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Pinlight: 2012 Young Women’s Bulletin Board

The Young Women's theme for 2012 is D & C 115:5. "Arise and shine forth that thy light may be a standard to the Nations" This is a mock up of the bulletin board I came up with: (laid out on my black kitchen island. It will look better on the gray/tan board in our class room) Let me break it down for you.  I called it "Pinlight" in refrence to Pinterest.  (If you don't know what Pinterest is, check out a Post I wrote HERE)   I made the board creater Jesus Christ.  He has had aproxamatly 2.2 billion followers (according to Wikipedia) and he follows You (everyone).  To follow him I made social icon buttons for prayer, scripture study, and the temple. I made up around 60 "pins".  Each one has a photo with a label below it.  I used the YW Values, For the Strength of Youth,, and this years lesson schedule to Read more [...]
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Winter Snow Globes

I know, EVERYONE is pinning snow globes on Pinterest.  But these are so cute, I had to make them!  My technique is a little different than many of the others you've probably seen, but I love each and every one! Supplies: Glass Jars Fake Snow Ornaments Trees Hot Glue Gun Patience Skinny Hands (or tongs) Let me give a little bloggie advice about the supplies: 1. Glass Jars-I cleaned out my fridge and found a few gems.  The upside down short fat one is from Costco's Better than Bullion but a nacho cheese jar would work for that size too.  As for the tall jars, Walmart had an amazing deal.  12 jars for $6!  And they have a great shape and a green cast all making them prefered to the traditional Kerr or Ball brands.  The mid sized Kerr jar pictured was one I had in my cupboard already. 2. Fake Snow-I Read more [...]

Merry Christmas Ribbon on Burlap

This Merry Christmas ribbon on burlap couldn't be easier and yet it packs a huge punch in my Christmas decorating. Supplies: Easy Gardener 4" Burlap Strip in a roll ($20, available in the fall) Toll Craft Paint Plastic Wrap Small Foam Roller Paper Plate Tape Stencil (2 sheets photo paper) Xacto Knife I was giddy when I saw a giant roll of burlap at my local Home Depot (item 3108).  It was 4" wide and 300' long!  They had it out for fall wrapping of shrubs and trees, but I had big plans for that burlap, after all my website is called Burlap & Denim.  I had seen beautiful ribbons with Christmas text on it but none that was this large and definatly not this inexpensive!  I whipped up a stencil by picking a font, typing Merry Christmas, and printing it off on the backside of two 8 1/2 X 11 sheets Read more [...]
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Dot & Army Giveaway!

UPDATE! Congrats to Sally Puckett for winning this Giveaway! I am excited to announce another give a way here at Burlap & Denim! My friend Jen from the cutest Etsy site Dot & Army is sponsoring this Giveaway!   Have you been to Dot & Army yet?  They sell Vintage and Upcycled home stuff.  You know, the accessories that make a house look like a home, with history.  A collected feel.   Right now Dot & Army is offering 25% off just by entering BURLAP in the coupon code box.     Get this, her real grandparents' names are Dot & Army and she named the shop after them, too cute! _____ Here are some of my favorite items for sale on Dot & Army right now:   These are the cutest Christmas cards ever! Vintage Mary and baby Jesus, precious.   This hand embroidered kitty Read more [...]
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XL Merry Christmas Mantle

If you didn't know already I LOVE Christmas!  Here is my XL mantle this year. (check out my Hula Hoop Barrel Shade Chandelier in the mirror, oh how I love it!) I didn't want anything to over shadow my tree this year, so it is very neutral.  Love how my NOEL banner looks in this photo! I threw a huge chalk board up there with a note to Santa,  a large mirror and of course some Merry Christmas burlap ribbon. I found this great angel (resin with a dark bronze finish) at Ross a few years ago and bring her out every Christmas.  Extra pine cones from my Pine Cone Wreath were scattered on fresh greens (I dug from the trash after a church party!).   I also peppered in a few candied fruit ornaments for color.  A beautiful Christmas book called "When Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem" has a place of honor, where it belongs (this Read more [...]
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Update: A Very Merry Christmas

(Updated) A Very Merry Christmas Table I was a bit rushed putting out my Christmas tablescape post.  I have come up with a few updates.  I gathered up some fresh greens after a church party (they were throwing them away!), made a bunch of snow globes (I'll post those later), and added a Santa and Elf to the mix. The giant jar holds my Ornament Advent Calendar. A few years ago my friend LaRee brought this beautiful Santa back from her travels in Russia.  It fits my house and table perfect!  I LOVE this Santa (thanks LaRee)! I also moved my Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree into my dining area so guests would have some eye candy when they looked up from eating. Each place setting has it's own snow globe.  Guests choose where to sit based on which snow globe they want to take home! I kept the details from the Read more [...]

Vintage Style Glass Milk Bottles

On a recent trip to the Laguna Beach area in Southern California, my sister and I happened upon these amazing milk bottles! We were in an expensive and beautiful market called Gelson's.  In the dairy department they had a display of all varieties of milk, chocolate milk and egg nog ('tis the season).  On one side of the bottles there is the Broguiere's cow logo (sometimes in blue) and the quote "Milk So Fresh...The Cow Doesn't Know It's Missing".  The reverse side has all different designs.  They ranged from $3.75-$5.75, chocolate being the priciest and most delicious! These are my favorites: These are "green" bottles, you pay a deposit when you buy them and then rinse and return.  Check out this Christmas one from last year that just happened to be in circulation when I was at the market! I'm not sure what Read more [...]
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A Very Merry Christmas Table

I love a beautiful tablescape for Christmas.  This is what I have pulled together this year with a few jems from years past. The Nitty Gritty Red and Cream Toile Plates (Home Goods), Gold Chargers (Target 2 for $3), Wine Glasses with gold lip (Big Lots 6 for $10), Table Runner (Target), Silverware (Costco) Reindeer with gold bow (Robert's $1.50 each),  Burlap Merry Christmas Ribbon (Burlap & Denim), Sand Ultrasuede Napkins (Burlap & Denim) Red Berry Napkin Rings (Michael's Christmas greenery) R for Richards Coasters (Michael's 4 for $1), Pine Cone and Bow Chair decor (Burlap & Denim) I wanted a little height with the color so I threw mini apples in each goblet.  Besides, we are probably going to be drinking Martinelli's anyway! The tiny boxes in the vase and on the table are from my advent calendar Read more [...]

DIY Advent Calendar: 25 Ornament Boxes

Advent Calendars are one of my favorite things about Christmas.  What kid doesn't love a treat every day while they count down to Christmas Day?  I came up with my own advent calendar with ornaments that can be used year after year and customized each time! Supplies: 25 small gift boxes Scrapbook Paper Ribbon Glue Sticks Accessories Chocolates Any other Scrapbooking supplies you have on hand   I found natural brown kraft boxes from Xpedex (they also come in white if that fits your decor better).  Each one is 2"X2"X2" square.  Check the wedding favor department of a party supply store if you don't have an Xpedex store by you. As you can see, you can easily fit 6 Kisses in one box, perfect for my family of 6!  Once you have your boxes, start decorating each one.  I found scrapbook paper Read more [...]

Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

     As a child I remember gazing upon my grandmother's costume jewelry Christmas tree.  It was so shiny and the Christmas lights made it mezmorizing.  My grandmother was very crafty, she made hers at a church activity.  This was a popular craft back in the 1970's.      There was a magazine produced with instructions back then! (here is an excerpt) Check out that tree, wait the hair is what is really amazing about this photo!  Ha, ha. Years later I decided that my kids deserved the a magical Christmas tree like the one I had enjoyed.      My grandmother was an avid crafter.  She had homemade ornaments, stockings, and more supplies than you could imagine.  When she passed away my mother brought box loads of mixed up crafting supplies.  It was too much for even her to handle.  I offered to take it Read more [...]
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Wall Mural Drama: Part 4 Surfing Sunset

So I saved the best, or at least my favorite, for last.  Growing up in San Diego I loved going to the beach.  Once I moved to Utah for school I missed it desperatly!  We decided that one of the boys rooms would be a surfing theme and since we visit So. Cal they would love it too.  It worked, we've had two boys trade off being in the surfing room and both loved it. (NOTE: If you haven't read the other parts to the series, check them out here: Part 1 World Map, Part 2 Star and Stripes, Part 3 Arches) I started out looking in the Pottery Barn Teen catalog at their wall mural posters.  There were a few surfing themes but they weren't large enough for the wall I wanted to cover and they were $99, plus shipping.  Not gonna work.   Internet searches for beachy images didn't turn up much.  Then I went to and Read more [...]
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A Piece of Nature: Moss and Pine Cone Wreath

     I've been poking around on Pinterest loving all of the amazing front door wreaths.  I decided to make my own.  After a little inspiration I opted for a pine cone wreath.  I went to the park in the center of town where we have an arboretum (fancy for a lot of different trees in one space).  It is very well maintained so I doubted my little buddy Will and I would find any, but to my surprise there were loads!  Under the pine trees the landscapers left a a large circle untouched.  Under all of the pine trees there were pine needles and some had pine cones.  We went in November in Utah and about half of the pine trees had cones under them depending on the variety.  We chose cones from three diferent species of trees to add texture and variety.  We gathered three grocery sacks full of free pine cones in about Read more [...]

Life as a Thrifter

Please welcome my friend Holly to Burlap & Denim Hello! My name is Holly Marsh, and I blog at Life as a Thrifter.  I am thrilled to be guest posting today!  Although I used to teach kindergarten, I now stay at home with a busy toddler!  Along the way, I developed an obsession for thrifting, and these days nap times are most often spent sanding or spray painting!  Whether it’s a beat-up piece of furniture or a worn out pair of jeans, I have the greatest time producing something new out of something old . . . and blogging all about it!   I've compiled a few of my most favorite projects to share with you today.  All of which are super cheap and ridiculously easy! Laundry Room Display This was a recent project I did using a few old hangers and (homemade) pictures. Embroidery Hoop Monogram This Read more [...]