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Download the Cartwheel App from Target and Save {plus a $1000 Target Gift Card giveaway!)

If you are anything like me you LOVE shopping at Target.  Let's start with the carts...if your Target has upgraded carts like mine does, you know what I am talking about.  They are so smooth, light weight, and easy to turn.  Well this post isn't about the carts, but it is about the app from Target called Cartwheel. Downloading the app is a cinch, just go to the app store and search "Cartwheel".  You can find it on a tablet, computer or phone (Android or Apple).   I logged in with my Facebook account which allows me to see what my friends are saving on but you could use your login as well.  Then you can browse all of the offers!  There are offers in all the categories from clothing to house wares and even holiday.  Each offer has a limited time and each one is different, there are up to 700 total offers. Read more [...]

Faux Stainless Steel Removable Backsplash for Renters

My sister moved to England, take a moment and weep for me.  Okay, back to business.  Here is the kitchen in the great town home she is renting in Oxford.It's a great house with lots of great features but the backsplash wasn't one of them.  A photo I saw made the tile appear to be red and yellow check.  My first thought was McDonalds!  "Butta Buh Buh Bah, NOT Lovin' it."  Since you can see straight from the front door, down the hall, over the kitchen table and through to the kitchen ALL from the front door, we knew something had to be done, we'd add a faux stainless steel removable backsplash for renters! In real life, it is a bright orange yellow and cream check, not much better than I had imagined. Before she moved we made a stop in at Lowe's and picked up five rolls of stainless steel Contact paper.  It is called Read more [...]

Four Boys and Tide Pods {Plus a $100 Visa Sweepstakes!}

So here is a ridiculous but true story that happened last month. My husband was at work and a male co-worker of his, let's call him "Jim", came up to him and asked him what the scent was that he was wearing. Jim couldn't put his finger on it and was a bit embarrassed to ask, but did so anyway. My husband laughed a little and then began explaining, like he and the rest of our family have so many times before, that the scent that follows us around is our laundry detergent. You see I have been a loyal Tide fan since the seventh grade and apparently those around me enjoy the scent too! When I heard that Tide was coming out with Tide Pods I couldn't wait to try them! I did a little research on them and found out that: they work in either front or top loading washers (which is great, because I LOVE my front loader) they aren't Read more [...]
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Trumpet Vines Pretty Up a Fence

When picking out our lot for the house we built, we were very excited to back up to a church park.  Hardly anyone uses the park and we have access to it through a gate in our back yard.  The bad news?  The back fence is chain link, not exactly my favorite.  It is dipped in black rubbery paint, but still not my dream.  In order to give ourselves a little privacy, some shade, and a lot of drama we decided to plant three Madame Galen Trumpet Creepers or Trumpet Vines.  For around $25 each, they are a steal of a deal. This lush green vine has been planted for about 5 years and is spectacular.  The flowers are a bright sunset orange and bloom like fireworks around the 4th of July. From the day we planted the trumpet vine we have weaved it through the chain link fence spreading it as wide as possible.  Then, as the vine Read more [...]

Why You Should Get a Propane Fire Pit & The Best S’more Tip Ever

Let me start off by letting you know I live in the BEST neighborhood.  Seriously, I love my neighbors, their kids,  and the fun activities we do together.  A few years ago one of my neighbors started having "Monday's Marshmallow Movie Madness".  This was a great activity where in the summer our cul-de-sac would gather in their yard, the kids would watch a movie projected on the side of their garage while the adults roasted marshmallows and had hilarious conversations around their propane fire pit.  Those nights bonded us together as neighbors and friends and I loved them.  I also fell in love with their propane fire pit. Why You Should Get a Propane Fire Pit NO Smoke-no more moving from seat to seat depending on the way the smoke is blowing in the wind Easy to move around-It fits great on a deck, patio or I can Read more [...]

13 Builder Upgrades You SHOULDN’T Do

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called the 37 Builder Upgrades You SHOULD Do.  Today I am going to share 13 Builder Upgrades You SHOULDN'T Do.  Most of these are things that are easy DIY's, don't save you money in the long run, or are better personalized on your own.   When your builder asks if you want the following tell them you Don't want: Accent paint-I have done a lot of painting in my time, and now I can plan on about one day to prep, paint, and clean up an entire room.  It usually costs under $100 and can completely change the feel of a space.  Check out my favorite wall mural HERE. Drawer pulls-Usually a builder has a limited selection of drawer pulls or cabinet door knobs.  Don't rush, check out retailers like Home Depot (especially their Martha Stewart special orders), Lowe's, Restoration Hardware, Read more [...]

37 Builder Upgrades You SHOULD Do

So you've decided to build a house.  What an exciting life event!  All the builder upgrades will be awesome! But wait, what if I screw it up?  What if I forget important details or my builder doesn't have the designer's touch?  Should I build the largest house I can or should I build the nicest house I can afford?  Well fear no more.  I LOVE the building (and remodeling) process, have been through it many many times, and am here to help.  Builder Upgrades: What you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T upgrade (because of the huge volumes of information I am sharing on this subject, this will be a mini series, so stay tuned for follow-up posts on what upgrades you shouldn't do and what you may want to change that could cost you nothing).  UPDATE: Read the 13 Upgrades You SHOULDN'T Do HERE. Whether you are building a large custom-house Read more [...]

Update Your Kitchen with The Home Depot

This post is sponsored by Home Depot and Blogher. My idea of a great date with my husband is a stroll around a home improvement store.  I know, kind of weird but true.  We build our house 8 years ago in a track neighborhood.  Our kitchen didn't come with any bells and whistles so we added a few items that we purchased at...Home Depot.  Here are a few ideas of how you can update your kitchen with The Home Depot. Read about my "Midnight Beach Kitchen" HERE These drawer pulls and cupboard handles are from Home Depot. This classic white subway tile is from Home Depot. Right now I have Corian (available at Home Depot) but I hope to soon have marble or granite from my local Home Depot.   Be sure to check out the video below and see why Home Depot is my go-to place for home improvement!     Read more [...]
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BBQ Your Bacon for Crispy Smoky Goodness

Alright, I'm going to be completely honest here, I am not a bacon fan...I know, shocking right?  Who doesn't love bacon?  This lady, that's who.  Well, I am the only one in my family that doesn't adore the crispy greasy sizzilin' delight known as bacon.  It actually stopped me from making bacon for years.  I couldn't stand the mess of grease everywhere or the ever lasting linger of the cured smokey aroma.  That was when I found all of the pins on Pinterest about baking your bacon.  Perfect I thought!  Until I tried it.  It took a long time, it took a bunch of energy to heat up the oven, and never really came to the right consistency that my children and husband like.  Then one day my husband volunteered to try cooking it on the BBQ.  Brilliant!  All the stink, grease, and mess stayed outside while the bacon cooked Read more [...]

25 Tips to Rock your Trip to Disneyland

I love taking the family trek to Disneyland.  But when you are a planner like me, it is best to know as much as you can before you get to the parks.  The following are 25 of my top Disneyland tips for making the most of your Disneyland vacation.     1. Go for the Park Hopper ticket.  If you are trying to decide whether to do one day at one park and another at the other park, I suggest the Park Hopper ticket.  On our latest trip we found this to be the best way to get on the most rides.  Plus, depending on the ages of your kids, California Adventure probably won't take you a full day to do all of the rides you want to ride.  I usually buy my tickets before we leave for our vacation.  I have bought them from and Disney's Travel Agency.  Once you have traveled with Disney's agency, they Read more [...]
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5 Project Fails of 2012

In reflecting back over the past year (and a few months) since I started blogging, I realized that I usually share a cool project, list the how to's and send it out into the blogosphere and the world of Pinterest, but rarely share what happened to all of those projects over the next days and months.  Instead of giving you a glammed up version of my best projects of 2012, I thought I'd share a few mistakes, changes, and fails that came AFTER I hit the "publish" button.     1. My pantry.  While I love my pantry, I wrote that post mostly to show my organizing abilities in order to land a spot on a local TV program.  It worked!  And my pantry went crazy viral.  I don't have a "fail" for my pantry, but some of the comments were hilarious and worth taking a look at.  Especially this one "Your pantry is gorgeous Read more [...]

For the Love of Coconut

Maybe it is my love affair with the beach, but recently I have realized I have an obsession with coconut.  Eating coconut, lathering in coconut, decorating with coconut, even sniffing coconut.  Here are products that I use on a way too regular basis:   Sunbelt Fudge Dipped Coconut Bars A little bit waxy, but totally worth it. Pina Coloda Orange Julius Don't you remember going to the mall and getting these delish treats?  Maybe I should head over there now...hmmmm. My own Coconut Meringue bites Oh these are waaaaaaay to addicting to make unless it is right before they will be eaten.  I have foolishly made these a couple of days in advance only to end up with a hand full to take to a party, ooops. The Sweet Toothfairy's Toasted Coconut Cupcake These are indescribable perfection.  After my first Read more [...]

OCD Kitchen Organization

I'm not clinically OCD, but I do exhibit many obsessive compulsive disorders, especially in my kitchen.  I disclosed this in my pantry post (My Corner Market: Tips for an Organized Pantry) and since it has been pinned over 47,000 times on Pinterest as of today, I figured there was something about my crazy organization skills my followers liked.  Today I am sharing a few of my favorite organization tricks from the rest of my kitchen (to see the open house of my Midnight Beach Kitchen, click HERE). To start off, I like to keep everything in a handy place for where I might use it.  For example, my KitchenAid mixer sits in a corner with the flour close by.  In the drawer just below I have all of my measuring cups, spoons etc.  In the cupboard above are my baking supplies like salt, nuts, baking powder etc.  For my "wrap" Read more [...]