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10 Fabulously Free Fonts

I love fonts and typography.  It wasn’t until this year that I realized that there are FREE fonts out there, just waiting to be downloaded!  Thousands of free fonts.  If you are new to downloading fonts, I’ll share a few of my favorites and outline how do download them to your computer for easy use.

Free Fonts and how to download them


Click on the name below to download the fonts:

Prima Handmade, Jellyka King’s Hat, The Classy Dots, Shelter Me, Embossing Tape, Free Booter, Tall Trees, Channel, Type Xero, KG Eyes Wide Open

How to download and install fonts onto your computer:

1. Click one of the font names above in green.

2. Find and press the “Install” button on the font website.

3. Go to your “Download” folder and double click the file name (mine shows up on the bottom of my browser).

4. If a comment window opens up, click close.

5. Find the file that has “.ttf” or “.otf” at the end of it (some fonts have several).  Double click it.

6. Wait for the font window to open up displaying the font letters.  Click the “Install” button (if your computer has user controls, you may need to enter your password here).

7. Be creative and use the font in any of your programs!

8. Rinse and Repeat.

I have downloaded hundreds of free fonts.  Now the tricky part is picking which font for each project!  I hope you enjoy the ones I highlighted above.  What are your favorite fonts?  Leave a comment and a url for the download for all to share!

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  • I was told to be careful downloading fonts because of virus’ attached to them. Have you had any trouble with this? I love fonts and would love to download them!

    • Norma,
      I’m sooo glad you brought this up! There are some crazy font downloading sites that DO give your computer a virus. Fortunately for you, I’ve checked out each of these fonts and they are all virus free! The sites that I got these fonts from all seem to be legit, but…not all the “free” fonts are complete. It seems like 1 in 10 are just partial, so they aren’t worth downloading. For this post I literally searched over a thousand to find fonts that were: 1. Free 2. Virus Free 3. Complete 4. Awesome. :) Happy Downloading!

      • Thanks Amanda! I knew you wouldn’t put something on here that would be bad, but just wanted to know if what I had heard was right. All your hard work pays off for us.

        THANK YOU!

      • Type Xero is no longer “complete”.

  • Amanda —
    I do love your choices. Very nice.

    now my favorite site for free fonts is currently google fonts… have you looked at those? If you deal in accents, etc you do have to make sure you get the right version, but they are really nice to work with.

  • looking good

  • nice post

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