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Four Boys and Tide Pods {Plus a $100 Visa Sweepstakes!}

So here is a ridiculous but true story that happened last month. My husband was at work and a male co-worker of his, let's call him "Jim", came up to him and asked him what the scent was that he was wearing. Jim couldn't put his finger on it and was a bit embarrassed to ask, but did so anyway. My husband laughed a little and then began explaining, like he and the rest of our family have so many times before, that the scent that follows us around is our laundry detergent. You see I have been a loyal Tide fan since the seventh grade and apparently those around me enjoy the scent too! When I heard that Tide was coming out with Tide Pods I couldn't wait to try them! I did a little research on them and found out that: they work in either front or top loading washers (which is great, because I LOVE my front loader) they aren't Read more [...]

Tips for Getting FREE Posters From Store Displays

Guess what everyone, I got ANOTHER FREE poster!  This time I was at an outlet mall nearby and saw this beauty hanging in one of the store windows.  I fell in love immediately.  I love anything nautical/beachy (okay, it has to be classy too) Who doesn't love a little ombre in your house It is gray, turquoise and navy, three of my favorite colors It had no branding for the store I found it in! So, as I shopped the shop and was purchasing a cute nautical navy and white boat neck sweater and a pair of fresh new pink flip-flops, I asked to be "put on the list" of people who were interested in having it when they rotated out their window display.  The clerk obliged even though she didn't know such a list existed.  She jotted down my name and number and we left figuring I'd never hear from her.  Well we right, Read more [...]

Why You Should Get a Propane Fire Pit & The Best S’more Tip Ever

Let me start off by letting you know I live in the BEST neighborhood.  Seriously, I love my neighbors, their kids,  and the fun activities we do together.  A few years ago one of my neighbors started having "Monday's Marshmallow Movie Madness".  This was a great activity where in the summer our cul-de-sac would gather in their yard, the kids would watch a movie projected on the side of their garage while the adults roasted marshmallows and had hilarious conversations around their propane fire pit.  Those nights bonded us together as neighbors and friends and I loved them.  I also fell in love with their propane fire pit. Why You Should Get a Propane Fire Pit NO Smoke-no more moving from seat to seat depending on the way the smoke is blowing in the wind Easy to move around-It fits great on a deck, patio or I can Read more [...]
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My Favorite Babushka

  Have you ever had a souvenir that you just Love?  In 1994 I took a trip to Finland to visit my sister and her husband, a Finish native.  Since we took the long trek  there we decided to make a stop in Russia at the same time.  While in St. Petersburg we picked up a souvenir or two.  Mine was this adorable little Babushka or set of Russian nesting dolls (also referred to as Matryoshka dolls). I remember seeing hundreds of designs, but this one really resonated with me.  It is a small set, with only five dolls.  And it has a traditional wood shape. The bright fun colors that I was drawn to back then works perfect with my basement decor today.  Don't you love it when things come together like that? The clean simple paint is almost Swiss Chalet style.  I haven't seen another like it. I love my Read more [...]

Blow Dryer and Curling Iron Storage

Today I am sharing one of my favorite and most useful products.  I was at a Parade of Homes show about 6 years ago when I saw it.  It was an under the sink storage solution for curling irons, flat irons, and blow driers. As we were leaving there was the inventor/salesman in the garage.  I was sold and bought one on the spot.  In my master bath, under my sink was wasted space.  There was a dummy drawer front that was easily removed.  After a few screws were installed (by me, thank you very much) the storage shelves were installed.  The product comes with all of the hardware necessary including hinges, and detailed instructions. There are two spots for curling irons or flat irons (I actually shove two curling and one flat in mine). The other side holds a large blow drier. I love how these simple aftermarket Read more [...]

Reclaimed Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

I know I say this a lot, but, this is one of my favorite projects of all time!!!  It all started with a trip to ReStore.  If you've never been to ReStore, you must go!  It is a home improvement thrift store, just the description is dreamy, right?  Anyway, this was out in the yard and I asked how much, $5 later and it was in my van, ready for its new home. I used it this last Christmas as my tree stand and swooned every time I looked at it .  I couldn't bare to put it back outside after Christmas so I decided to turn it into the diy coffee table I always knew it could be. I started out with a trip to Home Depot and picked up a 1/2 sheet of plywood.  It was a 4X4 sheet of pre-sanded plywood in the project section.  No cutting and wasting, no giant pieces of plywood to shove in the van, just a small, concise piece that Read more [...]
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Since Thanksgiving is this week, I decided to break out of my normal blogging about projects, and take some time to express my gratitude for a few of my favorite things.   Vintage Thrifting/Yard SalesI know, kind of a weird thing to be "Grateful" for, but I am.  Whether I have been fortunate in the financial department or barely scraping by, I have always loved going to the thrift store, yard sales, or estate sales.  Just the other day I had "no money" on me and stopped off at a yard sale on my way home from picking up my son Jake from a friends.  I found an adorable little doe statue, asking price?  25 cents.  I ran back to my car and dug up a quarter from between the seats and drove home giddy about my newest find.  I mean really, what hobby do you know of that is that cheap?  And yet thrilling.   Creativity There Read more [...]

For the Love of Coconut

Maybe it is my love affair with the beach, but recently I have realized I have an obsession with coconut.  Eating coconut, lathering in coconut, decorating with coconut, even sniffing coconut.  Here are products that I use on a way too regular basis:   Sunbelt Fudge Dipped Coconut Bars A little bit waxy, but totally worth it. Pina Coloda Orange Julius Don't you remember going to the mall and getting these delish treats?  Maybe I should head over there now...hmmmm. My own Coconut Meringue bites Oh these are waaaaaaay to addicting to make unless it is right before they will be eaten.  I have foolishly made these a couple of days in advance only to end up with a hand full to take to a party, ooops. The Sweet Toothfairy's Toasted Coconut Cupcake These are indescribable perfection.  After my first Read more [...]
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“SURF” in Burlap & Denim

So if you are a faithful reader of Burlap & Denim, you probably already know the following things about me: I LOVE denim I LOVE burlap I LOVE the Beach (and I'm talking about the sandy area next to the ocean people, lakes are fun but do not qualify as having a beach!) A few years ago I packed them all into one little BIG project.  This surf sign: Doesn't it look great with all of my summer stuff? (check out my Summer Mantle & Burlap Sofa Makeover) This was a very simple and easy project and cost around $20.  I started with 4 yards of burlap, 2 yards of denim, and 1 yard of white duck.  I cut the burlap in half lengthwise to make two pieces of burlap that were each 2 yards long (or 6 feet).  Then I cut them down the center so they were only 1/2 as wide making four identical panels.  I cut the Read more [...]

Dumped & Found: Vintage Army Chest of Drawers

          I'm starting a new series called "Dumped & Found".  It features pieces that I have found at the dump, in a trash can, or on the side of the road.  Things others (crazy people I call them) have "dumped" and I have "found"!  The first piece I am sharing was picked up last weekend.  Actually, the story began last summer.  I bought a huge sectional from our local ReStore with the plan to reupholster it.  After it sat in my garage for months my husband had had it with that "project".  When we recently purchased a new sofa I promised I'd take the old one to the dump (I had already started taking it apart so I was sure a thrift store would reject it).  Well, last Saturday was the day.  We packed the sofa in the car and drove out the the city dump.  It was my first trip to our dump and I was surprised Read more [...]
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Antique Crystal Chandelier

Have you ever had something in your house that you LOVED.  Something that if you moved you'd surely take it with you, even write it into the's one of your Favorite Things.  Well, I was working on an open house post for my front room and couldn't stop taking photos of my antique crystal chandelier. When we were building our first house, the french cottage, I did a lot of antique, vintage, and funky shopping.  I went to a shop in Salt Lake's art district called Elemente.  It is full of odd furniture, art and the owner is pretty funky herself.  Anyway on one trip we found this beautiful chandelier for only $100! It was love at first site.  The arms and base look like antique silver.  It is loaded with faceted crystals that sparkle.   We took it home and hung it in our dinning room.  It was stunning. Read more [...]

Vintage Style Glass Milk Bottles

On a recent trip to the Laguna Beach area in Southern California, my sister and I happened upon these amazing milk bottles! We were in an expensive and beautiful market called Gelson's.  In the dairy department they had a display of all varieties of milk, chocolate milk and egg nog ('tis the season).  On one side of the bottles there is the Broguiere's cow logo (sometimes in blue) and the quote "Milk So Fresh...The Cow Doesn't Know It's Missing".  The reverse side has all different designs.  They ranged from $3.75-$5.75, chocolate being the priciest and most delicious! These are my favorites: These are "green" bottles, you pay a deposit when you buy them and then rinse and return.  Check out this Christmas one from last year that just happened to be in circulation when I was at the market! I'm not sure what Read more [...]