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Pottery Barn Inspired Kid’s Bath

This is my friend Laree's upstairs children's bath.  I think it turned out adorable.  We were going for a vintage Pottery Barn feel when we started the remodel.  And I think that is exactly what we achieved.  This is my version of a Pottery Barn inspired kid's bathroom. With all of the remodeling going on, amazingly, none of the bathroom was effected except cosmetic.  Here is the floor plan from the original and current layout.  Notice the double but separate vanities, I love this feature. To keep with a vintage remodel feel, we used small hex tiles throughout the bathroom flooring.  A medium gray grout was chosen to give it a worn look and keep it from being too stuffy. The matching vanities were painted in a bright cheery blue.  The cabinet builders built-in a pull out drawer step in each vanity for little Read more [...]
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Sewing Pattern Tissue Flower Feature Wall

 A few weeks ago I posted my tutorial for making Sewing Pattern Tissue Flowers.  I was originally making them for an office space I've been working on, but fell so in love with them I had to use them in my own home. Click the image below for the complete tutorial for making these beauties:   HERE is my original inspiration for making and installing the flowers.  The ever amazing Anthropologie: For my installation, I wanted to keep it light and easily removed.  You know me, I love to change things up, so I didn't want even MORE holes in my walls.  I opted for standard scotch tape, the one in the green box for office supplies.  I taped up the strings that hold the flowers together.  The tape is nearly invisible and easily removed. For now, my tv is centered on a wall in my family room.  I decided to Read more [...]

Easy Tutorial for Giant Chalk Art

My good friend Erik hired me to help him design his new office space for his laser hair removal company named "Simplicity".  This was my first non-residential space and it was a blast.  The over all office has a warehouse feel so when it came time to design the break room, I suggested one wall be a giant chalk board.  The wall is pure black but since there are huge bright windows on the adjacent wall, it doesn't feel dark at all.  Strangely enough, it really warms up the space.  The ceiling is also painted black for an industrial feel.  When the company moved from their old location to their new digs, I wanted to welcome them with a quick chalk art design on the large wall.  Here is the design I came up with after cutting and pasting a few images and fonts in Publisher. For less than a dollar I had it copied onto Read more [...]

Pottery Barn Rug Swatch Dhurrie Pillows

Dhurrie rugs are very popular right now and for good reason.  They are rich in texture and colors and are available in many great textures.  Pottery Barn has one right now that I really like called the Alhambra Tile Dhurrie Rug: It unfortunately is out of my budget right now.  Well, imagine my complete surprise when at a recent Down East Home (a local outlet for Pottery Barn scratch and dents) tent sale, I rummaged through the rug sample box and found four 18"X20" samples.  These are what you can order on Pottery Barn's website if you want a swatch of the rug to make sure it matches your home.  They retail for $25 a piece.  BUT at the DEH tent sale, they were $2.50 each!!!  I bought all four and made pillow shams out of them.  Here's how. Supplies: rug swatch heavy canvas zipper down pillow 10 min. I Read more [...]
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Best Before and After {OPC $50 Gift Card Winner}

I'm the last of the 14 bloggers to choose my favorite Before and After project from One Project Closer's Habitat for Humanity series (read about their AWESOME party and how it helps Habitat for Humanity HERE). I figured all the great projects would have been chosen by the time I got to choose, but I was o wrong!  There were over 150 amazing projects linked up!  I battled back and forth between my top five and finally decided that The Little Cottage on the Pond is my winner! Tricia transformed her everyday kitchen into a beautiful neutral rustic kitchen. Before: After: I love how she opened up cabinets and replaced the corner area with open shelving but still left plenty of regular cabinets to hide the unsightly kitchen necessities.  The   is the same as in the before photos but looks amazing with the Read more [...]
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Restaurant Supply Shelving at Home

I picked up these great shelf brackets from Pottery Barn at a local outlet (Down East Home) tent sale.  They were two to a pack and in perfect condition, never opened.  At just $5 a box, I couldn't help myself and bought 10 pair!  I wasn't sure where I'd use them so I wanted to have plenty to work with.  I looked them up on Pottery Barn's website and noticed that they were selling them with either a glass shelf or a matching medium wood shelf both of which were unavailable for purchase a la carte (they are no longer on their site).  I figured I could have glass cut and polished for shelves, make my own wood shelves or come up with something different.  I took the bracket with me to Ikea and found that one of my favorite shelves would work perfect!  The EKBY Mossby shelf at almost 47" and only $29 would be the perfect Read more [...]
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2012 Young Women in Excellence: Arise and Shine Forth invitation and program

It is that time again for Young Women in Excellence.  I've come up with a simple invitation and program I'm sharing here.  It all started when my friend Belinda from Belinda's Great Ideas came up with a great Arise and Shine Forth logo that I used for my invitations and program {check out her amazing talents HERE}.  Below is the invitation, laid out four to a page (Download the Publisher file HERE). My mother in law saved some paper scraps from her job at a printing press and I ran these through my printer on "draft" to save ink.  Because they are black and white, you could also run them off the copier at your ward's library. Here is the program we will be using (download the Publisher file HERE).  Because of the donated paper, I made the program two to a regular sheet of paper. The program is also going to be Read more [...]
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Fall Mantle {A study in neutrals}

It's that time of year to take down all of my summer beach decor and get in the mood for fall.  For this fall mantle I wanted to keep things on the simple side.  I have a habit of adding a lot of stuff at different layers and levels in order to create drama (examples HERE, HERE and HERE).  Not this time. I decided to go with neutrals and keep it clean and tidy.  My family room is two-story and has a grand fireplace and mantle.  This was by design, I wanted a huge space to decorate so this mantle fit the bill when we designed our home 8 years ago.  It does create a problem sometimes since the space is sooo huge, it is easy to dwarf the decor.  This layout started with this European mount elk skull and antlers.  I found them on our local KSL classifieds (similar to Craigslist) for only $75!  That is cheaper than a Read more [...]
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Sewing Pattern Tissue Flowers

Although I have only sewn one outfit from a pattern, I have fond memories of my mom whipping out a pattern and sewing up something fabulous (did she say she sewed an "outfit" eww! in my defense I was in 4th grade and by the time I finished the "outfit" I refused to wear it due to the hideous fabric I had selected).  At a recent "Free" yard sale swap that a fellow blogger hosted, I found a stack of old sewing patterns free for the taking.  The images on the covers were  priceless, and I knew I could create something with this bit of nostalgia. I've seen patterns used in many ways recently, but my favorite were tissue paper flowers.  After searching for the perfect tutorial, I decided to make one myself and include all the important details that I felt others had left out and I had to learn by trial and error. Layer Read more [...]
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From Blah to Boutique {Organizing a Master Closet}

UPDATE: If you are interested in NO cost, 1 hour closet organization read THIS post first. As you all know by now, I LOVE an organized space.  For my master closet, I have designed it to be like a chic boutique that I alone get to shop in several times a day.  Today's topic?  Organizing a master closet.  Here are my tips to turn any blah, average closet into a great organized space you'll want to spend time in.  Oh, and by the way, this is not some huge, expensive, fabulocity  space like the ones you usually find when you google closet organization.  My space is average size for a walk in closet, my clothes are mostly from TJMaxx, Ross, Target and the like.  I don't own any Louboutin's, Prada or any couture.  This is my REAL closet and most of the time it looks JUST LIKE THIS: In order starting from the easiest/cheapest: Treat Read more [...]
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UPDATE: Salvaged Wood Block Lamp Assembly

One of the very first posts I wrote on Burlap & Denim was about a Salvaged Wood Block Lamp that I made.  I LOVE these lamps.  The pair used to be on our night stands, but I have since moved them to the family room so I can enjoy them all day.  BUT, this means they are in the most used space of our house, filled with 4 boys.  And with boys comes rough housing.  Yesterday one of these lovely's got knocked to the ground, sparked and almost started a fire!  I'll admit it, I was frustrated and mad that my beautiful lamp needed to be rebuilt and re wired.  I took this opportunity to photograph the details for you. Here you can see the hole I drilled with a wood drill bit and shoved a long threaded wire conduit inside.  The drilled hole met up with a crack in the wood partway down the block.  I threaded the wire Read more [...]
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10 Fabulously Free Fonts

I love fonts and typography.  It wasn't until this year that I realized that there are FREE fonts out there, just waiting to be downloaded!  Thousands of free fonts.  If you are new to downloading fonts, I'll share a few of my favorites and outline how do download them to your computer for easy use.   Click on the name below to download the fonts: Prima Handmade, Jellyka King's Hat, The Classy Dots, Shelter Me, Embossing Tape, Free Booter, Tall Trees, Channel, Type Xero, KG Eyes Wide Open How to download and install fonts onto your computer: 1. Click one of the font names above in green. 2. Find and press the "Install" button on the font website. 3. Go to your "Download" folder and double click the file name (mine shows up on the bottom of my browser). 4. If a comment window opens up, click close. 5. Find Read more [...]

Seascape Centerpiece in Reclaimed Wood

I love bringing nature inside my home, and I'm not talking about a silk plant from JoAnn's.  A beautiful piece of salvaged wood, I picked up on another adventure, was the inspiration for this nature beach arrangement. Here are the supplies I used: I started layering with coarse sand I bought on sale at Pottery Barn a few years ago. Then I scattered shells and tucked them into the sand. Next came the coral pieces. And finally a few treasures like a starfish and a sand dollar.  The starfish's leg was broken off by one of the boys in our house, but no worries, I just "buried" that leg in the sand. And voila.  Nature, specifically my favorite place the Beach, indoors. I love the depth of the wood and the rustic sides.  They are great to look at from either side of the table. The shells and sand dollar Read more [...]