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Nov 11, 2013 - Crafts, Planted    12 Comments

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Setting and DIY Euonymus Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  I decided to take a minute and figure out my tablescape since I will be hosting my family this year.   In truth, I started by wanting to make a wreath from the Euonymus clippings from the hedge in my front yard.  That evolved into a centerpiece and then the rustic Thanksgiving table setting below. I started by clipping all the Euonymus that was poking up above the rest of the hedge.  Then I separated them into groups of four 6" pieces.  With 24 gauge floral wire from Hobby Lobby (the one I bought even had a wire cutter built-in!) I wrapped the bottom inch or so.  I made about 15 bundles. I layered them starting from the outside to the center on top of a kilim runner that I had.  I then gathered some rose hips from my yard and layered them on top of the Euonymus bundles.  To cover Read more [...]
Jul 29, 2013 - Planted, Recomendations    13 Comments

Trumpet Vines Pretty Up a Fence

When picking out our lot for the house we built, we were very excited to back up to a church park.  Hardly anyone uses the park and we have access to it through a gate in our back yard.  The bad news?  The back fence is chain link, not exactly my favorite.  It is dipped in black rubbery paint, but still not my dream.  In order to give ourselves a little privacy, some shade, and a lot of drama we decided to plant three Madame Galen Trumpet Creepers or Trumpet Vines.  For around $25 each, they are a steal of a deal. This lush green vine has been planted for about 5 years and is spectacular.  The flowers are a bright sunset orange and bloom like fireworks around the 4th of July. From the day we planted the trumpet vine we have weaved it through the chain link fence spreading it as wide as possible.  Then, as the vine Read more [...]
May 25, 2012 - Planted    2 Comments

Easy Arrangements for Cut Peonies & Roses

Oh I love this time of year, it's Peony season at our house!  When I selected many of the plants for our back yard, I did so with cuttings in mind.  I love cut flowers inside so I chose plants based on colors that I would like to see inside during their blooming season.  For this post I am focusing on my white peonies (heart heart) and blush roses (heart heart heart).  First prepare the vase.  This is an inexpensive one I picked up at Ikea (it's only $1.99).  Fill with water (and floral food if you have some).  Cut strips of clear floral tape (available HERE) and stretch tight to make a grid across the top of the vase.  Then grab your favorite clippers (mine are Fiskars like these) and start cutting. Gather all of your flowers and set by your vase.  Let's start with the peonies.  First remove any leaves that may Read more [...]
May 19, 2012 - Open House, Planted    10 Comments

Climbing Roses {A Spring and Summer Romance}

In the Spring, my back yard comes alive.  Nothing beckons me to spend more time outside than my climbing roses. I remember during my teenage years driving up Mt. Helix, in San Diego, and stopping by the side of the road to pick what appeared to be a wild rose plant.  The roses were very small and the palest pink.  They had a light spice sent and I loved them.  The vines grew crazy and covered telephone poles and anything else it could wrap it's tendrils around.  When Justin and I moved into this house, we knew we wanted a lot of climbing roses, but when I stumbled upon the same roses that I loved years before, I knew just the place to plant it.  Our back yard is small, but backs up to a large grassy field.  We inherited a black chain link fence that would have seemed trashy to me before, but now it is the perfect built-in Read more [...]
May 2, 2012 - Planted, Recycle & Reuse    53 Comments

Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starters

Spring is in the air and I've been ready to plant my garden for at least a month.  Fortunately, I remember all the times I've been burned (or really frozen) planting too early.  Here in Utah there is often a crazy snow storm that shows up just after I have planted my garden, but not THIS year!  I decided to harness all of that Spring fever into planting seeds INDOORS and taking them outside when the coast is clear.  I started saving toilet paper rolls after I saw a bunch of beautiful art projects people had pinned on Pinterest.  Well I tried making one...FAIL.  Instead I thought up this little project that doesn't need to be pretty, just practical (NOTE: After a search for toilet paper rolls as seed starters, I found I wasn't the only one with this idea but I figured I'd share my version,so here goes). Supply List: Empty Read more [...]
Apr 23, 2012 - Planted    26 Comments

Triple Succulent & Wood Centerpiece

A few months ago my sister Amy and I went thrifting while working on another project.  That's when we came across an awesome wood planter.  It looks like a home made project.  One large piece of wood cut slightly at an angle on each side with 12 holes drilled in the top.  I'm not sure what the makers intent was, possible to hold candles (thanks to James at, I now know it is an antique Mexican Sugar Mold that is often used with candles now)?  As soon as we saw it, we knew it would look awesome in my house.  We bought it for $4.  It needed some work, so I got out my sanding block and went to town.  Then I wiped it down and re-stained it with a wax stain I had on hand.  It really brought out the character of the wood and added depth to it if that makes sense. I knew I wanted succulents in each of Read more [...]