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Bottle Cap Necklaces: 2011 YW Theme

I was called to work with the Young Women of our church last year, just before Christmas.  I knew we needed to think of a cute, inexpensive, and meaningful gift for each girl on their birthday.  I found a bottle cap necklace on Etsy, but they were $8 each.  Very cute, but too expensive.  I did a little research and found that I could make my own for around $1 each!  The following is a tutorial of the best advice I found from many websites including my own trial and errors.  This craft is great for this year for YW in excellence, Christmas presents, or adapted for any program or theme! Supply List:  Cardstock, Bottle Caps, Workable Fixitif, Glossy Accents, Ball and Chain necklaces I purchased everything at JoAnn's except for the bottle caps and necklaces.  The best deals are at Hobby Lobby, especially with a coupon Read more [...]
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Salvaged Wood Lamp

I am sure you have heard of Craigslist, but where I live, it's all about KSL Classifieds.  This is a news website that has free classifieds.  It is AMAZING!  I have sold and bought things from KSL and have not been disappointed yet!  Well, this story starts with a Friday night, browsing the FREE section.  I had never checked out the FREE section, but figured I'd give it a shot.  After an hour or so I found a listing for free barn wood.  It turns out a construction crew was doing some work right off the freeway about 10 miles from where I live.  They tore down a small shed and an old wooden fence.  All I had to do was follow their directions and load up all that I could.  My husband wasn't too keen on spending his Saturday morning picking up someone else's free junk, but I was in!  I hardly slept a wink, figuring everyone Read more [...]

DIY Grain Sack NOEL Christmas Banner

I love Christmas!  I also have a two story family room with a large blank wall on the second story.  I needed a large graphic that was inexpensive to fill the space for Christmas.  That's when burlap came to mind and this DIY grain sack project! I went to JoAnn's (with a coupon of course) and purchased 4 yards of cream burlap.  I chose cream because I like the way it lightened up the space against my sand colored walls.  Then I cut the 4 yards in to two 2 sections.  Then I cut each of those vertically giving me 4 panels that are each about 2 yards long.  I say about because I trimmed a little off the top and bottom to be sure that they were straight. Time to paint!  I searched through my garage to find a paint that wouldn't be gaudy.  I landed on a milk chocolate wall paint that I had left over from another project. Read more [...]
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Self Serve Laundry Sorting

I LOVE fresh laundry.  I still remember in 7th grade borrowing my friend Marreville's gym clothes and loving the smell.  I asked her what detergent her mom used and I have been using the same formula for over 20 years!  Tide Clean Breeze or original scent and Snuggle Sparkle fabric softener and dryer sheets.  The scent of my laundry has a reputation of it's own.  I can't tell you how many of my kids friends mom's have asked me for this formula after my kids have played at their house! Well, a husband and 4 boys later, laundry is a still a big deal.  I can't do it alone so I organized my tiny laundry room.  I have a front loading washer and dryer so i grabbed 4 clear storage bins and they fit perfect across the top.  Then I made labels based on the colors of clothes that I seem to have a lot of.  I printed them Read more [...]
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Paper Bag Journals

Paper bag journals are a fun inexpensive craft perfect for trips, camps, or fun summer memories.  My family made these at our summer family reunion in Laguna last year (filled with beachy words, photos from the Hollywood sign, and souvenirs from "Pink's") and the kids from 6 to 15 loved making them.  For YW camp last year they were a hit as well. At a regional camp meeting last year I saw a great journal craft.  I took their idea and put my own twist on it.  It is an inexpensive project and with a lot of prep work, goes very smooth in the woods. Supplies (per journal): 3 lunch bags, folded and pre punched with 5 holes 22" twine, taped on one end for easy threading scrapbook paper pre-cut to fit pages of the journal (16 total, 3 sizes) velum labels (printable below) testimony card for insert (printable Read more [...]

Girl’s Camp: Prescription Skittles

Our cute camp director last year (Nancy Christiansen) thought up a great idea.  Camp Value Pills (aka Skittles).  They came in value colors and were the perfect pick me up when girls were feeling blue. Nancy bought the pill bottles from a local pharmacy.  I took her text and turned it into a label to resemble real pill bottles.  I made them to fit a standard mailing label that I had on hand (4X2 or 8163). Click HERE for the printable PDF for the labels. If you do not have or do not want to purchase labels, you can print off the paper labels below.  Just cut out on the gray lines and glue to the pill bottles with Rubber Cement. Click HERE for the printable PDF for the cut-able DIY sheet. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE EMAILING ME Due to the huge number of people wanting to adjust these for themselves, I have uploaded Read more [...]

Bottle Caps for Camp

Find the Updated 2013 templates HERE Last year for camp I was in charge of the crafts (dream job!  Lots of work, but worth it).  A quick easy one that the girls enjoyed were bottle cap pins.  You could make these magnets, neclaces, whatever, but we did pins because they were the cheapest and I thought they'd look cool on their camp bags.  The technique is basically the same as the bottle cap necklaces tutorial found HERE.  Instead of drilling a hole for the necklace, we brought superglue and after the bottle caps were dry we glued the pin to the back. Supplies: blank bottle caps (Hobby Lobby) card stock (use a different color for each sheet you print for variety) Glossy Accents (JoAnn or Hobby Lobby) pins (very cheap at Hobby Lobby) super glue (Dollar store) scissors   This is the one I made for myself (note: Read more [...]
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Cub Scout Cake Awards

With four boys I was bound to find myself serving in our local Cub Scout troop.  After four plus years in Cubs, I've been to my fair share of Blue and Gold Banquets.  Our pack has a tradition of having each boy make and decorate a cake.  After they are "judged" we eat them for dessert.  One year I made awards for each of the cakes, only I made the awards before I had seen ANY of them.  I came up with as many categories and themes as I could and printed them off on glossy photo paper.  With a sharpie in hand, I wrote each child's name on the back of the award that best went with their cake.  It worked out perfect, each boy felt their cake was appreciated and we had extra awards to spare.   Here is an example of one sheet of awards.  They are four to an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet.  There are 32 awards total. HERE Read more [...]
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We Seek After…Bulletin Board

Last year our Young Women's theme was the 13th Article of Faith.  I had the assignment to decorate our bulletin board.  We have a chalk board in the middle and two bulletin boards on each side.  Our ward takes the left side.  This is what I came up with (note: this could easily be changed based on the theme of the year). The striped paper is three sheets of scrapbook paper, two on the top and 1 cut in half and placed side by side on the bottom.  I printed out the letters and cut them out with scissors and made a banner.  The "SEEK" letters are popped out (but you really can't tell in person).  On the sides of the board I ran crape paper and taped it every once in a while. The center background was a large peice of scrapbook paper pre-cut.  I printed off the Owl from a google image search.  Then I sketched out Read more [...]