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Apr 21, 2014 - Crafts, Recycle & Reuse    30 Comments

DIY Ocean Art

Once again I profess my love of the ocean.  This time in my DIY Ocean Art.  I have wanted to do a giant work of art on a canvas for a while and have been shopping for a good deal on canvases.  They were all so expensive!  I had made one in the past and thought I might go that route again until I found a giant canvas at Burlington Coat Factory that was on clearance for $20.  It was a photo of a lotus blossom and lily pads.  The photo was okay, but I had bigger plans for the canvas itself.  I propped it up on it's side over my fireplace.  It fit the space beautifully. That's when I decided to create  my own abstract painting of the ocean for my summer beach theme.  I had seen a few similar that I loved, one from ZGallerie and others around town, but none fit quite right or had the colors that I was looking for.  Okay, Read more [...]
Feb 24, 2014 - Crafts, YW Camp    24 Comments

$1 Camp Craft {Magnetic Chalkboard Message Center}

This is a really fun easy AND inexpensive craft!  A Magnetic Chalkboard Message Center.  We did these at girls camp last year and they turned out really cute.  The supplies are inexpensive and you probably already have most of them on hand. Supplies craft paint Valspar (Lowes) chalkboard paint ribbon sponge brushes chalk magnets electric range covers (Dollar Store)  I searched all over for a good deal on chalkboard paint and I found it at Lowe's.  I bought the quart size and chose black.  It runs around $14 and could make at least 50 of these chalk boards.  I found these beautiful electric burner covers at the Dollar Tree.  The great thing about these burner covers is that they are magnetic!   They come in a two pack.  One is 8" and the other is 10".  The demo for this post is the smaller Read more [...]

“Soda Lighted” to wish you a Happy Birthday

 It is the start of a new year and so time to share a new small birthday gift that is perfect for teens.  In my case teenage girls from our church youth group, or Young Women.  My niece had received a soda bottle with the phrase "Soda Lighted" (instead of so delighted) as a going away present from her leaders and I thought it was adorable!  I decided to purchase a variety of fun bright sodas from a local supplier.  We have a cute toy/candy shop that has a large selection but Cost Plus World Market also has a great supply.  And before any of you worry, the one on the right is Apple Beer, a delicious apple flavored soda.   Supplies Needed: Card stock Hole Punch Ribbon or Pipe Cleaner Paper Straws Free Printable   I made a label that would fit any bottle.  I designed them in bright fun colors Read more [...]
Dec 12, 2013 - Christmas, Crafts    10 Comments

DIY Window Pane Christmas Stamps

I have wanted an antique window for years.  When my father in law came across this creamy white one and asked if I wanted it, I couldn't wait to make something of it!  But what?  It sat empty for months.  With Christmas approaching I dreamt up a new piece of art for my home.  That is when it came to me, frame Christmas art or photos in that old window.  I began searching everywhere for the perfect art (Ikea, World Market, scrapbook stores, TJ Maxx etc.).  None had quite the right size or style of what I wanted.  Then on the internet I found old Christmas stamps that were printed for the USPS  in conjunction with museums of art.  All eight were Madonna and Child and by classic painters.  I blew each one of them up and had them printed at Costco on photo paper.  Then I arranged them in the eight panes.    I cut Read more [...]
Nov 11, 2013 - Crafts, Planted    12 Comments

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Setting and DIY Euonymus Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  I decided to take a minute and figure out my tablescape since I will be hosting my family this year.   In truth, I started by wanting to make a wreath from the Euonymus clippings from the hedge in my front yard.  That evolved into a centerpiece and then the rustic Thanksgiving table setting below. I started by clipping all the Euonymus that was poking up above the rest of the hedge.  Then I separated them into groups of four 6" pieces.  With 24 gauge floral wire from Hobby Lobby (the one I bought even had a wire cutter built-in!) I wrapped the bottom inch or so.  I made about 15 bundles. I layered them starting from the outside to the center on top of a kilim runner that I had.  I then gathered some rose hips from my yard and layered them on top of the Euonymus bundles.  To cover Read more [...]
Sep 26, 2013 - Crafts, Trending    3 Comments

Make a Wish: 16 Wishbone Decor Ideas

With fall's arrival I think of Thanksgiving, which brings me to turkey, and then to the wishbone of course!  I recently purchased a pair of wishbone earrings and have loved the whimsy it has brought to my wardrobe.  There is just something about wishbones that I think are adorable.  If you like them too then today is your lucky day because I am sharing 16 wishbones in art, decor, furniture or fashion. This adorable vintage style greeting card is from Papaya. This adorable "Oh Snap" graphic has been sold out on Etsy.  I love the quote. The Lucky Break company sells faux wishbones for all your crafting or party needs!  Way easier than cleaning a bunch of chicken or turkey bones. Becky from Cup Half Full hand painted this adorable wishbone and framed it. And then there is the classic wishbone chair.  This one Read more [...]
Sep 20, 2013 - Crafts, Friend Show Off    20 Comments

Tutorial to Make a Rope Basket

I was recently cruising around my friend Cecily's website CeciBean.  She has some adorable stuff.  Her latest post on how to make a rope basket caught my attention so I asked her if I could share it here on Burlap and Denim.  Check it out!  Amazing, right?  I love how cozy, folk artsy, and fall it is.  And now check out the supplies that she used to make it!  I have this sitting around in storage in my basement!  So here is a warning to friends, you may be getting one of these for Christmas! What a great finished product, Thanks for sharing Cecily! Click HERE for the whole tutorial on CeciBean. Linked Up: Funky Junk, Tatertots and Jello     Read more [...]
Aug 23, 2013 - Crafts, Recycle & Reuse, YW Camp    7 Comments

DIY Leather Bracelets

Leather working has always been a hobby I've wanted to get into.  Then a few years ago I found my in.  It was time to get rid of an old leather jacket of my husbands and then shortly after that I inherited a suede jacket from my in-laws.  I decided to save both of them and repurpose them.  Once again I took on the task of "Camp Crafts" for our annual girls youth camp.  Our camp craft budget is small and this year we had 35 girls planning on coming.  So, these old jackets would become new camp DIY leather bracelets. The following are a few that I made up as examples for what the girls could make.  This colorful cuff bracelet was very simple to make.  I just stitched a design into the leather with embroidery thread.  To fasten this bracelet I stitched on a decorative bead and made a loop of threat to slip it through Read more [...]
Aug 16, 2013 - Crafts, YW Camp    11 Comments

Bleach Out T-Shirt Tutorial

Last week was our church group's annual girls camp.  For our group t-shirts we decided to do a bleach out design.  The following is my Bleach Out T-Shirt Tutorial.  {The original inspiration for this T came from THIS AWESOME POST, for ANOTHER BLEACH TUTORIAL click HERE} The coordinators of the camp (our stake) purchased these green T's and had a small Celtic knot over the right arm to go with our B.R.A.V.E. theme (Believe, Repent, Ask, Venture, Endure).  Each group (ward) was to decorate the rest of the T how ever they wish. We thought about silk screening, and after a lot of tries I suggested we go with the easiest cheapest option...Bleach!  I did a practice at home and then brought everything to the church and each girl made her own shirt on a table outside.  You'll need the following supplies AND a blow drier: A Read more [...]
Jun 19, 2013 - Crafts, Recycle & Reuse    10 Comments

Colorful No Sew Ottoman Cover

A while back I showed you how to make casual easy frayed applique pillows shams and I showed you this great fabric that I found.  Well, I also used that giant floral to recover my ottoman for my basement rec room.  This colorful no sew ottoman cover was a snap and gave new life to my tired old ottoman. I purchased this large ottoman at a local discount store and paid about $200 for it.  The top was chocolate leather.  I thought the sides were leather too, but...they were vinyl.  They tore quickly and easily and my toddlers at the time thought it was fun to stick their fingers in and stretch the holes out even bigger.  That was when I covered it with a simple stripe as pictured below. The great thing about this ottoman is how EASY it is to change it up.  Just flip it upside down, unscrew the wood base and remove Read more [...]
Jun 11, 2013 - Crafts, YW Camp    14 Comments

Camp Bottle Caps

I did a post on how to make camp bottle cap pins last year and have now updated it for 2013.   Click HERE for the previous post and instructions. Click HERE to download the 2013 Camp Bottle Caps These are very simple and easy to make and don't cost a lot of money, so they are perfect for camp!  Download the free templates and print them off at home, cut them out and take them to camp for a fun memorable craft.       Read more [...]
Apr 18, 2013 - Crafts    4 Comments

Birthday Photo Pennant

A few weeks ago we celebrated my husbands 40th birthday!  I threw him a surprise party and had a great night.  One of the decorations I threw together was this birthday photo pennant. It was a very simple construction project, with no lasting marks.  I took 11 8 X 10 photos and clipped them with clothes pins to an old piece of trim from a blanket I deconstructed years prior.  Then I pinned it in front of the kitchen window.  The light shinned through the photos giving them a nice glow (albeit pink in some of the older photos :) I loved the festive look the photos gave and all the guests loved looking at the photos of Justin growing up.  Once the party was over I just pulled all the photos down and placed them back in his memory box. Linked Up: Tatertots & Jello Read more [...]
Mar 12, 2013 - Crafts, Design Steps, Open House    4 Comments

Songbird Teen Bedroom

  My sister and I created this funky girls room a few years back for a Parade of Homes house.  We used all kinds of funky antiques mixed with new finds from Ikea, Urban Outfitters and TJ Maxx.  The quilts below were heirlooms from the owners parents with a green and white damask throw  from Urban Outfitters, layered on top. The walls were painted a very pale blue and the carpet was a dark muddied green.  We pumped up the color with hot pink and orange sherbert.  The tree stencil below was from Urban Outfitters.  A decorative bird-cage was packed with antique quilts with a bird perched atop the quilts.  A 3d chandelier covered in scrapbook papers and adorned with a tiny colorful bird was hung in the alcove. (Here is a close up of that chandelier in another space.  Read more about it HERE) Three light panes Read more [...]