Skater Bed Upgrade and FREE Giant Mural

During a back to school shopping trip at Famous Footwear my son Jake and I picked up this awesome skateboarding poster!  It was a store display and is approximately 6 1/2 feet tall and 10 feet wide.  It would be perfect for a preteen’s bedroom.  I asked the store employee is I could have it when they were finished displaying it.  After a few calls to her manager, she said YES!  A few weeks later she called me and told me it was ready to pick up.  She put toilet paper over all of the tape adhesive so it wouldn’t stick to itself, and rolled it up for me.  I couldn’t believe how sweet they were and that they gave it to me for free!  It didn’t even have a Famous Footwear logo on it or anything!  It was thicker than I expected.  I hung it on the wall using thumb tacks along the borders.  A similar poster from PB Teen would have cost at least $99 for 1/2 the size!  (Please excuse the less than fab photos of my son’s bedroom, I snapped them mid rearranging)

Industrial Trundle Bed on Wheels for Skateboard Bedroom

 After the success of that skater poster, we decided to see if anyone else would be willing to give out old store promos for free.  Next stop…the Vans shop.   Sure enough, they had a poster that would be available in the next month.  They took down our name and number and we picked it up when they called (the one on the right was another Famous Footwear poster that they saved for us).  So, DON”T BE AFRAID to ask!  You just might get it for free!

Industrial Trundle Bed on Wheels for Skateboard Bedroom

(check out the Indiana Jones cling we got free for asking HERE)

 So, now that we had these cool posters, Jake needed a bed to match.  We had an old trundle bed that I got from a discount store (DEH) for $20.  It was scratched up a bit and went to a Pottery Barn Kids set.  I decided to add some industrial wheels to make it high and funky.  I sped over to Harbor Freight and found these.  I purchased four of them (on sale, I’m sure) and screwed them into the bottom four corners of the bed frame.

I lazily left a few of the original wheels on the bed.

Industrial Trundle Bed on Wheels for Skateboard Bedroom

This upgrade really made this bed cool instead of just a close to the floor trundle.

Industrial Trundle Bed on Wheels for Skateboard Bedroom

I love the industrial skater feel that they add to the cheap bed frame.

Industrial Trundle Bed on Wheels for Skateboard Bedroom

Industrial Trundle Bed on Wheels for Skateboard Bedroom

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  • Now that is one cool free mural for your sons room. Never hurts to ask right? All they can say is no. The trundle bed is super, duper cute. Love the vibe it gives for the room.

  • What a great idea! And you’re right, it’s so right to ask if they still need the poster – in most cases these are thrown away later, so apart from doing a nice redecoration of the room, you’re also doing something for the environment. I did the same thing as a teen and got some of the coolest posters that were some of the favorite things in my room. Way to go!

  • Very fun! I love that you got the poster for free and the bed looks great!

  • I love the idea of putting the idea on coasters but I some how think my 3 year old would have way too much fun with this. I probably should save this for when he get older.

    • Ha! The bed is still heavy to slide around. You could always look into the locking casters. They are also available at Harbor Freight.

  • Cute idea!

  • now that’s a fun room!

  • Love the bed. Can you tell me what size the casters are? Thanks very much.

  • Hi Amanda, where did you get the casters from?

  • nice post

  • looking good

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