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Feb 13, 2014 - Shopping Trip, Trending    17 Comments

Home Decor Trends 2014 from the Winter Market

At the Las Vegas Market I filtered through thousands of chachkies and accessories that will be coming to a store near you soon.  Here are a few of the items that I feel will be big home decor trends 2014.  Archaeology Accessories Over a decade ago my husband and I were able to visit the amazing Cairo Museum.  When we were there I was amazed at the low tech displays and cases holding the Egyptian antiquities.  Most did not have moisture control, alarms or the like.  When I found this display table, I was a amazed at how similar it was to those I'd seen years earlier.  The simple wood and glass case could hold just about anything in your house, can you imagine it as a sofa back table?  Or how about in an entry?  I LOVE it!  {This table is a bit more than an accessory, but I had to include it in this post.} Adding Read more [...]

7 New Lighting Trends from Winter Market 2014

Last week was the Las Vegas Design Center's Winter Market for 2014. It is a huge show with over 32 floors of home furnishings and it happens twice a year in Las Vegas, NV.  It brings furniture manufactures together with interior designers and retail stores.  My husband and I jumped int he car for the short 5 hour drive, and believe me, with out the kids it flew by.  We spent two full days walking all the floors looking for the best in design.  Today I am excited to share the 9 new lighting trends that I saw for 2014. 1. Metal Chandelier Shades I saw this trend over and over and over.  Some were a thin fine metal mesh like this barrel shade.   It felt refined and formal. Another was this ball chain style.  These chains were hung individually around an oval form.  Very cool and industrial.  These were a rustic Read more [...]

Download the Cartwheel App from Target and Save {plus a $1000 Target Gift Card giveaway!)

If you are anything like me you LOVE shopping at Target.  Let's start with the carts...if your Target has upgraded carts like mine does, you know what I am talking about.  They are so smooth, light weight, and easy to turn.  Well this post isn't about the carts, but it is about the app from Target called Cartwheel. Downloading the app is a cinch, just go to the app store and search "Cartwheel".  You can find it on a tablet, computer or phone (Android or Apple).   I logged in with my Facebook account which allows me to see what my friends are saving on but you could use your login as well.  Then you can browse all of the offers!  There are offers in all the categories from clothing to house wares and even holiday.  Each offer has a limited time and each one is different, there are up to 700 total offers. Read more [...]

Anthropologie Knock Off Ideas {a Tour of the London Store}

Do you ever like to shopping for decor ideas?  I'm not talking about going to a big furniture store looking for your next sofa, although I enjoy that too.   I'm talking about Anthropologie.  I'm that girl that loves to go to EVERY Anthro but I am not interested in the whimsical skirts and funky jackets.  No, it is their store displays that always have me coming back for more.  They are so inspiring and unique.  I can usually be found with my draw dropped, eyes wide open, and mind spinning trying to figure out exactly how they "did that" and figuring out where I could do something similar at home or on a job site.  I have to confess that doing store displays for Anthropologie would be THAT dream job for me, you know, the one you would do for free if they let you?  For now I'll just use one idea for my own Anthropologie Read more [...]

Vintage Schoolhouse Chairs from an online auction

I am always on the hunt for vintage industrial furniture, especially mid-century.  You know, the pastel greens and blues that used to be in your elementary school?  Well I had heard about where anything old that government offices such as schools, city offices, etc. aren't using are auctioned off on-line.  You can search by the area in which you live, by the type of items available, even a specific school or agency.  I couldn't wait to try it out and my first time was a success!  Check out these vintage schoolhouse chairs that I bought! Here they are in my craft room where I plan to keep them. I bid on two sets of chairs in order to get the right mix of pastel seats that I was looking for.  I won a total of two bids for $24 for 12 chairs.  That's only $2 a chair!  Because they were not in mint Read more [...]
Jul 23, 2012 - Shopping Trip    7 Comments

Seaside Interiors | Shopping with Burlap & Denim

On a recent trip to visit family in Laguna (in California), my honey and I explored the adorable shops in the quaint downtown area of Laguna Beach.  I felt like I was home the minute I walked into the first little shop.  It's called Seaside Interiors and is owned by Gina and her daughter Natasha.  It is a small space packed with beautiful beach inspired furniture and accessories. Here is their contact info: Seaside Interiors Gina & Natasha (mother/daughter owners/designers) 190 Beach Street  Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949) 715-4735 Seaside Interiors Facebook page   When you first walk in from the street you are greeted with this amazing wine crate flooring.  The planks ave varied in width and slightly in wood tone.  Various logos are burned into the wood creating a fabulous and original Read more [...]