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Give Thanks Chalk Art

Another chalk post?  Why yes, that is the beauty of chalk art, it is always changing.  This was my summer board.

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

I had sprayed it with a heavy coat of hairspray and it stayed clean and crisp all summer.  To clean off the chalk and hairspray, I took a wet paper towel and wiped it down.  Some of the chalk wasn’t budging so I added warm water and some foamy hand soap.  After a few wipe downs we were back to a clean slate.

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

For fall I wanted a bold wheat graphic.  I searched till I found one I liked and added the words “Give Thanks”.  I measured my chalk board and created a template in Publisher.  I selected fonts and scaled them to fit.  I took the printed piece of paper to my local FedEx store and had them print it on a transparency.  I laid it on my overhead projector and copied the outline.

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

Of course things don’t always go according to plan.  When my back was turned mid drawing, my 2 year old decided to add his personal touch by smearing my outlines.

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

No worries though.  I just grabbed my trusty QTip and dipped it in some water.  The smears wipe right way.

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

Don’t let any beautiful chalk walls fool you, they are MESSY.  This chalky snow was left after just outlining the design.  So plan ahead where you place your chalk board and who you let draw on it.  For instance, I can clean up this area easily, but when I see a giant chalk wall in a beautiful home over light carpet where the children can draw at will, I think “they are crazy!” OR “they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.”

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

An easy tip to embellish any font is to add a shadow.  I love the depth this adds to the word Give.

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

In a close up of the board you can see that my lines are not perfect, the chalk isn’t smooth and flawless, but when you step back, the imperfections add to the casual look.

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

And voila!  I think it fits in nicley with my entry gallery wall.  I am also fond of how simple this design is compared to my summer board.  Just mixing things up.

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

Thanks for reading along and don’t forget to “Give Thanks” this fall.

DIY Overhead Projector Thanksgiving Chalk Art

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your Fall WALL!!!! You are one talented lady!!

  • Awesome! I just love chalkboards….No dry erase here!! This is just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Your chalkboard designs are just awesome! I think I might have to buy an overhead projector.

  • I love chalkboards and your graphics are awesome! I am finding me an overhead projector.

  • You inspire me to no end! I’m so glad I found your website! you make such a formidable piece of art an approachable endeavor. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. I’ve just subscribed so please keep the chalk art coming. Its a feast for my eyes.

  • Could you post a printable version of the template you created for this amazing chalkboard wall. I love it and I have a very similar chalkboard wall in my house. Thanks!!

  • I just love this design!!! I’d like to paint it on the back of my Halloween board I put on my front steps. I cannot find a nice looking wheat sheave like you have on this design!!! would you share the wheat sheaf?

    thanks so much!

  • looking good

  • nice post

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