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Oct 20, 2011 - Design Steps, From Scratch    33 Comments

Wall Mural Drama: Part 1 of 4

There is nothing like a mural or accent wall to give life to a stale box bedroom.  I am kind of obsessed with them, partly for their drama and partly because they can be so easy and cheap!  I currently, as of this post, have 4 murals in my humble abode.  I have painted each one.  Now, don't get the wrong idea.  I am not some fabulously talented artist, painter or magician.  What I have learned over time is how to make murals simple, funky, and dramatic.  Anyone can do this, seriously, anyone.  I am going to do a 4 post tutorial, one post for each mural I have done.  I will start with the easiest and they will progressively get more difficult.  Ready for round 1?  Here we go.   The Pottery Barn Kids World Map Outline Mural I love opening my Pottery Barn Kids catalog and seeing what their set geniuses have come Read more [...]

Bleach Out Pillow Shams

Tutorial for Bleach Stencil Pillow Shams.  This project, along with so many others, came about because I aquired random supplies years ago.  I like to collect things that may become a project someday.  That is why if you drive by my garage on any given day it is FULL of "supplies".  Well this one started with six 18"X18"Pottery Barn denim pillow shams.  A stencil design I found online would be the graphic design I would apply with a bleach spray. UPDATE: check out my tutorial for spray bleaching T-Shirts HERE First I searched for a stencil design.  I found one at Royal Design Studio, but being the antsy person that I am, I couldn't wait for a stencil in the mail, so I made my own.  I blew up the image on my computer and printed it out on 5 sheets of very heavy card stock with a shinny finish (if I was to do this again, Read more [...]
Sep 28, 2011 - Design Steps    4 Comments

Harvest Mantel

It is Fall and time for Harvest, well harvesting my home grown pumpkins.  This year I planted a "Baby Boo" pumpkin plant which produces little white pumpkins.  I also had two volunteer pumpkin plants in my compost pile!  Here is my humble harvest: I decided to do an arrangement on my mantel and thought I'd share my process for decorating along the way.  The first thing I do is search my house for anything in the fall color pallet.  Do not be picky in this process.  Even if it seems odd to put a kitchen or garden item on a formal mantel, don't worry, gather ANY thing in your colors.  Here is the start of my pile (notice a pillow...yes, anything).  I always start with my art work.  In this case a grouping of four similar pictures.   Then add the largest items on each side. If you want a basket to look full, Read more [...]

DIY Grain Sack NOEL Christmas Banner

I love Christmas!  I also have a two story family room with a large blank wall on the second story.  I needed a large graphic that was inexpensive to fill the space for Christmas.  That's when burlap came to mind and this DIY grain sack project! I went to JoAnn's (with a coupon of course) and purchased 4 yards of cream burlap.  I chose cream because I like the way it lightened up the space against my sand colored walls.  Then I cut the 4 yards in to two 2 sections.  Then I cut each of those vertically giving me 4 panels that are each about 2 yards long.  I say about because I trimmed a little off the top and bottom to be sure that they were straight. Time to paint!  I searched through my garage to find a paint that wouldn't be gaudy.  I landed on a milk chocolate wall paint that I had left over from another project. Read more [...]