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Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids & SuperV Sweepstakes!

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach With Kids & Super V Sweepstakes!

tips for the beach with kids

I remember spending long days at the beach in sunny San Diego when my sister and I were kids. I always remember our light blue, styrofoam cooler with rope handles packed with snacks for the day. My mom would lug it to the beach, and we would tag along with the rest of the gear.

Once I started surfing in high school, I didn’t spend much time on the beach, just in the water. I pared my supply list down to a towel skirt I found at a thrift shop. No shoes, no snacks, just a towel and car keys.

Well times have changed once again now that I have my own family. Being the crazy organizer I am, combined with my love of the beach, I have come up with a system that works perfectly for our family with a few tips along the way! (BTW we use the same system for local pools and theme parks too)

Rule # 1. Each member of the family MUST carry their own bag.

The kids each have a beach backpack that can get sandy. I even bought a tiny “Pre-School” backpack for my 2 year old this year so he could carry his own gear. I believe in having everyone help out, even if it is just carrying and being responsible for their own stuff.

Rule #2. Everyone packs their own lunch.

I set out the bins and baskets of suggested food for the day, and they pack what they want in their lunch. This way no one can complain to me that they are “starving” or can’t find anything they like, or “BUY me something at the snack shack”! I let them eat at their own pace throughout the day as well.

Rule #3. Everyone is responsible for their own gear.

My kids know what they like to do at the beach: boogie board, build moats and body surf. They grab the gear they need and know where it is at all times, or they go without. Maybe harsh, but it works and I don’t hear the constant questions like, “Where is my towel?” Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids

Typical Contents of the Kids backpack:


Capri Sun Super V - These are perfect for the beach. They aren’t just sugar water; they are 1 combined serving of fruit and vegetables. I love that I am able to “sneak” serving vegetables to my kids in their drink! My 7 year old BEGS for these. I’m sure he is convinced they are only for super heroes, and he believes he is one. Plus, they are delish. I always put them in the freezer the night before and grab them the next morning. They keep everything cool in their lunch and are refreshing as they defrost on a hot day.

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Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids

Road Trip Chex Mix - I did a post about this delectable little treat. It is easy to make and the perfect snack for the beach. Get the recipe HERE. Road Trip Chocolate & Coconut Chex Mix

Individual Chip Bag – That way if sand does get in, you can toss the whole thing. Plus who doesn’t like chips?

Orange – So refreshing to have a cold orange at the beach.

Grapes – Again, refreshing little treats to pop in your mouth throughout the day.

Snack Size Candy Bar - I prefer peanut m&m’s myself, especially since they don’t melt into a mess in the hot sun, but any candy will do.

UnCrustable – To me, these were made for trips, even just to the beach. Who wants to make the kitchen a mess when you could just grab one of these from the freezer and throw it into your backpack. I like to pick up a box at Costco in whatever town we are visiting (unfortunately they only carry grape, and I prefer strawberry, but it’ll do).


Towel Robe – I LOVE these and so do my boys. We usually buy them from Costco, but many big box retailers have them too. These are great since you can wear them or put them in your bag. The hoods keep them warm and cozy after getting tumbled in the sea.

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids

Goggles - We don’t usually take these for the ocean since they fall off and get lost in the waves way too easily, but the stop at the pool on the way back home makes these essential for my peeps.

Shovel – We found the best shovels a few years ago at a surf shop and have since seen them at a few drug stores close to the beach. They are plastic with long wooden handles and cost around $5. Worth every penny. Sometimes the kids will shove the handle down the back of their pack so they don’t have to carry it back and forth.

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids

Rash-guard - What mom doesn’t love a rash guard? My favorite is our bright yellow one from the Gap. I love the Gap’s because they hold their shape well, have fun designs, and last longer than cheapie ones.

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids

Contents of MY Backpack:


Same as kids


The Back Pack Chair - I LOVE my Tommy Bahama backpack chair from Costco. It reclines completely, has a cooler pouch and is the perfect way to relax on the beach.

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids

Sunscreen - I’m loving the new Neutrogena Kids Wet spray. Totally works wet or dry.

Baby Powder -If you didn’t know this trick, you’ve got to try it. If you or your kids have dry sand stuck to their hands, feet, bunsies, whereever, just cover that spot in baby powder and wipe it away. Perfect for cleaning up before eating a snack or jumping in the car. The kids LOVE this stuff.

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids

Umbrella - As much as I love the sun and a great tan, I love the shade even more, especially with babies. The bigger the better.

Rubber Mallet -T his my friends is how you keep your umbrella perfectly positioned in the sand (or grass). My husband picked up this little gem at our local Harbor Freight for under $5. Just place your bottom umbrella pole where you want it and pound away. Once it is secure, put the top in and enjoy your shade while others umbrellas fly away. Seriously, everywhere we go people are begging to borrow our rubber mallet.

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids

Sun Glasses - If you know me, you’ve surely seen me in my sunglasses. I used to buy cheapies, but Justin convinced me to upgrade to Polarized lenses. I’m not talking Blue Blockers (Julie) but Ray Bans. I love these. They fit my face without letting light in above or below. They aren’t the fancy Maui Jims he wears, but they are way better than the “disposables” that I was used to.

Tips for a Great Day at the Beach with Kids

Camera-What blogger would feel complete without their camera? That’s how we roll at the beach!

What items are in your beach bag?

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  • I have two boys, 3 and 1. I finish every meal with fruit. I also shred carrots into meatloaf. And I also searve veggies at every meal. My boys love them. And if they’re being cooperative, I still put the veggies on their plate. Sooner or later, they’ll eat them! It may seem wasteful, but don’t give up!

  • Fruits are really easy, because they’re sweet and taste good. My kids are always asking for fruit! Vegetables are more of a requirement. So, if they eat all their carrots then they can have another strawberry. It works out quite well, especially when all the younger ones want to do what my oldest does.

  • We make and serve a fruit or vegetable with every meal, without fail, including eating out. My kid expects this and even asks for it when he is eating with grandparents etc.

  • Thanks to a movie about rabbits my dear son is now eating carrots like they are going out of style. But it hasn’t always been this way. Getting him to eat fruit has never been a big problem but veggies are another story. So every few months I puree up a bunch of veggies and freeze them. Then I slip them into everything. Carrots and broccoli in tacos. Cauliflower in meatloaf (and a good splash of vegetable juice too!) Sweet potatoes or butternut squash in our pancakes! I still serve veggies as well and he is always given a portion, but at least I know we are all getting a little extra!

  • I use a lot of fresh vegetables in my cooking. We eat a lot of fresh fruit, love green smoothies, and fresh salsas. It’s a trick for the kids that don’t like veggies, though. ;o)

  • I incorporate fruits and vegetables into the diet by offering fruit and cut up vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and red bell pepper strips with hummus or a little ranch dressing for dipping. I let family members choose what vegetables they want with their meals so they can have vegetables they’ll actually eat with their meals.

  • I stew vegetables with meat with thick sauce, it makes veggies tasty. Fruits are easy to incorporate because they’re sweet and juicy we can just snack on them. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  • My kids love salads so I incorporate a lot of salads into the dinner. Also been drinking a lot of smoothies.

  • I like to make smoothies and add veggies and fruits there

  • I like to puree extra vegetables into spaghetti sauce! Kids never even know it’s there! :o ) Also, I always put a fruit and a vegetable on everyone’s plate at each meal.

  • I like mixing them in smoothies in my Vitamix blender.

  • The boy looooves fruit, so this is never a problem. Vegetables, hit or miss. Beets and corn are sweet so he adores those. He’s more inclined to try veg when they come out of our garden, and he helped to grow, harvest, and/or cook them. (Tonight he came in with a freshly-dug carrot, top still on, munching away. Darling. He may not be an intrepid vegetable eater, but he’ll get there one day.)

  • My little girl is one, so she eats what I put in front of her still :-) . I do sneak spinach into her scrambled egg every morning, and then the occasional smoothie with fruit and veggies and milk and nothing else. So far it’s worked!

  • u can try pairing a certain fruit or veggie with a certain event to make eating it a traditional thing. for example we always eat cherries while watching 4th of july fireworks and always take plums with us when we go to the beach

  • From the time my 4 kiddos have been little we have been really upfront and honest with them about healthy eating. They have fruit with breakfast, we pack fruit or veg for the older kids for their school snack and two more for their lunch. We serve two with dinner as well. With 4 active kiddos we are always at a practice, lesson or game after school or in the summer. I bring a cooler full of fruits and veges for after school munching as well. At home we have a big platter that I fill with fruits and vege for meals, we don’t start our main dish until this is gone. They always know they can eat fruits and vege at anytime without asking. They know they are not to eat their treat in their lunch and they won’t get dessert at dinner if their good stuff isnt gone. They sometimes complain, but since we have been very consistant with this rule since they were born it is a no discussion issue.

  • I puree veggies and add to sauces and other dishes.

  • Love fruits and veggies!!!!! The fam does too…thanks to ev eryone for the tips!

  • My granddaughter lives with us, and we are very lucky that she is not a picky eater. For a snack, she loves a bowl of cottage cheese with peaches or bananas. She has no trouble getting in enough fruits and veggies each day.

  • The fruit side of things is easy, my whole family eats fresh fruit all day long if it’s in the house. For veggies, it takes a little more work to slice up a cucumber or peppers for snacking, but it’s so worth it! Peanut butter for dip helps my youngest (pickiest!) enjoy them too.

  • I add them to baked goods and have them for snacks.

  • i try to buy fruit snacks and juices with “hidden” fruits and vegetables

  • I don’t have kids, but my parents treated fruit as “dessert” so I looked at it as my daily treats – and I still love it! They didn’t force the veggies I disliked, but made sure to feed me plenty of the ones I did, and they’d introduce new ones every now and then.

  • I incorporate fruits and veggies by giving them things they like, like celery and apples with peanut butter, smoothies, yogurt with fruit, and just being a roll model and eat healthy food with them.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  • My kids love to pick and eat things from Nana and Papa’s garden. They will eat so much more if they have helped in the growing and picking process.

  • Ha, ha, ha. I’m just reading this now. Girl, you know it’s true. I still have those babies. And I call my Blue Blockers my “driving glasses”. Nothing works better at relaxing your eye on the road. You know I love them but they are getting a bit ratty (and that is being nice). Maybe next time we’re together, you can take me sunglasses shopping and show me the ropes or the light! Does having polarized lenses make me have to become a fisher woman? Is it me or do I sound like an infomercial? I love you!

  • It’s simple… My boys love fruits and veggies so I always have them on hand!

  • we make smoothies

  • love putting every veggie into a chicken pie

  • I make smoothies.

  • snacks consist of fresh fruit or veggies.

  • I mix them into mac and cheese.

  • I keep fresh fruit and cut up veggies in the fridge and while I’m preparing dinner, I set the vegetable tray out and my grandsons can help themselves before dinner. Any snack after dinner is either fruit or vegetables.

  • I have a 3 year old and 18 month old. I give them V8 fusion most of the time instead of juice because it’s a full serving of fruits and veggies with every 2 cups I give them (since I water it down). I also cut apples to look like fries and refer to them as “apple fries” which they love. And I give them “cuties”. They’re like clementines. My 3 year old especially loves them because she’s able to peel them herself.

  • Best way to get veggies to be snuck into a meal is a smoothie! You can’t even tell spinach is mixed in when you have their favorite fruit in there! I am thankful my kids actually like salads so getting that serving in for dinner is an easy one for me!

  • tweeted and commented here! twitter is

  • I try to have fresh fruits and veggies cut up and ready for kids to grab out of the fridge for healthy snacks!

    • Perfect Jodi! I do the same, especially with fresh grapes, I bag them for snacking size.

  • Frozen fruit & veggie popsicles are on my list for this summer. I started putting spinach in my morning smoothies and you really can’t taste it, so I think I can sneak it in the popsicles too! Use your blender to whip up some fun combos and then put them in popsicle trays.

  • Pair of kitchen scissors!! It’s soooo easy to cut up veggies into really small pieces and mix it up with rice or quinoa. My son, who is now 2 years old, loves the mixture of rice, quinoa, and kale with chicken.
    As for fruits, he loves fruits. No problem with that. However, I also give him dehydrated fruits just to have variety. He loves the dehydrated Fuji apples. Crispy and sweet!

  • Another genius idea is to take a small blow up kiddy pool ($5 at Walmart) if you have toddlers. Put in a little water from the ocean and a small mound of sand to create a baby safe mini beach. Also convenient as a rinsing station for sandy hands before eating anything.

  • I have always fed my son fruits and veggies with no problem. One trick is put healthy snacks in front of them when they are watching a movie or tv, do not tell them what it is or to eat it…it just disappears. Then pay attention to their favorites and feed often. My son asks for fruits and veggies. I have also told him since he was iddy bitty that they will make you healthy and strong and live long!

  • I dont have to worry about my boys not eating their fruits and veggies. If they could thats all they would eat. But if I had to trick them into eating them I would make muffins with either a fruit or a veggie. Everyone loves muffins!!!

  • I add lots of veggies to smoothies,and also hide veggies in spaghetti sauce!

  • We use cookie cutters to cut shapes into fruits and some vegetables, then we “design” fun food art to make them look fun and appealing for the kids :)

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