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Decadently Delicious Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnabon rolls used to be a treat I couldn't resist on a trip to the mall or just before catching a flight in an airport terminal.  Well with four kids I don't fly much and there aren't any Cinnabon kiosks in our malls anymore.  I have tweaked a few different recipes and come up with what I think is the best, most decadent and delicious cinnamon rolls.  These are a cinch to make in a bread maker (note: if you don't have a bread machine check your local thrift shop they usually run around $10). Dough Ingredients: 1 cup warm milk (110 degrees or 30 sec in microwave) 2 eggs room temperature 1/3 cup margarine, barely melted 4 cups all purpose flour (Lehi Roller Mills is my fave) 1/2 cup corn starch 1 tsp salt 1/2 cup white sugar 2 1/2 tsp yeast (instant or rapid rise)     Filling Ingredients: 1 Read more [...]

Reclaimed Barn Wood Ceiling and Open Shelving in a Guest Bath

On the main floor of our home we have a tiny guest bath.  I have tried to spruce it up many times, even going so far at to paint it Kelly green (yikes!  that lasted less than 24 hours).  I decided to go the opposite of bright.  I went for a feeling of weathered, worn, dull and peaceful.  Style influences vintage, industrial, farmhouse, and beach.  This is my Reclaimed Barn Wood Ceiling I painted the walls a light grey (Ralph Lauren Tudric Pewter interior eggshell paint - mixed and matched at Lowes) I wanted to something on the ceiling.  This was a small space with nothing interrupting the ceiling except a bathroom fan (which I later spray painted gray to blend in).  About a year earlier I came across a lot of FREE wood (read about it HERE).  I nabbed two small sheets of very weathered ply wood.  I had enough Read more [...]
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Gasoline Signs on Fabric

A friend of my husbands offered a free plastic car bed on Facebook around Christmas.  Justin took him up on the offer and picked it up.  Our little guy was so excited to get out of his crib and be in a big boy bed, especially since it was a car (check out his Cowboy Nursery HERE)!  For me, it became a challenge.  How in the world was I going to make a giant blue plastic car bed look good in Rockie's room.  Well, I'm still working on it, I'll let you know when that is all worked out. To start, I knew I needed some art work.  I shopped on line and found little that was right.  I love the vintage signs but the ones I'm interested are way too expensive.  The small metal reproductions available at Hobby Lobby and such are cute, but too tiny.  I decided to make my own.   Supplies: any heavy fabric gesso printed Read more [...]
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My Corner Market (aka my pantry)

I have a problem, I am a compulsive organizer.   My kitchen pantry is the subject of this weeks obsession: Pantry Organization.  I like my pantry to be "merchandised" like a corner store.  When I walk in or glance in at my pantry I want to be drawn in to a neat, clean, well stocked space.  A space to inspire me to whip up a yummy treat or grab a quick snack. Note: if you would like to tour my Midnight Beach Kitchen, check it out HERE.   Here are a few views from outside the pantry. First of all, you must be able to see well in your pantry.  When we built our current track house, the builder wasn't going to put a light in the pantry!   I insisted on a fixture being wired and then we purchased and installed a light from IKEA for $19.99.  I LOVE it because it gives off tons of light (and of course it is incandescent, Read more [...]

French Cottage Kitchen {Flashback Open House}

With all of the love that we put into the exterior of our little French house, the interior received just as much attention.  I wanted the look of an old farmhouse kitchen with old cabinets.  I actually got a great compliment once from my brother in law Jeremy when he asked "how did you get all of those salvaged cabinets to fit perfectly in the new kitchen" (this was in the year 2000 when rubbed off cabinetry was a newer idea).  Style Note: I opted not to have a glaze on the cabinetry because, like the exterior, I didn't want it to look dirty, just used. Wood Floor:  As for the wood floor...I LOVED this one.  It was a pre sanded but unfinished floor from Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring.  We installed it, distressed it, stained it and coated it in tongue oil.  If you look close you can see the antique style nails that Read more [...]
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French Cottage Exterior {Flashback Open House}

For our first house Justin (my hubs) and I jumped in with both feet, off a cliff, with blind fold on!  Translation-We bought a lot, drew up our own plans, acted as the general contractor, finish carpenter, network specialists, painters, designers, landscape architects, the works.  Here is how it all went down. Justin served an LDS (Mormon) mission in Bordeaux, France.  After we were married we went back and visited the region where he spent those two years.  We were touring an adorable little village and came across an adorable little cottage.  I told him right there that I could move in to that little cottage and be happy.  We took a photo and finished up our trip.  A few months later we decided (CRAZY!) to build that little house, or at least our interpretation and modern version of it.  It was a lot of blood and Read more [...]
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Graphic Art of Sundance

We live just minutes from the famous Sundance ski resort (15 to be exact).  My oldest son bought a season pass and my next oldest boy is taking lessons this year.  Driving up to the beautiful site has reminded me what an amazing place Utah is.  It also reminded me how in love with their graphic artist I am.  His name is Roger Jones and has a design studio in SLC called Poolhouse Design.  There are billboards around town reminding locals how close we are to the resort.  I adore the owls in this night skiing one. There are great shops (including the items from the Sundance Catalog), amazing restaurants and of course the skiing and snowboarding. All could be bought with this adorable gift card. The monochromatic color scheme says nature and Sundance. The perfect setting for The Sound of Music. Love the color Read more [...]

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Sofa

This last week I made my first "blog" money purchase...a sofa!  OK, not all of the money covered it, some of it was left over from the Costco Leather Chairs that we returned.  Needless to say, this was a huge moment for me!  I haven't bought a new sofa for like 7 years!  (I've inherited a few, but that will be another post for another day.)  It was quite a process to find the perfect sofa so I thought I'd share my 10 Tips for buying the perfect Sofa.  These are in the order important to me, your order may be different, but consider all 10.   1. Investment-Have you ever known someone who spent a fortune on a sofa and therefore felt they had to keep it in the front room three decades later?  You know, because it was built so well.  Disregard the seventies fabric, the bold vintage over sized flowers, etc. Read more [...]
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Indoor Garden Lights of Summer

There is nothing like a warm summer night in the back yard, sitting under the romantic clear globe lights, roasting marshmellows over a fire pit, and enjoying the aromas of fragrant roses and honeysuckle.  Well, it looks pretty amazing in all of the photos on Pinterest.  My backyard is void of lights and a fire pit for now, but I do have the roses and  honeysuckle!  Here in Utah it is super cold and the dead of winter.  Christmas just ended and I've missed the glow of my Christmas tree and lite up garlands.  So, I had an idea. How about I bring that feeling of warm summer and cozy Christmas together!  I rounded up my round globe string lights that have been waiting to be used for at least 5 years.  I bought them after season on sale at Target.  I think they should be out again in the big box stores soon. I plugged Read more [...]
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New Beginnings: An Invitation and Program for Young Women

For everyone in the Young Women's organization New Beginnings is right around the corner.  It is a great time when we welcome new12 year old girls into the Young Women program.  I made up an invitation and program if anyone would like to use it.  When I think of new beginnings and young women, a plants always come to mind.  I incorporataed a tree showing what they could become as they follow the YW program.  A theme from our stake last year was also incorporated into the bottom corner "Live Like You Believe". I made this very inexpensive to reproduce.  I made it all in shades of gray so that it could be printed on your libraries copy machine.  Instead of plain white paper, I suggest (and used) a cream peralescent cardstock.  You can find it at JoAnn's.  It comes in a tear pad of 25 sheets, 8.5Xll and is heavy weight. Read more [...]
Jan 3, 2012 - From Scratch, Lighting    13 Comments

Rattan Ball Pendant Lights

It must be obvious by now, but I am obsessed with lighting!  The right light fixture can be a work of art, it can illuminate the area around it and tell a story, and I think the incandescent bulb is a beautiful little miracle in itself.  There is nothing quite like the warmth of candlelight but the incandescent bulb is the next best thing (don't get me started on my HATE of all things florescent, no one has time for that rant).  This project shows off the glow of the modern incandescent stringed lights perfectly. This project started the way most of mine do, a call from someone getting rid of stuff.  This time it was my mom.  She had these three great wicker basket weave balls.  They were used as decor on a shelf or something.  She had no use for them and I jumped with joy when I saw them.  I knew imedietly Read more [...]
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Red, Gold and Burlap Christmas Open House

So it's about time I put up a few shots of my Christmas decor for this year.  It's been a crazy season this year with the kids last day of school today!  I cleaned up enough to take some photos but I don't anticipate it staying this way for long.  That's life with four boys in the house.  Here goes this Christmas open house.   This is my tree in the corner of our family room.  Instead of a star I gathered a few feathers, gold shiny stuff and coppery glitter leaves and strapped them to the top of the tree.  For the second year in a row I gave my tree a boost!  Since I have a toddler, I put the tree on top of a children's table.   I stuff my tree with anything and everything I can find.   These are a few of my favorite ornaments including my Advent Calendar Boxes. I LOVE these gold flat Nativity ones.   I Read more [...]
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Pink and Red Christmas Open House

My sister Amy has a house full of girls, four daughters to be exact.  She loves pink and her husband is man enough to be surrounded by it!  Christmas in the Felin's house is unlike any other.  Ornaments in pink,  a splash of Scandinavian (the hubs is from Finland), and oodles of charm make her house worth checking out at Christmas. Here are a few vignettes of her styling. How cute is that white feather wreath?  Maybe a future tute! Amazing wardrobe dressed up for the holidays. And don't you love the trophy. The sparkly green silver leafed garland with red berries is so fab. Her everyday chandelier is dressed with red ribbons, berries, and a precious bird in a cage. Check out this adorable pink bird ornament my grandmother made 30+ years ago.  Each sequin is hand sewn on with a clear bead in the middle. It Read more [...]