers.  I wanted a wrapping paper station that was compact, affordable, and displayed beautiful paper.  A few months later inspiration struck. I decided to make my own Wrapping Paper Storage Station.  We've been working on our basement and just finished up all of the trim.  I looked around and found a few scraps that would work perfect.  I cut them to be the same length making them 4.25" X 52".  I sanded the rough Read more [...]

Reclaimed Barn Wood Ceiling and Open Shelving in a Guest Bath

On the main floor of our home we have a tiny guest bath.  I have tried to spruce it up many times, even going so far at to paint it Kelly green (yikes!  that lasted less than 24 hours).  I decided to go the opposite of bright.  I went for a feeling of weathered, worn, dull and peaceful.  Style influences vintage, industrial, farmhouse, and beach.  This is my Reclaimed Barn Wood Ceiling I painted the walls a light grey (Ralph Lauren Tudric Pewter interior eggshell paint - mixed and matched at Lowes) I wanted to something on the ceiling.  This was a small space with nothing interrupting the ceiling except a bathroom fan (which I later spray painted gray to blend in).  About a year earlier I came across a lot of FREE wood (read about it HERE).  I nabbed two small sheets of very weathered ply wood.  I had enough Read more [...]
Jan 27, 2012 - Open House, Organization    110 Comments

My Corner Market (aka my pantry)

I have a problem, I am a compulsive organizer.   My kitchen pantry is the subject of this weeks obsession: Pantry Organization.  I like my pantry to be "merchandised" like a corner store.  When I walk in or glance in at my pantry I want to be drawn in to a neat, clean, well stocked space.  A space to inspire me to whip up a yummy treat or grab a quick snack. Note: if you would like to tour my Midnight Beach Kitchen, check it out HERE.   Here are a few views from outside the pantry. First of all, you must be able to see well in your pantry.  When we built our current track house, the builder wasn't going to put a light in the pantry!   I insisted on a fixture being wired and then we purchased and installed a light from IKEA for $19.99.  I LOVE it because it gives off tons of light (and of course it is incandescent, Read more [...]

Recycle and Reuse Bulk Packaging

     We live a few blocks from Costco which is a dangerous place to be!  We frequent the mega store like it is a corner market.  We buy a lot in bulk since huge seems to be the only size Costco sells.         Last year we got a popcorn machine as a family Christmas present.  This turned out be be a perfect gift for our movie loving family.  Shortly after Christmas we had to put the popper up high in the pantry because we were popping corn 2X a day (not good for any of our figures)!  Now it is a once or twice a week popcorn fest.  With all that popcorn being consumed we stock up on the kernals at Costco.  They happen to come in the greatest packaging!      These are the perfect container to recycle and reuse! I place the whole container under a slow drip of hot water and the label peels right off.   Read more [...]

Grocery Shopping the Easy Way

     A few years ago I decided there had to be a better way to go grocery shopping.  I was tiered of trying to read a scribbled scrap of paper and walking from one end of the store to the other only to realize that I had to go back to the begininning because I forgot something.  So, I took matters into my own hands.          I made a grocery shopping list.  I organized it based on the store I shopped at most.  Each section is broken out by isle or catagory.  I filled in the list with the items I buy most.      I also made a section for listing out the dinners I planned to have that week.        Now when I am getting ready to go to the grocery store I first grab a highlighter and mark all of the items I need to purchase for each of the planned meals.  Then I read each of the items on the Read more [...]
Sep 28, 2011 - Organization    5 Comments

What is Pinterest and How to use it

Pinterest is the most amazing tool on the web.  Seriously!  Pinterest is for just about anyone.  Designers, crafters, cooks, party planners, gift givers, teachers, parents, photographers, the list goes on and on!  I have spent countless hours there, and I know others do too.  Did that pique your Pinterest? (Ha, ha, I couldn't resist) But what is it? A picture is worth 1,000 words and that is what Pinterest is all about.  Pinterest is a free social networking site where images are shared.  Those images are usually linked to a blog or a website.  The images are "pined" up on a virtual idea board.  You can make your own boards and label them what ever you please.  Then you can pin any image you find on the net and place it on any of your boards OR repin an image from the main Pineterst board onto one of your boards.  Read more [...]
Sep 9, 2011 - Organization, Printables    12 Comments

Self Serve Laundry Sorting

I LOVE fresh laundry.  I still remember in 7th grade borrowing my friend Marreville's gym clothes and loving the smell.  I asked her what detergent her mom used and I have been using the same formula for over 20 years!  Tide Clean Breeze or original scent and Snuggle Sparkle fabric softener and dryer sheets.  The scent of my laundry has a reputation of it's own.  I can't tell you how many of my kids friends mom's have asked me for this formula after my kids have played at their house! Well, a husband and 4 boys later, laundry is a still a big deal.  I can't do it alone so I organized my tiny laundry room.  I have a front loading washer and dryer so i grabbed 4 clear storage bins and they fit perfect across the top.  Then I made labels based on the colors of clothes that I seem to have a lot of.  I printed them Read more [...]