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Bleach Out T-Shirt Tutorial

Last week was our church group’s annual girls camp.  For our group t-shirts we decided to do a bleach out design.  The following is my Bleach Out T-Shirt Tutorial.  {The original inspiration for this T came from THIS AWESOME POST, for ANOTHER BLEACH TUTORIAL click HERE}

Tutorial for Bleached T Shirts

The coordinators of the camp (our stake) purchased these green T’s and had a small Celtic knot over the right arm to go with our B.R.A.V.E. theme (Believe, Repent, Ask, Venture, Endure).  Each group (ward) was to decorate the rest of the T how ever they wish.

BRAVE Celtic Knot Logo on Stake YW Tshirts

We thought about silk screening, and after a lot of tries I suggested we go with the easiest cheapest option…Bleach!  I did a practice at home and then brought everything to the church and each girl made her own shirt on a table outside.  You’ll need the following supplies AND a blow drier:

How to bleach any image in any shirt

Young Women Black and White Torch

Lettering for Girl on Fire Camp Shirt

  • Stencil Adhesive or Elmer’s spray glue.

Tutorial for DIY Bleach T's

  • A small spray bottle filled with 40% Bleach 60% Water and very absorbent paper towels (I love Viva).

Instructions for Bleaching T-Shirt Designs

  • A cotton shirt and a piece of cardboard to fit inside (preventing the bleach from leaking through to the other side).

Place Cardboard Inside T Shirt When Bleaching

A quick spray of Stencil Adhesive spray to the back side of the stencil and then let it set up for two or three min.

The Easy way to bleach t Shirt designs

Press the stencil down flat and centered on the back of the shirt.  Be sure that the letters and edges are especially secure to avoid bleach sneaking under the stencil.  Fold under any excess shirt and cover any pieces with paper towels to avoid random bleach spots.

Tutorial for Bleaching Designs on T-Shirts

 Now, spray away.  I did between six and eight sprays for this shirt.  TIP: Spray with confidence!  No woosie sprays here.  To get a fine mist, press the sprayer firm and quick.  The larger the drops of bleach, the larger the white spots may appear in the final product.  Dab off any extra bleach that pools on the stencil.

Photo Tutorial for Bleaching T Shirt Designs

Blow dry the T-shirt on low/cool with the stencil still on (if it is too hot, the stencil glue will get stuck on the t-shirt and the stencil may tear).

Tutorial for Bleaching T's

Carefully peal off the stencil to reveal the design (the stencil can be reused if you are careful, we used each of ours about 8 times each spraying more adhesive each time).

How to bleach Stencils Designs on T Shirts

By using the stencil and spray you get a crisp perfect line.  I think they turned out fantastic!

Bleached T Shirt Tutorial

Then take all the t-shirts and throw them directly in the drier on HIGH heat for about 15 min to set the bleach.  After they are dry, throw them in the washer and wash on regular with cold water and your usual detergent and fabric softener.

Bleaching T's Tutorial

 I absolutely LOVE these!  The options are endless with bleach, and the cost is so cheap!

Tutorial for Bleached T Shirts

 Have you used bleach to add a design to something?  Link them up in the comments or tell me about it!

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