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Beach Bum Backpack & Pillow

On Saturday, June 2, 2012 there was an awesome event.  A FREE swap meet put on by Desert Green Goddess.  Everyone came to a park in the middle of our town and dropped off unwanted clothes, decor, projects, etc.  Almost as soon as it was placed on a table, someone else walked by and snatched it up...for free!  My 10 year old and I were really excited.  We brought some of our old junk, and took home a bunch too.  One of our finds was this tattered, but free backpack. I loved the surfer feel of the fabric and immediately imagined it into a backpack pillow for his Surfing bedroom.  I gave it a quick wash with my intoxicating laundry soap combo knowing that would bet out any stains and make it smell like "us".  Then I got to work trimming off all of the stray and unraveling threads.  Then whipped out my sewing machine Read more [...]
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Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starters

Spring is in the air and I've been ready to plant my garden for at least a month.  Fortunately, I remember all the times I've been burned (or really frozen) planting too early.  Here in Utah there is often a crazy snow storm that shows up just after I have planted my garden, but not THIS year!  I decided to harness all of that Spring fever into planting seeds INDOORS and taking them outside when the coast is clear.  I started saving toilet paper rolls after I saw a bunch of beautiful art projects people had pinned on Pinterest.  Well I tried making one...FAIL.  Instead I thought up this little project that doesn't need to be pretty, just practical (NOTE: After a search for toilet paper rolls as seed starters, I found I wasn't the only one with this idea but I figured I'd share my version,so here goes). Supply List: Empty Read more [...]

$50 Studio5 Cubicle Makeover

I was recently asked to do a cubicle makeover for Brooke Walker of Studio5 for just $50.  This may seem like an impossible task, but with a little thought and a lot of effort I think it turned out awesome! I was on Studio5 today, here is the video of Brooke, Darin and me talking all about it: Here is what the cubicle looked like Before we started. Pretty typical.  Middle of the building, no windows, basic gray and maple. Here is the After. Let me show you how we did it.    Feeling First, it is important to start with the feeling you want the space to have when it is finished.  After communicating with Brooke, we understood that what she was really looking for was a fresh, feminine, and simple look for her space.  We started with the background and found a clean and funky damask fabric with a small Read more [...]

Dumped & Found: Half Light Door {Vaseline Finish & Antiqued Mirror}

A while back, long before blogging, my awesome friend Heather called me and asked if I wanted an old door that she had no use for.  I knew nothing about the door but of course said "YES!"  Come to find out prior to that call, her husband Dan had been at the dump dropping stuff off when he came across a few old doors and took them home from the dump.  Apparently he made a few awesome projects out of the other doors, but was at a loss for this one and was tiered of it kicking around in their garage.  That's when they called me, and much to my husband's disappointment (ANOTHER project?!), I jumped at the offer. This is what the front of the door looked like when I got it.  It was a bright peachy color.  The back side was weathered, but just stained and varnished.  I started this little makeover by scrapping off all Read more [...]

Recycle and Reuse Bulk Orange Boxes

For an upcoming project I needed some cheap (FREE) storage that was cute.  I turned to my stash of orange boxes from Costco.  Once again my bulk buying has helped organized a space.  Check out how I transformed a standard box of oranges into decorative storage (note: I just used the bottom box and recycled the top part with the writing on it).  Here is a tutorial on how to upcycle cardboard boxes.   I went to my trusty chevron pattern.  It seemed really organic, maybe because it is often woven in wool, and went well with the natural cardboard box.  I printed off a chevron design on to a piece of  card stock.  Then cut out the black portion with an Xacto knife. With a pencil and painter tape, I traced the design onto the front of the box.  I shifted the stencil down and continued tracing until the entire Read more [...]
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Chevron Skateboard

My 12 year old son Jake loves artsy projects almost as much as I do (and I couldn't be prouder).  While I was making my bleached out chevron rug, he wanted to get in on the game.  He took an old skateboard of his and made a plan. He taped off a rough design with blue painters tape (no measuring needed) and laid it on old newspaper. Grabbed the orange spray paint and sprayed away. Patiently let it dry thoroughly (this was the tough part). Pealed off the paint and went back to skateboarding. Now he has a very cool skateboard that is unlike any other. Great job Jake! Linked Up: Thrifty Decor Chick Read more [...]

Reclaimed Barn Wood Ceiling and Open Shelving in a Guest Bath

On the main floor of our home we have a tiny guest bath.  I have tried to spruce it up many times, even going so far at to paint it Kelly green (yikes!  that lasted less than 24 hours).  I decided to go the opposite of bright.  I went for a feeling of weathered, worn, dull and peaceful.  Style influences vintage, industrial, farmhouse, and beach.  This is my Reclaimed Barn Wood Ceiling I painted the walls a light grey (Ralph Lauren Tudric Pewter interior eggshell paint - mixed and matched at Lowes) I wanted to something on the ceiling.  This was a small space with nothing interrupting the ceiling except a bathroom fan (which I later spray painted gray to blend in).  About a year earlier I came across a lot of FREE wood (read about it HERE).  I nabbed two small sheets of very weathered ply wood.  I had enough Read more [...]

Merry Christmas Ribbon on Burlap

This Merry Christmas ribbon on burlap couldn't be easier and yet it packs a huge punch in my Christmas decorating. Supplies: Easy Gardener 4" Burlap Strip in a roll ($20, available in the fall) Toll Craft Paint Plastic Wrap Small Foam Roller Paper Plate Tape Stencil (2 sheets photo paper) Xacto Knife I was giddy when I saw a giant roll of burlap at my local Home Depot (item 3108).  It was 4" wide and 300' long!  They had it out for fall wrapping of shrubs and trees, but I had big plans for that burlap, after all my website is called Burlap & Denim.  I had seen beautiful ribbons with Christmas text on it but none that was this large and definatly not this inexpensive!  I whipped up a stencil by picking a font, typing Merry Christmas, and printing it off on the backside of two 8 1/2 X 11 sheets Read more [...]

Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

     As a child I remember gazing upon my grandmother's costume jewelry Christmas tree.  It was so shiny and the Christmas lights made it mezmorizing.  My grandmother was very crafty, she made hers at a church activity.  This was a popular craft back in the 1970's.      There was a magazine produced with instructions back then! (here is an excerpt) Check out that tree, wait the hair is what is really amazing about this photo!  Ha, ha. Years later I decided that my kids deserved the a magical Christmas tree like the one I had enjoyed.      My grandmother was an avid crafter.  She had homemade ornaments, stockings, and more supplies than you could imagine.  When she passed away my mother brought box loads of mixed up crafting supplies.  It was too much for even her to handle.  I offered to take it Read more [...]

Recycle and Reuse Bulk Packaging

     We live a few blocks from Costco which is a dangerous place to be!  We frequent the mega store like it is a corner market.  We buy a lot in bulk since huge seems to be the only size Costco sells.         Last year we got a popcorn machine as a family Christmas present.  This turned out be be a perfect gift for our movie loving family.  Shortly after Christmas we had to put the popper up high in the pantry because we were popping corn 2X a day (not good for any of our figures)!  Now it is a once or twice a week popcorn fest.  With all that popcorn being consumed we stock up on the kernals at Costco.  They happen to come in the greatest packaging!      These are the perfect container to recycle and reuse! I place the whole container under a slow drip of hot water and the label peels right off.   Read more [...]

Amp Up a Faux Chandelier

If you couldn't tell by now, I heart funky lighting.  When I saw this fixture at Urban Outfitters, I knew I could make something of it. At just $39 this little beauty can add a lot of punch for not a lot of cash. I purchased the white version at our local Urban Outfitters.  12X12 scrapbook paper is almost large enough to cover each 1/8 of the chandelier so I bought 16 papers total.  There are so many amazing colors and designs that it was difficult to chose the right 16, but this was going in a teenage girls room so I let her tastes dictate the final selection.  We decided on a bird theme with an Anthropologie vibe.  The orange, brown, and hot pink trees were painted from a stencil Urban Outfitters used to sell. Before assembling it I laid the chandelier so that 1/2 of one side was on top of the paper.  I Read more [...]

DIY Barrel Shade Chandelier

Seven years ago when my husband and I built our house, I was in love with this chandelier. It is a Kathy Ireland entry chandelier from Lamps Plus.  Well, seven years is a long time in my design eyes and the love has faded.  Even my husband was ready for a change.  I decided that what I really wanted was a barrel shade over a chandelier.  Maybe I could buy a shade and slip it over the existing chandelier.  I searched the internet high and low but the largest shade I could find was 18" in diameter.  My chandelier is 30"!  That was not going to work.  Even if there was one that was large enough, with the standard top X it would be too high to expose a little iron above and below the shade like I had imagined. I'd have to make my own, a DIY barrel shade for my chandelier.  What would I use for my stiff circle for Read more [...]

Bleach Out Pillow Shams

Tutorial for Bleach Stencil Pillow Shams.  This project, along with so many others, came about because I aquired random supplies years ago.  I like to collect things that may become a project someday.  That is why if you drive by my garage on any given day it is FULL of "supplies".  Well this one started with six 18"X18"Pottery Barn denim pillow shams.  A stencil design I found online would be the graphic design I would apply with a bleach spray. UPDATE: check out my tutorial for spray bleaching T-Shirts HERE First I searched for a stencil design.  I found one at Royal Design Studio, but being the antsy person that I am, I couldn't wait for a stencil in the mail, so I made my own.  I blew up the image on my computer and printed it out on 5 sheets of very heavy card stock with a shinny finish (if I was to do this again, Read more [...]