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Feb 13, 2014 - Shopping Trip, Trending    17 Comments

Home Decor Trends 2014 from the Winter Market

At the Las Vegas Market I filtered through thousands of chachkies and accessories that will be coming to a store near you soon.  Here are a few of the items that I feel will be big home decor trends 2014.  Archaeology Accessories Over a decade ago my husband and I were able to visit the amazing Cairo Museum.  When we were there I was amazed at the low tech displays and cases holding the Egyptian antiquities.  Most did not have moisture control, alarms or the like.  When I found this display table, I was a amazed at how similar it was to those I'd seen years earlier.  The simple wood and glass case could hold just about anything in your house, can you imagine it as a sofa back table?  Or how about in an entry?  I LOVE it!  {This table is a bit more than an accessory, but I had to include it in this post.} Adding Read more [...]

7 New Lighting Trends from Winter Market 2014

Last week was the Las Vegas Design Center's Winter Market for 2014. It is a huge show with over 32 floors of home furnishings and it happens twice a year in Las Vegas, NV.  It brings furniture manufactures together with interior designers and retail stores.  My husband and I jumped int he car for the short 5 hour drive, and believe me, with out the kids it flew by.  We spent two full days walking all the floors looking for the best in design.  Today I am excited to share the 9 new lighting trends that I saw for 2014. 1. Metal Chandelier Shades I saw this trend over and over and over.  Some were a thin fine metal mesh like this barrel shade.   It felt refined and formal. Another was this ball chain style.  These chains were hung individually around an oval form.  Very cool and industrial.  These were a rustic Read more [...]

Design For a Simple Life: Renovated Vintage Campers

I'm excited to share a post that an interior designer friend of mine wrote just for Burlap and Denim readers!  It's about living a simple life with renovated vintage campers. Design For a Simple Life by Guest Blogger: Stevie Sharp  When I decided to become an Interior Designer it didn’t take me long to realize that I was going to be the minority as a twenty-one-year-old male. I still haven’t figured out if being the minority is an advantage or a disadvantage but there is one thing that I have noticed. Being a male in this industry I tend to be attracted to different projects and think differently about most things. As we all know most men are very simple this I believe is the reason that I love Minimalist design and a Minimalist living. Just because of the simplicity. I truly believe that there have never been Read more [...]
Sep 26, 2013 - Crafts, Trending    3 Comments

Make a Wish: 16 Wishbone Decor Ideas

With fall's arrival I think of Thanksgiving, which brings me to turkey, and then to the wishbone of course!  I recently purchased a pair of wishbone earrings and have loved the whimsy it has brought to my wardrobe.  There is just something about wishbones that I think are adorable.  If you like them too then today is your lucky day because I am sharing 16 wishbones in art, decor, furniture or fashion. This adorable vintage style greeting card is from Papaya. This adorable "Oh Snap" graphic has been sold out on Etsy.  I love the quote. The Lucky Break company sells faux wishbones for all your crafting or party needs!  Way easier than cleaning a bunch of chicken or turkey bones. Becky from Cup Half Full hand painted this adorable wishbone and framed it. And then there is the classic wishbone chair.  This one Read more [...]
Mar 14, 2013 - Trending    3 Comments

Funky Bright Asian Influences in Design

I've noticed a new trend lately that I first noticed in a Horchow catalog. It is their "Chinoiserie Dynasty" Chair. I think this chair is so adorable! I love the Asian print. It is young, bright, fun, and definitely not your grandmother's Asian chair. The shape is casual as is the 100% cotton fabric. I could create a whole room around this chair. (Source: Horchow) After a lot of research, I found this adorable wedding tablescape.  The wedding designer Canvas and Canopy did an excellent job of keeping this an upbeat, fun, bright and beautiful wedding. Photo Credit: Joie Lala,  Event Credit: Canvas and Canopy For a simple and easy way to add this fun Asian trend into your life is with this great wrapping paper from World Market.  For just $2.99 you get a 21"X30" sheet.  I'm thinking I could use it to cover coffee table Read more [...]