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Mar 18, 2014 - Design Steps, Open House    15 Comments

Creating a Gallery Wall

I love to decorate my home, you all know that.  That love can create a problem, where to store all of the decor that I am not displaying at any given time.  I like to change everything up for summer, fall, Christmas etc.  All of the art that I had collected was beginning to take up too much space!  It was stacked in piles in my basement storage room.  I had planned on building a wall system to hang all of it down there, but my husband had a different idea.   He suggested we hang it all up in our bedroom.  Our master bedroom has vaulted ceilings and the walls have been difficult to decorate.  Anything that I put on them seems dwarfed by the wall and ceiling height.  We had thought about adding a bunch of wainscoting here but haven't had the money or the time.  The gallery wall might give us a similar effect, his plan Read more [...]

Anthropologie Knock Off Ideas {a Tour of the London Store}

Do you ever like to shopping for decor ideas?  I'm not talking about going to a big furniture store looking for your next sofa, although I enjoy that too.   I'm talking about Anthropologie.  I'm that girl that loves to go to EVERY Anthro but I am not interested in the whimsical skirts and funky jackets.  No, it is their store displays that always have me coming back for more.  They are so inspiring and unique.  I can usually be found with my draw dropped, eyes wide open, and mind spinning trying to figure out exactly how they "did that" and figuring out where I could do something similar at home or on a job site.  I have to confess that doing store displays for Anthropologie would be THAT dream job for me, you know, the one you would do for free if they let you?  For now I'll just use one idea for my own Anthropologie Read more [...]

Faux Stainless Steel Removable Backsplash for Renters

My sister moved to England, take a moment and weep for me.  Okay, back to business.  Here is the kitchen in the great town home she is renting in Oxford.It's a great house with lots of great features but the backsplash wasn't one of them.  A photo I saw made the tile appear to be red and yellow check.  My first thought was McDonalds!  "Butta Buh Buh Bah, NOT Lovin' it."  Since you can see straight from the front door, down the hall, over the kitchen table and through to the kitchen ALL from the front door, we knew something had to be done, we'd add a faux stainless steel removable backsplash for renters! In real life, it is a bright orange yellow and cream check, not much better than I had imagined. Before she moved we made a stop in at Lowe's and picked up five rolls of stainless steel Contact paper.  It is called Read more [...]
Oct 27, 2013 - Open House    10 Comments

Creative Craft Room Organization

I have finally set up a craft room in my basement!  I am so excited to share my design studio space with you.  If you know me well, then you know with four boys, a husband and a boy dog, my house has ended up pretty masculine.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it that way, but with this space just for me, I added some bright fun colors including pink and turquoise and a more feminine touch.  Here is my creative craft room organization station: I have a huge old table with a large leaf.  It holds two paper sorters with scrapbook supplies. I LOVE this giant chalkboard I picked up at ReStore for $15!  Just below it is my fab Pffaf sewing machine sitting on a thrift store desk with bamboo detail that I painted white.  I added a shelf and wrapped it in one of my all time favorite fabrics, pink paisley. An alcove by the Read more [...]
Jun 3, 2013 - Design Steps, Open House    10 Comments

Nautical Mantel

It is officially SUMMER here, and the kids are out of school!  As usual I have changed out my family room's decor into a summer theme.  It is similar to last year's All American Beach theme.  This is my Nautical Mantel. I already had the old pallet up on my mantel from past designs and decided I'd leave it up to add texture and depth.  Then I used silver thumb tacks from the dollar store to attach each of the nine nautical flags to the pallet.  I love how the pallet acts like a frame for all of the small flags and makes them feel like one large piece of art. Since my family room is two-story, I needed a huge mantel to balance the space, the over sized pallet helps fill the space above the fireplace. A bunch of random nautical, beachy or just cool antiques got layered in front of the pallet.   In a niche Read more [...]
May 8, 2013 - Open House    11 Comments

Amy’s Beautiful Traditional Open House Tour

This is my sister Amy's beautiful traditional home.  I have wanted to share her fabulous design talents with you since I started my blog, but wouldn't you know it, it took her putting her house up for sale for me to actually give you a traditional "Open House" tour.  The great news?  You can buy it! The entry is very open.  Straight ahead is a great staircase and is open to the living room to your right. The entry is adorned with a huge black and white gallery wall. The entire main floor is covered in a medium tone hardwood that flows into the living room in the front of the home. A set of two marbled columns define the space between the living and dining rooms.  We have played a lot of games in this dining room, especially after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. If the family room and kitchen is the heart Read more [...]
Mar 12, 2013 - Crafts, Design Steps, Open House    4 Comments

Songbird Teen Bedroom

  My sister and I created this funky girls room a few years back for a Parade of Homes house.  We used all kinds of funky antiques mixed with new finds from Ikea, Urban Outfitters and TJ Maxx.  The quilts below were heirlooms from the owners parents with a green and white damask throw  from Urban Outfitters, layered on top. The walls were painted a very pale blue and the carpet was a dark muddied green.  We pumped up the color with hot pink and orange sherbert.  The tree stencil below was from Urban Outfitters.  A decorative bird-cage was packed with antique quilts with a bird perched atop the quilts.  A 3d chandelier covered in scrapbook papers and adorned with a tiny colorful bird was hung in the alcove. (Here is a close up of that chandelier in another space.  Read more about it HERE) Three light panes Read more [...]

Reclaimed Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

I know I say this a lot, but, this is one of my favorite projects of all time!!!  It all started with a trip to ReStore.  If you've never been to ReStore, you must go!  It is a home improvement thrift store, just the description is dreamy, right?  Anyway, this was out in the yard and I asked how much, $5 later and it was in my van, ready for its new home. I used it this last Christmas as my tree stand and swooned every time I looked at it .  I couldn't bare to put it back outside after Christmas so I decided to turn it into the diy coffee table I always knew it could be. I started out with a trip to Home Depot and picked up a 1/2 sheet of plywood.  It was a 4X4 sheet of pre-sanded plywood in the project section.  No cutting and wasting, no giant pieces of plywood to shove in the van, just a small, concise piece that Read more [...]
Oct 2, 2012 - Open House    36 Comments

Pottery Barn Inspired Kid’s Bath

This is my friend Laree's upstairs children's bath.  I think it turned out adorable.  We were going for a vintage Pottery Barn feel when we started the remodel.  And I think that is exactly what we achieved.  This is my version of a Pottery Barn inspired kid's bathroom. With all of the remodeling going on, amazingly, none of the bathroom was effected except cosmetic.  Here is the floor plan from the original and current layout.  Notice the double but separate vanities, I love this feature. To keep with a vintage remodel feel, we used small hex tiles throughout the bathroom flooring.  A medium gray grout was chosen to give it a worn look and keep it from being too stuffy. The matching vanities were painted in a bright cheery blue.  The cabinet builders built-in a pull out drawer step in each vanity for little Read more [...]
Sep 28, 2012 - Crafts, Open House    6 Comments

Sewing Pattern Tissue Flower Feature Wall

 A few weeks ago I posted my tutorial for making Sewing Pattern Tissue Flowers.  I was originally making them for an office space I've been working on, but fell so in love with them I had to use them in my own home. Click the image below for the complete tutorial for making these beauties:   HERE is my original inspiration for making and installing the flowers.  The ever amazing Anthropologie: For my installation, I wanted to keep it light and easily removed.  You know me, I love to change things up, so I didn't want even MORE holes in my walls.  I opted for standard scotch tape, the one in the green box for office supplies.  I taped up the strings that hold the flowers together.  The tape is nearly invisible and easily removed. For now, my tv is centered on a wall in my family room.  I decided to Read more [...]
Sep 14, 2012 - Design Steps, Open House    25 Comments

Restaurant Supply Shelving at Home

I picked up these great shelf brackets from Pottery Barn at a local outlet (Down East Home) tent sale.  They were two to a pack and in perfect condition, never opened.  At just $5 a box, I couldn't help myself and bought 10 pair!  I wasn't sure where I'd use them so I wanted to have plenty to work with.  I looked them up on Pottery Barn's website and noticed that they were selling them with either a glass shelf or a matching medium wood shelf both of which were unavailable for purchase a la carte (they are no longer on their site).  I figured I could have glass cut and polished for shelves, make my own wood shelves or come up with something different.  I took the bracket with me to Ikea and found that one of my favorite shelves would work perfect!  The EKBY Mossby shelf at almost 47" and only $29 would be the perfect Read more [...]
Sep 11, 2012 - Open House, Recycle & Reuse    21 Comments

Fall Mantle {A study in neutrals}

It's that time of year to take down all of my summer beach decor and get in the mood for fall.  For this fall mantle I wanted to keep things on the simple side.  I have a habit of adding a lot of stuff at different layers and levels in order to create drama (examples HERE, HERE and HERE).  Not this time. I decided to go with neutrals and keep it clean and tidy.  My family room is two-story and has a grand fireplace and mantle.  This was by design, I wanted a huge space to decorate so this mantle fit the bill when we designed our home 8 years ago.  It does create a problem sometimes since the space is sooo huge, it is easy to dwarf the decor.  This layout started with this European mount elk skull and antlers.  I found them on our local KSL classifieds (similar to Craigslist) for only $75!  That is cheaper than a Read more [...]
Aug 15, 2012 - Open House    9 Comments

Laree’s Bright Fresh Family Room and Nook

I am once again showing off my friend's beautiful home.  This time we are checking out her dinning room/nook and family room both right off her amazing kitchen.  Lets start with the eating area.  The space is between the kitchen and family room and is tucked into a large bay window.  Laree took her beautiful dark wood table and chairs and had them painted in this adorable aqua and white.  I think they are so bright and fresh like this.  For lighting I chose a green and crystal antique-ish chandelier to add a little whimsy.  And the bright floral rug under the table was Laree's from a previous home. To dress the bay window I opted for a dark wood rod to match the walnut wood floor.  These rods are great.  They are from Lowe's brand Allen + Roth.I love that they have "elbows" for the bay window corners that have an Read more [...]