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Carnival Birthday!

My friend Amy from Remember This Photography had a great Carnival party for her daughter's 9th birthday.  This makes me wish I had a daughter, look at all the pink!  So cute!  Here are some great photos of that special day. The Birthday Girl's Concessions. Prize Patrol with fans, paddle ball, and more! Carnival Cotton Candy for everyone! Cute photo op for guests with cute props! Pink Punch, Striped Straws,Prizes, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Cake and Peanuts.  Who could ask for more? Great party Amy!  She also left a treat for you!  Hop on over to Remember This Photography for more details and free pdf downloads for your own Carnival Party! Amy is a fantastic photographer and creative in everything she does.  Thanks for sharing your talents with us Amy. Linked Up with: Tattor Tots & Read more [...]

Bleach Out Pillow Shams

Tutorial for Bleach Stencil Pillow Shams.  This project, along with so many others, came about because I aquired random supplies years ago.  I like to collect things that may become a project someday.  That is why if you drive by my garage on any given day it is FULL of "supplies".  Well this one started with six 18"X18"Pottery Barn denim pillow shams.  A stencil design I found online would be the graphic design I would apply with a bleach spray. UPDATE: check out my tutorial for spray bleaching T-Shirts HERE First I searched for a stencil design.  I found one at Royal Design Studio, but being the antsy person that I am, I couldn't wait for a stencil in the mail, so I made my own.  I blew up the image on my computer and printed it out on 5 sheets of very heavy card stock with a shinny finish (if I was to do this again, Read more [...]
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Giddy Up Cowboy Nursery

My little cowboy is turning 2 this month and I wanted to show off his Cowboy Nursery.  When we built this house I knew I wanted to do Ralph Lauren's Indigo Denim wall treatment. Yep, that is paint, not wallpaper.  It is a simple but time consuming process (totally worth it).  My husband installed the white trim shelf and hooks around the room.  We left the ceiling and upper wall the base sand color of the rest of the house.  A sheep skin rug warms up the berber carpet. The white crib in the corner of the nursery was purchased in '99 when I had my first boy.  It came with a light wood finish.  I had it sprayed white and scuffed it up a bit. Shout out to my mom for letting me "borrow" her vintage ride on horse.  Giddy up! A few accessories help pull the look together.  Baby Gap sold a t-shirt and bandanna blanket Read more [...]
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Display Your Nature Souvenirs

This last spring my husband and I went on a trip to Hawaii.  We visited beaches, LOST sites, a nature preserve, surfed Waikiki, ate at fun restaurants and even the famous went to the Aloha Stadium swap meet. We took a lot of photos, but I wanted another way to remember the great time we had.  I couldn't find anything at the swap meet I was willing to put out in my house, way too tacky tourist.  I decided to collect nature from some of my favorite spots.  I brought gallon Ziploc bags and loaded up.  Sand from a romantic sunset at Sunset Beach.  A small rock/sand mix from a river bed near our condo.  Tiny bits of shells, rocks, sea glass and coral from a tiny island we walked through water to get to.  Beautiful white coral chunks from a quite beach. I packed my luggage and carry on full of sand, shells, and coral Read more [...]
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YW in Excellence

In our church we have a program where the Young Women work on improving themselves.  This month is a night where we honor their success.  It is called Young Women in Excellence (or YW in Excellence).  Here is the layout I've been toying with for our invitations and such.  I wanted it simple, clean and easy to print off on  cardstock.  Our theme is Women Of Virtue and is modeled after a program by Jessica Roberts found on Sugardoodle.  Like Jessica, I chose gold as my accent color since gold represents the value Virtue.  I printed them on pearlescent paper found in an 8 1/2 X 11 pad at JoAnn's. Invitation: Program: (sorry about the watermark) Name Card for the Display Tables: Alternate Name Card with notes from the parents about the YW's accomplishments this year and a note about a virtuous woman in that Read more [...]
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Stamp Covered Guitar Case

When I was thrifting as a high school student in So. Cal. , I came across a guitar and case.  I purchased it for $30 and thought I'd learn to play.  First I needed to add my own touch to the case.  I had seen an old suitcase covered in stamps at an antique shop in Pacific Beach earlier that year loved it.  This case would be the perfect canvas for a similar treatment. I began tearing all of the stamps off any mail that came into our home.  At the time, my sister was serving an LDS mission in Portugal so I collected all of her stamps too.  A pen pal in Finland who knew I was collecting stamps began helping too.  When ever he would send a letter, he would pack it with a bunch of small denomination stamps.  Then my sweet friend Jonie's grandmother passed away, and Jonie donated her grandmother's stamp collection to me! Read more [...]
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What is Pinterest and How to use it

Pinterest is the most amazing tool on the web.  Seriously!  Pinterest is for just about anyone.  Designers, crafters, cooks, party planners, gift givers, teachers, parents, photographers, the list goes on and on!  I have spent countless hours there, and I know others do too.  Did that pique your Pinterest? (Ha, ha, I couldn't resist) But what is it? A picture is worth 1,000 words and that is what Pinterest is all about.  Pinterest is a free social networking site where images are shared.  Those images are usually linked to a blog or a website.  The images are "pined" up on a virtual idea board.  You can make your own boards and label them what ever you please.  Then you can pin any image you find on the net and place it on any of your boards OR repin an image from the main Pineterst board onto one of your boards.  Read more [...]
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Harvest Mantel

It is Fall and time for Harvest, well harvesting my home grown pumpkins.  This year I planted a "Baby Boo" pumpkin plant which produces little white pumpkins.  I also had two volunteer pumpkin plants in my compost pile!  Here is my humble harvest: I decided to do an arrangement on my mantel and thought I'd share my process for decorating along the way.  The first thing I do is search my house for anything in the fall color pallet.  Do not be picky in this process.  Even if it seems odd to put a kitchen or garden item on a formal mantel, don't worry, gather ANY thing in your colors.  Here is the start of my pile (notice a pillow...yes, anything).  I always start with my art work.  In this case a grouping of four similar pictures.   Then add the largest items on each side. If you want a basket to look full, Read more [...]
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Union Jack

Shh, don't tell anyone, but I have an obsession for another's flag...the UK's Union Jack.  It dates back to the 1800's from the union of Great Briton and Ireland.  The colors may be the same as the USA flag, but the design, in my opinion, is far superior.  I especially love it for interior design.  Here are a few creations I found on Pinterest that inspired my latest creation: Cashmere Sweater (apparently sold out, bummer) Union Jack Dresser Union Jack Coffee Table Union Jack on Wood Boards I love the creative colors! (I couldn't find the brilliant creator anywhere) I searched all over my house for a place I could slap up the Union Jack flag as if it were my own.  That's when I remembered an old table I bought at DI 10 years ago.  It is a two sided drop down bistro size table.  At that time I was Read more [...]
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Numbered Chest of Drawers

A few years ago, well 11 to be exact, we lived in a great little apartment in Bountiful, UT.  We had super fun neighbors that we would do stuff with as married couples all the time.  There was a Down East Home (an outlet that sells returned catalog items including PB) about a block away and believe me, we frequented it often.  I have stocked my house from many a deals from that DEH.  One day they had a "tent" sale where everything was out in the parking lot.  It was about 3pm and not much had sold.  I found a chest of drawers that I was interested in,  It was "distressed" and it was missing a drawer on the top right side.  I did my usual fiddling with and realized that the top three drawers were interchangeable.  I decided that when I got home I could paint it black and put a basket in the middle and it would look Read more [...]
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Primary Mail

A few years ago I was called to be the Primary Secretary.  What a great calling!  I got to work interact with all of the adorable children but my main job was behind the scenes.  It was the end of the year and I wanted to spice things up for the next year.  My sister in law's ward had been passing out "Primary Mail" and she said it was a great success.  The person who had given a talk that day got to be the Postman and deliver the mail at the end of Sharing Time.  I decided this was it, and with the approval of my President I went for it.  First I went to Archiver's Scrapbook store and purchased a chip board mailbox.  I decorated it with red, yellow and blue paper (Primary colors).  Then it was time to make the mail.  I wanted an old Airmail look.  I got busy on Microsoft Publisher and this was my outcome:   Click Read more [...]
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Paper Pendant Shade

My dad was building a house and put this cute pendant/chandelier in the entry.  The house was almost finished when a finish carpenter accidentally rammed his ladder into the light fixture!  The glass on 3 sides shattered.  With no glass and no ability to order more from the lighting company, he asked if I wanted it.  Oh yea, I wanted it.  I knew I could figure something out.  Well, time passed and the chandelier collected dust.  I thought I'd hang it with out glass and it might look OK.  Then in a major house clean out I thought I'd see what I could sell it for on KSL (our local "better than" Craigslist).  AS I was typing the description I suggested that the purchaser could use paper to make a shade.  Why didn't I think of that?  Oh wait, I did.  After zero interest on KSL I decided to take my own advice.  Read more [...]
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Chevron Rug Tutorial

I have been wanting a kilim or dhurrie rug for quite some time now.  I have eyed the ones at Pottery Barn, West Elm, Sundance Catalog, even neighbors.  Unfortunately my budget doesn't have room for any of those right now.  So after some thought, I decided to convert a rug that I already have into a "dhurrie style" rug.   I have seen other bloggers paint a rug, but with my dirty little munchkins I have to be able to throw it in a washer and know it will be clean!  So searched for another solution.  This is my Chevron Rug Tutorial:   Difficulty of this project: Medium (only because of all of the measuring)  Supply List:  regular bleach (any brand), blue painter's tape, measuring tape, spray bottle, rags or paper towels and a square (not necessary, but helpful) and...a rug! [note: pour bleach into empty spray bottle.  Read more [...]