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Apr 21, 2014 - Crafts, Recycle & Reuse    30 Comments

DIY Ocean Art

Once again I profess my love of the ocean.  This time in my DIY Ocean Art.  I have wanted to do a giant work of art on a canvas for a while and have been shopping for a good deal on canvases.  They were all so expensive!  I had made one in the past and thought I might go that route again until I found a giant canvas at Burlington Coat Factory that was on clearance for $20.  It was a photo of a lotus blossom and lily pads.  The photo was okay, but I had bigger plans for the canvas itself.  I propped it up on it's side over my fireplace.  It fit the space beautifully. That's when I decided to create  my own abstract painting of the ocean for my summer beach theme.  I had seen a few similar that I loved, one from ZGallerie and others around town, but none fit quite right or had the colors that I was looking for.  Okay, Read more [...]

How to Host a Clothing Exchange

Have you ever been to a clothing exchange?  Aren't they awesome?  My friends and I used to trade clothes in high school and I even remember a giant clothing exchange that our dorm floor did in college!  I just had one last night for our Young Women's Youth Group.  I'm excited to give you some tips for How to Host a Clothing Exchange.  NOTE: Sorry the photos are terrible because of the rush of the activity! 1. Gather the goods.  We put an announcement in our church bulletin a about a month before we planned on having our event asking for clothes, accessories, purses, bags, scarves, shoes, craft supplies, and home decor.  By including all of these categories, it help ensure that EVERYONE would find something that worked for them.  I also emailed a few specific ladies that I thought might have clothes that the girls Read more [...]

Upcycled Vintage Industrial Lighting {No Electrician Needed}

Do you know who Chico is?  The one with the pony tail?  He was Candice Olson's electrician.  I used to be so jealous of Candice when I would watch her remodel and redecorate a space while having Chico at her beckon call to add can lights here, or a pendant over a side table.  Where was my electrician to do all of my fabulous lighting work?  Well flash forward a few years to today: Since we moved into our house, I have wanted pendant lights over the kitchen island or bar.  Unfortunately I didn't have the builder put any in from the beginning and the can lights that we do have are in an odd configuration with NONE of them over the bar!  Well no fear, I finally added these awesome pendants and barn wood for my own vintage industrial lighting, without calling an electrician.   So this was what I had created previously. Read more [...]

Ditch your Hand Towel for a Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser

This is my guest bathroom.  I have made a few changes from the original "builder basic" bath it started as (read about the vanity and ceiling  HERE).  One of my favorite additions is the stainless steel industrial paper towel dispenser.  You've seen the commercials for the Kleenex brand disposable paper towel dispenser.  The one where they show how disgusting the guest bath hand towel can be.  That is why I have always bought white towels for hand towels.  I like that you can bleach them, but they still seem stained after a few months and seem icky to me.  Well I have bought and enjoyed the Kleenex paper boxed towels but... they are expensive, they didn't blend with my bath style and aren't wall mountable in my bath.  So when I saw this used stainless steel paper towel dispenser for $10 at ReStore, I jumped on it. Read more [...]

Recycled Craft Storage and Organization

I've just finished my craft room!  I shared it HERE.  Now I want to get down to the nitty-gritty of how I recycled boxes and other junk to organize the heck out of all those crafting supplies.  So here is my recycled craft storage and organization: The vintage shopping cart.  My father in law saved this from the dump, just for me.  I love the turquoise wheels!  I just whipped up a little bag out of this leftover pink striped fabric.  I stuffed it full with sewing projects that I need to work on. An old curio wall cabinet holds all kinds of crafting goodies. Old glass jars from Biscoff, caramel and all kinds of eats were washed out, labels cleaned off and filled up with chalk, sequins, confetti, pop tops and embroidery floss.  The clear glass cabinet and glass jars make finding stuff a snap.  Plus the fun colors Read more [...]

Vintage Schoolhouse Chairs from an online auction

I am always on the hunt for vintage industrial furniture, especially mid-century.  You know, the pastel greens and blues that used to be in your elementary school?  Well I had heard about where anything old that government offices such as schools, city offices, etc. aren't using are auctioned off on-line.  You can search by the area in which you live, by the type of items available, even a specific school or agency.  I couldn't wait to try it out and my first time was a success!  Check out these vintage schoolhouse chairs that I bought! Here they are in my craft room where I plan to keep them. I bid on two sets of chairs in order to get the right mix of pastel seats that I was looking for.  I won a total of two bids for $24 for 12 chairs.  That's only $2 a chair!  Because they were not in mint Read more [...]

Tips to Reupholster a Chair

I'm so excited to introduce Lindsay from My Creative Days!  She is going to share this great tutorial on how to Reupholster a chair that she fell in love with.  Check out her blog below: Do you believe in love at first sight? I absolutely do! This past weekend, I fell in love at the first sight of this AMAZING chair ! The wood.... the shape....... the red velvet... (okay, maybe not the red velvet). Hello, Mr. Chair. Where have you been all my life? The drab part of the chair was definitely the red velvet seat. I knew that had to go immediately, but I also knew that was the only thing I had to change. Easy makeover (love those)! The velvet was stapled on the seat and then it was trimmed with a piece of the same fabric and some upholstery tacks. It was very easy to remove. Now, I was left with a small, flat, tired Read more [...]

Tips for Getting FREE Posters From Store Displays

Guess what everyone, I got ANOTHER FREE poster!  This time I was at an outlet mall nearby and saw this beauty hanging in one of the store windows.  I fell in love immediately.  I love anything nautical/beachy (okay, it has to be classy too) Who doesn't love a little ombre in your house It is gray, turquoise and navy, three of my favorite colors It had no branding for the store I found it in! So, as I shopped the shop and was purchasing a cute nautical navy and white boat neck sweater and a pair of fresh new pink flip-flops, I asked to be "put on the list" of people who were interested in having it when they rotated out their window display.  The clerk obliged even though she didn't know such a list existed.  She jotted down my name and number and we left figuring I'd never hear from her.  Well we right, Read more [...]
Sep 13, 2013 - Recycle & Reuse    12 Comments

Retro Outdoor Furniture Makeover

I am excited to share my retro outdoor furniture makeover!  When my husband's grandmother passed, we inherited her retro patio sofa.  It had seen better days, probably in the 50' or 60's when she purchased it.  It was upholstered in a funky green floral plastic, similar to an outdoor table-cloth.  The foam of the seat had torn and tiny chunks of deteriorated foam came cascading out.  My husband duck taped the worse of the two cushions to help keep the mess to a minimum.  It was a very funky upholstery job to say the least.  BUT, the sofa had such fun retro lines and was quite comfortable so I decided to give the whole thing a makeover. I started by looking at outdoor fabrics.  There is a huge selection of fabrics made for outdoors but they are still quite pricy.  Most were between $12-$25 a yard.  I knew I wanted Read more [...]

Recycled Concrete Patio

Ever wanted a unique durable DIY patio?  Well my awesome neighbor created a recycled concrete patio using broken up pieces of concrete from another neighbors torn our driveway!  So here are the pieces that Erik picked out from the torn out driveway.  He laid them out on the grass to make sure they fit together alright and that he had enough pieces for the new space. Then he tore out the grass for the new patio. He laid down some landscaping fabric and a layer of yard gravel to set the concrete and began around the edge of the existing rectangular pavers. Erik continued laying the concrete, working to be sure that each piece was level in the sand and gravel.  This was especially difficult since the concrete was not perfectly equal in thickness.  Then with a push broom he filled the spaces with more gravel and Read more [...]
Aug 23, 2013 - Crafts, Recycle & Reuse, YW Camp    7 Comments

DIY Leather Bracelets

Leather working has always been a hobby I've wanted to get into.  Then a few years ago I found my in.  It was time to get rid of an old leather jacket of my husbands and then shortly after that I inherited a suede jacket from my in-laws.  I decided to save both of them and repurpose them.  Once again I took on the task of "Camp Crafts" for our annual girls youth camp.  Our camp craft budget is small and this year we had 35 girls planning on coming.  So, these old jackets would become new camp DIY leather bracelets. The following are a few that I made up as examples for what the girls could make.  This colorful cuff bracelet was very simple to make.  I just stitched a design into the leather with embroidery thread.  To fasten this bracelet I stitched on a decorative bead and made a loop of threat to slip it through Read more [...]
Jun 19, 2013 - Crafts, Recycle & Reuse    10 Comments

Colorful No Sew Ottoman Cover

A while back I showed you how to make casual easy frayed applique pillows shams and I showed you this great fabric that I found.  Well, I also used that giant floral to recover my ottoman for my basement rec room.  This colorful no sew ottoman cover was a snap and gave new life to my tired old ottoman. I purchased this large ottoman at a local discount store and paid about $200 for it.  The top was chocolate leather.  I thought the sides were leather too, but...they were vinyl.  They tore quickly and easily and my toddlers at the time thought it was fun to stick their fingers in and stretch the holes out even bigger.  That was when I covered it with a simple stripe as pictured below. The great thing about this ottoman is how EASY it is to change it up.  Just flip it upside down, unscrew the wood base and remove Read more [...]

DIY Suitcase Dog Bed

I can't wait to share my DIY Suitcase Dog Bed with you!  Okay, this post is really just a way for me to introduce you to my adorable new puppy!  We got him just in time for Easter and the whole family is in love with this little fluff ball.  His name is Chancho, as in "I would never leave you Chancho" from the great "Nacho Libre".  Can you tell I have all boys and a 13-year-old named him?  Oh well, I love it too.  Now for the dog bed. My awesome father in law found this old suitcase for me.  When he gave it to me we didn't have a pup yet so I imagined it sitting on a shelf somewhere adding charm to my house.  But, once Chancho came in to our lives (literally later that day), I knew it would make the perfect dog bed.  This is not a new idea, but new for someone like me with my first dog ever.  The sandy colored exterior Read more [...]