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Tips to Reupholster a Chair

I'm so excited to introduce Lindsay from My Creative Days!  She is going to share this great tutorial on how to Reupholster a chair that she fell in love with.  Check out her blog below: Do you believe in love at first sight? I absolutely do! This past weekend, I fell in love at the first sight of this AMAZING chair ! The wood.... the shape....... the red velvet... (okay, maybe not the red velvet). Hello, Mr. Chair. Where have you been all my life? The drab part of the chair was definitely the red velvet seat. I knew that had to go immediately, but I also knew that was the only thing I had to change. Easy makeover (love those)! The velvet was stapled on the seat and then it was trimmed with a piece of the same fabric and some upholstery tacks. It was very easy to remove. Now, I was left with a small, flat, tired Read more [...]
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Tutorial to Make a Rope Basket

I was recently cruising around my friend Cecily's website CeciBean.  She has some adorable stuff.  Her latest post on how to make a rope basket caught my attention so I asked her if I could share it here on Burlap and Denim.  Check it out!  Amazing, right?  I love how cozy, folk artsy, and fall it is.  And now check out the supplies that she used to make it!  I have this sitting around in storage in my basement!  So here is a warning to friends, you may be getting one of these for Christmas! What a great finished product, Thanks for sharing Cecily! Click HERE for the whole tutorial on CeciBean. Linked Up: Funky Junk, Tatertots and Jello     Read more [...]

Recycled Concrete Patio

Ever wanted a unique durable DIY patio?  Well my awesome neighbor created a recycled concrete patio using broken up pieces of concrete from another neighbors torn our driveway!  So here are the pieces that Erik picked out from the torn out driveway.  He laid them out on the grass to make sure they fit together alright and that he had enough pieces for the new space. Then he tore out the grass for the new patio. He laid down some landscaping fabric and a layer of yard gravel to set the concrete and began around the edge of the existing rectangular pavers. Erik continued laying the concrete, working to be sure that each piece was level in the sand and gravel.  This was especially difficult since the concrete was not perfectly equal in thickness.  Then with a push broom he filled the spaces with more gravel and Read more [...]
Apr 25, 2013 - Friend Show Off    9 Comments

Collecting Donations for Boston

Today's post is not a normal "project".  This is the note my eight year old son brought home about donations for Boston: Instead of his usual "I'm going to my friend's house" line, he asked if he could go door to door canvasing our neighborhood asking for donations for Boston.  Who cares that the fundraiser is for 6th graders and he is in 2nd.   He has such a huge heart.  So after a couple of hours of going door to door, he raised $91!  he was so excited but really wanted to reach $100, so he ran up stairs and took $9 from his wallet and added it to his pile.  Here is picture of him running out the door to deliver it to school. He is my inspiration to do a little more, help others, and your are never too small to make a difference.  And thanks to all of our neighbors who trusted him to take their donations safely Read more [...]

Meal Planning Menu Board

Erin Gappmayer, a Burlap & Denim reader, contacted me and wanted to share her BRILLIANT meal planning techniques.  She calls it her Menu Board.  I am honored that she has written the following tutorial for all of us to admire and recreate!  Take it away Erin: I love this menu board. It has been a work in progress for a long time and I absolutely would not do my meal planning any other way now. To create it in Microsoft Word, I first typed in any meal my family might eat during the month. I also typed in some things, like pizza, twice because we have a tendency to eat them more than once a month and “Out” to identify when we would be eating out that month. Then I changed the font color to reflect my own coding system – green for Mexican, purple for Italian, orange for sandwich-type meals, etc. I printed off Read more [...]
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The Ultimate Man Cave DIY

So I have this neighbor named Kimble.  He's the "Big Kid" in the hood.  And by kid, I mean he loves toys, and has a lot of them.  His house is amazing  and even has a basement with a tiered theater, arcade (seriously, a real arcade), vending machines stocked with all the goodies free for the taking (try telling your kids to only take one!  Sorry Kimble about all the junk my peeps have eaten!) and tons more.  Kimble also collects Vespas, Harleys, and off-road vehicles.  That is where the Man Cave comes in.  His three car garage couldn't hold it all anymore so it was time to build something that would (and he did most of the building himself!).  Kimble is a successful businessman and had some spare land behind his warehouse.  He started shopping for shipping crates, leveled out the ground and hired a crane to set Read more [...]

Life as a Thrifter

Please welcome my friend Holly to Burlap & Denim Hello! My name is Holly Marsh, and I blog at Life as a Thrifter.  I am thrilled to be guest posting today!  Although I used to teach kindergarten, I now stay at home with a busy toddler!  Along the way, I developed an obsession for thrifting, and these days nap times are most often spent sanding or spray painting!  Whether it’s a beat-up piece of furniture or a worn out pair of jeans, I have the greatest time producing something new out of something old . . . and blogging all about it!   I've compiled a few of my most favorite projects to share with you today.  All of which are super cheap and ridiculously easy! Laundry Room Display This was a recent project I did using a few old hangers and (homemade) pictures. Embroidery Hoop Monogram This Read more [...]

Momma’s Hot Chocolate

'Tis the weather, at least around here, for some yummy Hot Cocoa.   As soon as the first snowfalls my kids are hitting me up for some cocoa in our Cocomotion machine.  Tell me you have one of these, if not run out and get one!  They usually carry them at Costco in the winter, but Target and Walmart have them too for around $20.  It heats and whips the hot chocolate to perfection. OK, now that we all have a Cocomotion machine, lets make some cocoa.   Meet my friend Kara from Talkin' Chow Playin' House. Kara is an amazing chef, yep its official, she went to culinary school!  She says to put away the Swiss Miss (yuck!) and make room for her family recipe (mmm). Pin It Kara's Momma's Hot Chocolate 1/2 gallon whole milk 2 cans evaporated milk 1/4-1/2 cup dry, unsweetened cocoa 1/2-1 cup granulated Read more [...]

Ruffled Ribbon Dust Ruffle

I'm excited to introduce you to Burlap & Denim's first guest blogger!  Meet my sister, Amy Felin and follow along as she makes a beautiful Ruffled Dust Ruffle. So I finally got the bedding of my dreams, the Urban Outfitters Waterfall duvet cover in white. I am redoing my bedroom and have had my eye on this particular duvet for a few years and they decided to finally make it for a King size bed. Urban Outfitters, Waterfall Ruffle Duvet I only ordered the duvet and not the dust ruffle because I already had a pretty, white one that I really like.  But when the duvet came, it was much more cream than white.  They really didn’t match (and I love to mix creams and whites, but it was just too far off). I liked what Urban Outfitters had to match the duvet, but it just seemed a little too much and expensive.  Read more [...]