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Youth Group Waffle Bar Date Night

Recently our church youth group held a group date with a waffle bar.  I was lucky enough to be a part of it so I'll share how it all went down so you can recreate this really fun date night for any age.  We started with long tables covered in brown craft paper.  Then decorated the area around with some fabric pennants that I had made for another event.  Then we placed four waffle irons on the paper and all the toppings.  One of the young women wrote with a black sharpie instructions and labeled the syrups and toppings. Long tables were set up in a U shape.  We found these to work better than rounds since everyone was closer together and their dates sat right across from them.  The tables were also covered with brown craft paper and simple mason jars and flowers were added for decor.  Groups of sharpies of all colors Read more [...]
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Collecting Donations for Boston

Today's post is not a normal "project".  This is the note my eight year old son brought home about donations for Boston: Instead of his usual "I'm going to my friend's house" line, he asked if he could go door to door canvasing our neighborhood asking for donations for Boston.  Who cares that the fundraiser is for 6th graders and he is in 2nd.   He has such a huge heart.  So after a couple of hours of going door to door, he raised $91!  he was so excited but really wanted to reach $100, so he ran up stairs and took $9 from his wallet and added it to his pile.  Here is picture of him running out the door to deliver it to school. He is my inspiration to do a little more, help others, and your are never too small to make a difference.  And thanks to all of our neighbors who trusted him to take their donations safely Read more [...]

DIY Suitcase Dog Bed

I can't wait to share my DIY Suitcase Dog Bed with you!  Okay, this post is really just a way for me to introduce you to my adorable new puppy!  We got him just in time for Easter and the whole family is in love with this little fluff ball.  His name is Chancho, as in "I would never leave you Chancho" from the great "Nacho Libre".  Can you tell I have all boys and a 13-year-old named him?  Oh well, I love it too.  Now for the dog bed. My awesome father in law found this old suitcase for me.  When he gave it to me we didn't have a pup yet so I imagined it sitting on a shelf somewhere adding charm to my house.  But, once Chancho came in to our lives (literally later that day), I knew it would make the perfect dog bed.  This is not a new idea, but new for someone like me with my first dog ever.  The sandy colored exterior Read more [...]
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Birthday Photo Pennant

A few weeks ago we celebrated my husbands 40th birthday!  I threw him a surprise party and had a great night.  One of the decorations I threw together was this birthday photo pennant. It was a very simple construction project, with no lasting marks.  I took 11 8 X 10 photos and clipped them with clothes pins to an old piece of trim from a blanket I deconstructed years prior.  Then I pinned it in front of the kitchen window.  The light shinned through the photos giving them a nice glow (albeit pink in some of the older photos :) I loved the festive look the photos gave and all the guests loved looking at the photos of Justin growing up.  Once the party was over I just pulled all the photos down and placed them back in his memory box. Linked Up: Tatertots & Jello Read more [...]

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall Ladder

This is the inside of a children's play area in our basement (read the full post on The Castle HERE).  It is a two-story castle with a trap door on the second floor.  There is one small problem though, how do the kids get up to the second story with out climbing on the trim? We considered building a ladder but that seemed like a lot of work and could take up a lot of space in this small area.  I even bought an old aluminum pool ladder from ReStore for $2 but it stuck out quite far and ended up re-donating it.  That is when I came up with the rock wall ladder.  I had my own vision for the space and thankfully my husband went along with my crazy idea once again.  We started at Home Depot (we like their lumber better) and went to their "project" lumber section.  We found a piece of laminated pine that would need to Read more [...]
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Mmmm, Avocados!

I love avocados!  I even went to an elementary school that was named after an avocado, "Fuerte".  That's what happens when you grow up in So.Cal.  There are avocado farms all over the hills in San Diego.  After making lots of guacamole, turkey sandwiches with avocado, and yummy salads topped with avocado, I thought I'd share a few tips for using these delicious treats of nature. I always slice my avocado lengthwise then slide the halves apart.  Then with a gentle squeeze pop out the seed.  If the avocado is not perfectly ripe, strike it with a knife blade and turn it slightly, then lift up the knife and the seed will be attached.  You can throw the seed away, or keep it and place it in the leftover guacamole to help preserve it's freshness (this is kind of a joke to me, since we NEVER have leftover guac!). Whether Read more [...]
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Awesome Graphic Design Fonts & Freebies!

FREE download for Burlap & Denim readers only!  Keep reading... I want to share an AWESOME website that I found recently.  It's called:  They have the best fonts!  You know I love a great font and graphic design and they have both.  Once you become a FREE subscriber you can even download a bunch of FREE fonts to try out.  (And don't worry, you won't get SPAMed for subscribing, I've checked them out, they are legit!) Their Hand Shop pack is totally Burlap & Denim style.  It gives you the look of a hand drawn sign using their fonts.  In the past I have spent hours (seriously, hours) picking out the best fonts that go together and work for the project that I am working on.  The great thing about FontsCafe is that they do the matching for you.  So lets say you want to make a chalk board art piece that looks Read more [...]
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NorNor’s Rich Moist Carrot Cakettes

It is almost Easter and nothing says Easter dessert like carrot cake.  But this is not the dry icky carrot cake you pick up at the convenience store, nope!  This is my grandma NorNor's carrot cake recipe.  And it is moist, delicious and a piece of ...well cake to make!  (excuse the lame joke, I couldn't help myself)  You may be wondering about the "Cakette" reference in the title.  Well, I have realized that I am completely incapable of making it in a bundt form.  That was what the original recipe calls for, but after numberless fails at ANY type of bundt cake, I came up with this little "Cakette" gem that is a winner every time. Cake Ingredients: 2 cups sugar 2 cups flour 2 tsp baking soda 2 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 1 1/2 cup oil 2 1/2 cups grated carrots (I use about Read more [...]
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My Favorite Babushka

  Have you ever had a souvenir that you just Love?  In 1994 I took a trip to Finland to visit my sister and her husband, a Finish native.  Since we took the long trek  there we decided to make a stop in Russia at the same time.  While in St. Petersburg we picked up a souvenir or two.  Mine was this adorable little Babushka or set of Russian nesting dolls (also referred to as Matryoshka dolls). I remember seeing hundreds of designs, but this one really resonated with me.  It is a small set, with only five dolls.  And it has a traditional wood shape. The bright fun colors that I was drawn to back then works perfect with my basement decor today.  Don't you love it when things come together like that? The clean simple paint is almost Swiss Chalet style.  I haven't seen another like it. I love my Read more [...]

Blow Dryer and Curling Iron Storage

Today I am sharing one of my favorite and most useful products.  I was at a Parade of Homes show about 6 years ago when I saw it.  It was an under the sink storage solution for curling irons, flat irons, and blow driers. As we were leaving there was the inventor/salesman in the garage.  I was sold and bought one on the spot.  In my master bath, under my sink was wasted space.  There was a dummy drawer front that was easily removed.  After a few screws were installed (by me, thank you very much) the storage shelves were installed.  The product comes with all of the hardware necessary including hinges, and detailed instructions. There are two spots for curling irons or flat irons (I actually shove two curling and one flat in mine). The other side holds a large blow drier. I love how these simple aftermarket Read more [...]
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Funky Bright Asian Influences in Design

I've noticed a new trend lately that I first noticed in a Horchow catalog. It is their "Chinoiserie Dynasty" Chair. I think this chair is so adorable! I love the Asian print. It is young, bright, fun, and definitely not your grandmother's Asian chair. The shape is casual as is the 100% cotton fabric. I could create a whole room around this chair. (Source: Horchow) After a lot of research, I found this adorable wedding tablescape.  The wedding designer Canvas and Canopy did an excellent job of keeping this an upbeat, fun, bright and beautiful wedding. Photo Credit: Joie Lala,  Event Credit: Canvas and Canopy For a simple and easy way to add this fun Asian trend into your life is with this great wrapping paper from World Market.  For just $2.99 you get a 21"X30" sheet.  I'm thinking I could use it to cover coffee table Read more [...]
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Songbird Teen Bedroom

  My sister and I created this funky girls room a few years back for a Parade of Homes house.  We used all kinds of funky antiques mixed with new finds from Ikea, Urban Outfitters and TJ Maxx.  The quilts below were heirlooms from the owners parents with a green and white damask throw  from Urban Outfitters, layered on top. The walls were painted a very pale blue and the carpet was a dark muddied green.  We pumped up the color with hot pink and orange sherbert.  The tree stencil below was from Urban Outfitters.  A decorative bird-cage was packed with antique quilts with a bird perched atop the quilts.  A 3d chandelier covered in scrapbook papers and adorned with a tiny colorful bird was hung in the alcove. (Here is a close up of that chandelier in another space.  Read more about it HERE) Three light panes Read more [...]
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Printable Baptism Programs

This last weekend my third son Sam was baptized.  It was a very sweet and exciting day for all of us.  He couldn't wait to turn 8 and was beaming the entire day. Since this is my third son's baptism, and I served in our Primary as the secretary for a few years, I have made pleanty of baptism programs.  I thought I'd share this simple layout that you can print yourself. I started out by having three programs to a single sheet of cardstock (or paper).  I selected a simple image of Jesus and John the Baptist and fit it across the bottom.  With a brown border and blue "Californian FB" font (which you probably already have) things are clean and focused on the baptism, not the child. I printed them on my home ink jet printer on some pearl card stock that my mother in law gifted me.  I love the soft iridescent shine Read more [...]