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Awesome Graphic Design Fonts & Freebies!

FREE download for Burlap & Denim readers only!  Keep reading…

I want to share an AWESOME website that I found recently.  It’s called:

Awesome Graphic Design, Fonts, and Freebies for Burlap & Denim readers!

 They have the best fonts!  You know I love a great font and graphic design and they have both.  Once you become a FREE subscriber you can even download a bunch of FREE fonts to try out.  (And don’t worry, you won’t get SPAMed for subscribing, I’ve checked them out, they are legit!)

Awesome Graphic Design, Fonts, and Freebies for Burlap & Denim readers!

Their Hand Shop pack is totally Burlap & Denim style.  It gives you the look of a hand drawn sign using their fonts.  In the past I have spent hours (seriously, hours) picking out the best fonts that go together and work for the project that I am working on.  The great thing about FontsCafe is that they do the matching for you.  So lets say you want to make a chalk board art piece that looks like you are an artist.  Just download their Hand Shop Banners & Elements pack.  Layout what you want to say, in Publisher or another program, print it off, take it to FedEx and have them print it on a transparency.  Then project it on an overhead projector and trace it in chalk!  Easy Peasy.

Awesome Graphic Design, Fonts, and Freebies for Burlap & Denim readers!

 I especially love their elements!  I know from experience how hard it is to find great banners and seals to add to my designs, the ones in the hand Shop are perfect for that vintage look.

Awesome Graphic Design, Fonts, and Freebies for Burlap & Denim readers!

A few notes for when you download fonts from any site:

Make sure it is a legit site (I am vouching for

Download and install the TrueTypeFont or TTF

If on the demo page only the capital letters are in the font you are downloading, don’t worry, just only use that font with caps lock on (same goes for only lowercase fonts)

Use the designers suggested fonts together-save yourself some time and effort and combine the fonts that are marketed together for a cohesive look

I contacted and they are doing a special

FREE download

JUST for Burlap & Denim Readers,

so go download some fonts!

Awesome Graphic Design, Fonts, and Freebies for Burlap & Denim readers!

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  • These are awesome! thanks so much!

  • Thanks for the fonts download. You are very generous to provide this for us.
    My problem is I’m very digitally challenged so don’t know what to do with fonts once I get them. I don’t have photo shop on my pc or haven’t even ventured onto PicMonkey. I keep saying I’ll spend some time looking into PicMonkey but seems whenever I have time to be on here I’m reading all the wonderful blogs I subscribe to. There’s too many other things I spend my time on, like – cleaning, crafting, doing laundry, thrift shopping. Excuses, excuses. Happy Easter & spring

  • Awesome, thanks!!

  • I love your website! So far I’ve only had time to look at the home improvement and the churchy sections. I am so thankful you are sharing all these wonderful ideas. And I am so thankful that I found you on Pintrest.
    My husband is a pastor and my daughter and her family work in Sunday School. Your ideas for the kids camp crafts will also make wonderful SS crafts! I signed up for email but I hope it doesn’t come to often. I don’t want to miss anything. But I also don’t check my email very often because so much of my communication is by text or Face Book.
    Thanks again, this is like having another complete “Pintrest” with different ideas and the Churchy stuff! I will enjoy the other pages/departments I’m sure! May God richly bless you!

    • Patricia,
      Thank you SO much! I’m so glad that I could help you out in some small way. Your comments made my day.

  • Thank you for sharing these tremendous graphic design and fonts. Actually i am looking for Vector Logodesign. Can you please give me some info on that.

  • Gosh, wonder how much Danny is being paid to provide milktoast tweets. It contains useful information. Thanks much for sharing.

  • looking good

  • nice post

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