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May 15, 2012 - Recomendations    8 Comments

The Cavender Diary

Today I want to share with you a fabulously styled home.  It belongs to James and Jamie.  They live in a 1972 ranch house outside of Dallas, TX.  The first time I saw James' blog and the photos of thier home, I was smitten. I mean seriously, look at this master bedroom! I know it is in Texas, but to me it is the perfect mix; Ralph Lauren meets Sundance.  How perfect would this souvenir program look in my Cowboy Nursery?  The level of detail here is amazing. This, my friends, is fabulocity at it's best.  The sign, the clothes, hats, and of course the boots.  Yowzers! And the main living area is unreal.  Check out the Indian photo on the back wall!  I love all the layered rugs, books, pillows. Even their spices look awesome (I've been secretly collecting these Target "Archer Farms" spice bottles too). Oh, Read more [...]
Apr 6, 2012 - Recomendations    5 Comments

Huffington Post’s “5 Pinners to Follow” (guess who made the list!)

Huffington Post selected my Pinterest boards as one of this week's top 5 Pinners to follow!  I'm kind of freaking out over here...soo grateful! Thanks Huffington Post!  Look close at the highlighted!   Here is a sneak peak of my Pinterest Boards page (click on the image to go directly to my Boards) "Follow All" with the click of one button, or just follow the boards that interest you! I have a serious love of Pinterest and a passion for how it can connect creatives all over the world! If you aren't sure what Pinterest is or How to Use it click the button below: Read the entire list of Huffington Post's Pinners to follow HERE Read more [...]
Mar 22, 2012 - Recomendations    3 Comments


Have you been to the adorable site Remodelaholic?  Justin and Cassity run things over there.  Thier site is beautiful!  I love the clean layout they have.  They feature great projects of thier own, their monthly contributers and bloggers, like, well ME!  Yay!  They are featuring my World Map Mural Tutorial today (March 22, 2012 at 5pm CMT)! So go check them out, you won't be disappointed. Read more [...]
Mar 1, 2012 - Recomendations    15 Comments

Vote for Burlap & Denim at The Homies awards

Apartment Therapy is holding their annual Homies awards. Home blogs are nominated and then voted on.  The top blog gets $50 and a ton of exposure.  I'd love to have your vote.  Click on the link below to go to Apartment Therapy's contest page.  You'll need to login first (don't worry - no spam).  The login button is in the upper right hand corner.  After you've logged in you'll see the "VOTE" button appear next to all of the blogs.  Find Burlap & Denim in the list, most recently we were around 25 votes, and Vote for us.  Thank you so much!!!  (Be sure to tell your friends to vote for us too) The Homies   Read more [...]

Garden Party Burlap Slipcovers

 Have you ever had a stroke of genius?  Where you know an idea is going to turn out amazing?  Well this was one of those times, only it wasn't my idea, it was my brilliant sister's. Recently an awesome company called contacted me about advertising on my website.  I volunteered to make something using their supplies.  I looked over their website, selected a few items and promised them I'd come up with something once the supplies arrived. That huge roll of burlap melted my heart.  It is 12 inches wide and 100 yards long!  My sister Amy came over and that's when the idea came to her; weave it through my ladder back chairs and make slipcovers.  And so it began. I measured the length I wanted from just below the seat, up and around the top, and back to the start.  I measured it to 58" but later trimmed Read more [...]

French Cottage Kitchen {Flashback Open House}

With all of the love that we put into the exterior of our little French house, the interior received just as much attention.  I wanted the look of an old farmhouse kitchen with old cabinets.  I actually got a great compliment once from my brother in law Jeremy when he asked "how did you get all of those salvaged cabinets to fit perfectly in the new kitchen" (this was in the year 2000 when rubbed off cabinetry was a newer idea).  Style Note: I opted not to have a glaze on the cabinetry because, like the exterior, I didn't want it to look dirty, just used. Wood Floor:  As for the wood floor...I LOVED this one.  It was a pre sanded but unfinished floor from Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring.  We installed it, distressed it, stained it and coated it in tongue oil.  If you look close you can see the antique style nails that Read more [...]
Jan 16, 2012 - Recomendations    6 Comments

Graphic Art of Sundance

We live just minutes from the famous Sundance ski resort (15 to be exact).  My oldest son bought a season pass and my next oldest boy is taking lessons this year.  Driving up to the beautiful site has reminded me what an amazing place Utah is.  It also reminded me how in love with their graphic artist I am.  His name is Roger Jones and has a design studio in SLC called Poolhouse Design.  There are billboards around town reminding locals how close we are to the resort.  I adore the owls in this night skiing one. There are great shops (including the items from the Sundance Catalog), amazing restaurants and of course the skiing and snowboarding. All could be bought with this adorable gift card. The monochromatic color scheme says nature and Sundance. The perfect setting for The Sound of Music. Love the color Read more [...]

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Sofa

This last week I made my first "blog" money purchase...a sofa!  OK, not all of the money covered it, some of it was left over from the Costco Leather Chairs that we returned.  Needless to say, this was a huge moment for me!  I haven't bought a new sofa for like 7 years!  (I've inherited a few, but that will be another post for another day.)  It was quite a process to find the perfect sofa so I thought I'd share my 10 Tips for buying the perfect Sofa.  These are in the order important to me, your order may be different, but consider all 10.   1. Investment-Have you ever known someone who spent a fortune on a sofa and therefore felt they had to keep it in the front room three decades later?  You know, because it was built so well.  Disregard the seventies fabric, the bold vintage over sized flowers, etc. Read more [...]
Dec 8, 2011 - Recomendations    5 Comments

Dot & Army Giveaway!

UPDATE! Congrats to Sally Puckett for winning this Giveaway! I am excited to announce another give a way here at Burlap & Denim! My friend Jen from the cutest Etsy site Dot & Army is sponsoring this Giveaway!   Have you been to Dot & Army yet?  They sell Vintage and Upcycled home stuff.  You know, the accessories that make a house look like a home, with history.  A collected feel.   Right now Dot & Army is offering 25% off just by entering BURLAP in the coupon code box.     Get this, her real grandparents' names are Dot & Army and she named the shop after them, too cute! _____ Here are some of my favorite items for sale on Dot & Army right now:   These are the cutest Christmas cards ever! Vintage Mary and baby Jesus, precious.   This hand embroidered kitty Read more [...]

Vintage Style Glass Milk Bottles

On a recent trip to the Laguna Beach area in Southern California, my sister and I happened upon these amazing milk bottles! We were in an expensive and beautiful market called Gelson's.  In the dairy department they had a display of all varieties of milk, chocolate milk and egg nog ('tis the season).  On one side of the bottles there is the Broguiere's cow logo (sometimes in blue) and the quote "Milk So Fresh...The Cow Doesn't Know It's Missing".  The reverse side has all different designs.  They ranged from $3.75-$5.75, chocolate being the priciest and most delicious! These are my favorites: These are "green" bottles, you pay a deposit when you buy them and then rinse and return.  Check out this Christmas one from last year that just happened to be in circulation when I was at the market! I'm not sure what Read more [...]

Life as a Thrifter

Please welcome my friend Holly to Burlap & Denim Hello! My name is Holly Marsh, and I blog at Life as a Thrifter.  I am thrilled to be guest posting today!  Although I used to teach kindergarten, I now stay at home with a busy toddler!  Along the way, I developed an obsession for thrifting, and these days nap times are most often spent sanding or spray painting!  Whether it’s a beat-up piece of furniture or a worn out pair of jeans, I have the greatest time producing something new out of something old . . . and blogging all about it!   I've compiled a few of my most favorite projects to share with you today.  All of which are super cheap and ridiculously easy! Laundry Room Display This was a recent project I did using a few old hangers and (homemade) pictures. Embroidery Hoop Monogram This Read more [...]
Nov 12, 2011 - Recomendations    4 Comments

Crafted Niche

A few weeks ago I ran across a blog that I loved.  It's called Crafted Niche.  Dana has some crazy talent and style.  I'm going to feature some of my favorite projects of hers. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches Check out these awesome diy Tiki Torches for your backyard! I'm ready to hang out in Dana's yard right now.  Awesome idea. Encyclopedia Page Silhouettes Dana takes you step by step through this adorable project.  I've been on a hunt for an old encyclopedia since I first saw these. What's even cuter is that these silhouettes are her pets!  She teaches you exactly how to make silhouettes from your own photos.  Spool Side Table I drooled when I opened my Ballard Design catalog and saw the spool side table.  Perfect for a crafter.  Crafted Niche teaches you how to make your own. And all for around $20, Read more [...]

Momma’s Hot Chocolate

'Tis the weather, at least around here, for some yummy Hot Cocoa.   As soon as the first snowfalls my kids are hitting me up for some cocoa in our Cocomotion machine.  Tell me you have one of these, if not run out and get one!  They usually carry them at Costco in the winter, but Target and Walmart have them too for around $20.  It heats and whips the hot chocolate to perfection. OK, now that we all have a Cocomotion machine, lets make some cocoa.   Meet my friend Kara from Talkin' Chow Playin' House. Kara is an amazing chef, yep its official, she went to culinary school!  She says to put away the Swiss Miss (yuck!) and make room for her family recipe (mmm). Pin It Kara's Momma's Hot Chocolate 1/2 gallon whole milk 2 cans evaporated milk 1/4-1/2 cup dry, unsweetened cocoa 1/2-1 cup granulated Read more [...]