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Design For a Simple Life: Renovated Vintage Campers

I'm excited to share a post that an interior designer friend of mine wrote just for Burlap and Denim readers!  It's about living a simple life with renovated vintage campers. Design For a Simple Life by Guest Blogger: Stevie Sharp  When I decided to become an Interior Designer it didn’t take me long to realize that I was going to be the minority as a twenty-one-year-old male. I still haven’t figured out if being the minority is an advantage or a disadvantage but there is one thing that I have noticed. Being a male in this industry I tend to be attracted to different projects and think differently about most things. As we all know most men are very simple this I believe is the reason that I love Minimalist design and a Minimalist living. Just because of the simplicity. I truly believe that there have never been Read more [...]
Nov 25, 2013 - Home Improvement, Travel    7 Comments

15+ Fantastic Front Doors

 On a recent trip to England I fell in love all over again with Front Doors.  You see in England, there were all types of doors, rounded, square, pointed, painted, pickled etc.  Almost nothing makes more of a first impression of a home that the front door.  I found myself drawn to taking pictures of as many as I could. Here are a few of my favorite front doors:  This was a beautiful townhouse in London.  I love the bright light sky blue house with the jet black flat finish front door.  The black wrought iron keeps the look tidy and crisp.  And who doesn't love a couple of real topiaries flanking the entry?  Well done.  In a village in the Cotswolds there was this gem.  Also with a black door but this time with a high gloss finish and 15 panes of glass.  This has a much more stately look with the matching Read more [...]
Oct 12, 2013 - Travel    10 Comments

The Village of Downton Abbey

As you may or may not be aware, my bestie, my sister, my (we wish we were) twin sister Amy moved to Oxford, UK this summer.  I am in the middle of seizing a fabulous opportunity to visit her.  One of the first things we did when I arrived was to visit the village of Downton Abbey.  There is a city just outside of Oxfordshire named Bampton where they film the village scenes from the Masterpiece Classic series Downton Abbey.  I'm a huge fan of the show so I couldn't wait to see where the filming was done (unfortunately the Highclere Castle was closed during my visit so I just saw the village).  I'll take you on a tour of the Downton sights in Bampton: This is the village chapel.  It is Saint Mary's and has a lovely congregation and preacher.  We went to their Sunday service and chatted with the locals. They couldn't have Read more [...]

25 Tips to Rock your Trip to Disneyland

I love taking the family trek to Disneyland.  But when you are a planner like me, it is best to know as much as you can before you get to the parks.  The following are 25 of my top Disneyland tips for making the most of your Disneyland vacation.     1. Go for the Park Hopper ticket.  If you are trying to decide whether to do one day at one park and another at the other park, I suggest the Park Hopper ticket.  On our latest trip we found this to be the best way to get on the most rides.  Plus, depending on the ages of your kids, California Adventure probably won't take you a full day to do all of the rides you want to ride.  I usually buy my tickets before we leave for our vacation.  I have bought them from and Disney's Travel Agency.  Once you have traveled with Disney's agency, they Read more [...]
Aug 17, 2012 - Organization, Travel    61 Comments

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids & SuperV Sweepstakes!

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach With Kids & Super V Sweepstakes! I remember spending long days at the beach in sunny San Diego when my sister and I were kids. I always remember our light blue, styrofoam cooler with rope handles packed with snacks for the day. My mom would lug it to the beach, and we would tag along with the rest of the gear. Once I started surfing in high school, I didn't spend much time on the beach, just in the water. I pared my supply list down to a towel skirt I found at a thrift shop. No shoes, no snacks, just a towel and car keys. Well times have changed once again now that I have my own family. Being the crazy organizer I am, combined with my love of the beach, I have come up with a system that works perfectly for our family with a few tips along the way! (BTW we use the same system for local Read more [...]
Jul 19, 2012 - Printables, Recipe Book, Travel    13 Comments

Road Trip Chex Mix

I have very specific things I like to take with me on trips.  One must have is my Road Trip Chex Mix.  It is full of everything yummy, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut and sugar!  I took the original recipe from the Chex box itself, but have modified it a bit.  This is a great recipe for all of you moms of Gluten intolerant kids since it is Gluten free! Alright, here are all of the ingredients necessary to make this delectable little treat. Ingredients: 8 cups Chocolate Chex (1 box) 1/2 medium bag M&Ms 1 cup sweetened coconut flakes 1 cup light corn syrup 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup chunky peanut butter 16 sandwich Ziploc bags   In a large bowl, mix Chocolate Chex, M&ms, and coconut together.  Set aside. In a medium sauce pan, heat corn syrup and sugar until barely bubbling.  (I Read more [...]

The Road Trip Pack List

I am a list person.  Lists keep me organized and on top of things.  You may have seen my Grocery Shopping  List where I have  everything I ever buy, almost, on a one page printable.  My Road Trip Pack List works the same way.  I have included anything I could imagine we would take on our family road trips.  These road trips might include staying in a hotel or rental property, camping, and staying with friends or family. Here's how it works: Print off the list. Highlight the items you need for a particular trip. Write in any thing I might have missed. Gather the highlighted items. Cross them off with a pen. Hit the road, knowing you didn't forget anything! (Note: you could also print off a duplicate list, highlight it as well then when it is time to pack up and head home, you are sure you didn't leave Read more [...]