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Recycled Craft Storage and Organization

I've just finished my craft room!  I shared it HERE.  Now I want to get down to the nitty-gritty of how I recycled boxes and other junk to organize the heck out of all those crafting supplies.  So here is my recycled craft storage and organization: The vintage shopping cart.  My father in law saved this from the dump, just for me.  I love the turquoise wheels!  I just whipped up a little bag out of this leftover pink striped fabric.  I stuffed it full with sewing projects that I need to work on. An old curio wall cabinet holds all kinds of crafting goodies. Old glass jars from Biscoff, caramel and all kinds of eats were washed out, labels cleaned off and filled up with chalk, sequins, confetti, pop tops and embroidery floss.  The clear glass cabinet and glass jars make finding stuff a snap.  Plus the fun colors Read more [...]

Tips for Getting FREE Posters From Store Displays

Guess what everyone, I got ANOTHER FREE poster!  This time I was at an outlet mall nearby and saw this beauty hanging in one of the store windows.  I fell in love immediately.  I love anything nautical/beachy (okay, it has to be classy too) Who doesn't love a little ombre in your house It is gray, turquoise and navy, three of my favorite colors It had no branding for the store I found it in! So, as I shopped the shop and was purchasing a cute nautical navy and white boat neck sweater and a pair of fresh new pink flip-flops, I asked to be "put on the list" of people who were interested in having it when they rotated out their window display.  The clerk obliged even though she didn't know such a list existed.  She jotted down my name and number and we left figuring I'd never hear from her.  Well we right, Read more [...]

DIY Suitcase Dog Bed

I can't wait to share my DIY Suitcase Dog Bed with you!  Okay, this post is really just a way for me to introduce you to my adorable new puppy!  We got him just in time for Easter and the whole family is in love with this little fluff ball.  His name is Chancho, as in "I would never leave you Chancho" from the great "Nacho Libre".  Can you tell I have all boys and a 13-year-old named him?  Oh well, I love it too.  Now for the dog bed. My awesome father in law found this old suitcase for me.  When he gave it to me we didn't have a pup yet so I imagined it sitting on a shelf somewhere adding charm to my house.  But, once Chancho came in to our lives (literally later that day), I knew it would make the perfect dog bed.  This is not a new idea, but new for someone like me with my first dog ever.  The sandy colored exterior Read more [...]

Dumped & Found: Vintage Industrial Tray Table

What happens when you take someone like me to drop off a sofa at the dump?  You end up with a car full of junk bound to be a cool project someday.  Well this last weekend became this project's someday, a vintage industrial tray table.  I started out with this slightly rusted tray.  It looks like a paper tray without a bottom.  Or maybe a vintage army tool chest stand.  I've Googled it and can't come up with anything else like it.  Then I disassembled two pallets I found in a dumpster near my house. I carefully removed all of the nails by hammering them on the bottom and then pulled them out from the top with the back side of the hammer.  The wood was long enough to fill the tray with just one cut on each end, but I thought that a diagonal pattern would be more interesting to look at.  I dry fit them together and Read more [...]

Beach Bum Backpack & Pillow

On Saturday, June 2, 2012 there was an awesome event.  A FREE swap meet put on by Desert Green Goddess.  Everyone came to a park in the middle of our town and dropped off unwanted clothes, decor, projects, etc.  Almost as soon as it was placed on a table, someone else walked by and snatched it up...for free!  My 10 year old and I were really excited.  We brought some of our old junk, and took home a bunch too.  One of our finds was this tattered, but free backpack. I loved the surfer feel of the fabric and immediately imagined it into a backpack pillow for his Surfing bedroom.  I gave it a quick wash with my intoxicating laundry soap combo knowing that would bet out any stains and make it smell like "us".  Then I got to work trimming off all of the stray and unraveling threads.  Then whipped out my sewing machine Read more [...]

Dumped & Found: Half Light Door {Vaseline Finish & Antiqued Mirror}

A while back, long before blogging, my awesome friend Heather called me and asked if I wanted an old door that she had no use for.  I knew nothing about the door but of course said "YES!"  Come to find out prior to that call, her husband Dan had been at the dump dropping stuff off when he came across a few old doors and took them home from the dump.  Apparently he made a few awesome projects out of the other doors, but was at a loss for this one and was tiered of it kicking around in their garage.  That's when they called me, and much to my husband's disappointment (ANOTHER project?!), I jumped at the offer. This is what the front of the door looked like when I got it.  It was a bright peachy color.  The back side was weathered, but just stained and varnished.  I started this little makeover by scrapping off all Read more [...]

Dumped & Found: Vintage Army Chest of Drawers

          I'm starting a new series called "Dumped & Found".  It features pieces that I have found at the dump, in a trash can, or on the side of the road.  Things others (crazy people I call them) have "dumped" and I have "found"!  The first piece I am sharing was picked up last weekend.  Actually, the story began last summer.  I bought a huge sectional from our local ReStore with the plan to reupholster it.  After it sat in my garage for months my husband had had it with that "project".  When we recently purchased a new sofa I promised I'd take the old one to the dump (I had already started taking it apart so I was sure a thrift store would reject it).  Well, last Saturday was the day.  We packed the sofa in the car and drove out the the city dump.  It was my first trip to our dump and I was surprised Read more [...]