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Operation Organization 2014 with 11 Magnolia Lane

The fabulous ladies over at 11 Magnolia Lane have put together Operation Organization just in time for the new year!  Each day they are featuring a different blog and one of their best organization projects, and guess who is featured today?  Yep, Burlap and Denim.  Go check it out HERE!     These blogs are really amazing!  Go check them out: Friday, 1/3:  Janis at All Things Beautiful Saturday, 1/4: Amanda at Dixie Delights Today: Samantha at Simply Organized Tuesday, 1/7: Amanda at Burlap & Denim Wednesday, 1/8: Christy at 11 Magnolia Lane Thursday, 1/9: Jenn at My Fabuless Life Friday, 1/10: Debbie at reFresh reStyle Saturday, 1/11: Julie at Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss Sunday, 1/12: Terry at 11 Magnolia Lane Monday, 1/13:  Amy at 11 Magnolia Lane Have Read more [...]
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YW & YM 2014 Theme Come Unto Christ Printables

This year our church youth group's theme is Come Unto Christ and be Perfected in Him.  I loved a talk given by my friend Stefanie where she turned the scripture into an invitation.  I tried to run with that theme when I made my bulletin board for this year. With all of the adorable chalkboard graphics out there, I decided to try my hand at one.  Honestly I figured this would be the easiest and cheapest bulletin board yet.  All I had to do was design it on the computer, save it to a thumb drive and take it to Staples.  There they could print it out on one big sheet for just $8.  Just ask for the architectural prints in black and white.   I made the graphic gray scale to add interest and since it didn't cost any extra I figured why not.  This is the graphic I created:   Download the large file to print an oversized Read more [...]
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Christmas House Tour from Burlap and Denim

We are in the thick of the Christmas season!  Today I'm welcoming you to my home for a Christmas house tour.  Beware, heavy photos ahead! Here is my family room.  I have an artificial tree that I love to decorate (read my tips HERE).  I brought out my deer from last year and hung it above my fireplace on a pallet again (see last years version HERE).  I love the burlap circle hanging down on my mantle.  That was a purchase I made this year while I was in England.  They have H&M Home in a few of their London shops.  They were just pulling out their Christmas decor during my trip, so I loaded up! I hung a feather wreath and Merry Christmas sign over my antique mirrored door (door tutorial HERE).  The large cast angel was a find from Ross years ago.  She is one of my Christmas faves.      This year I dressed Read more [...]
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DIY Window Pane Christmas Stamps

I have wanted an antique window for years.  When my father in law came across this creamy white one and asked if I wanted it, I couldn't wait to make something of it!  But what?  It sat empty for months.  With Christmas approaching I dreamt up a new piece of art for my home.  That is when it came to me, frame Christmas art or photos in that old window.  I began searching everywhere for the perfect art (Ikea, World Market, scrapbook stores, TJ Maxx etc.).  None had quite the right size or style of what I wanted.  Then on the internet I found old Christmas stamps that were printed for the USPS  in conjunction with museums of art.  All eight were Madonna and Child and by classic painters.  I blew each one of them up and had them printed at Costco on photo paper.  Then I arranged them in the eight panes.    I cut Read more [...]

Four Boys and Tide Pods {Plus a $100 Visa Sweepstakes!}

So here is a ridiculous but true story that happened last month. My husband was at work and a male co-worker of his, let's call him "Jim", came up to him and asked him what the scent was that he was wearing. Jim couldn't put his finger on it and was a bit embarrassed to ask, but did so anyway. My husband laughed a little and then began explaining, like he and the rest of our family have so many times before, that the scent that follows us around is our laundry detergent. You see I have been a loyal Tide fan since the seventh grade and apparently those around me enjoy the scent too! When I heard that Tide was coming out with Tide Pods I couldn't wait to try them! I did a little research on them and found out that: they work in either front or top loading washers (which is great, because I LOVE my front loader) they aren't Read more [...]
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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

It is time to pull out the old artificial Christmas tree and trim it up!  I have a decent tree that I bought at Costco seven years ago and I love getting it showroom ready for the holidays!  But I know there are some of you out there that dread decorating that old tree and aren't sure how to make that old cheap fake tree look like a show stopper.  Follow these tips to make ANY faux tree look AMAZING! How to Decorate a Christmas Tree {On ANY Budget} 1. Find a great "Stand".  I use an old stone shipping crate that I found for $5.  Other great options include buckets, wine barrels, and baskets. (Via Migonis Home) (Via The Cavender Diary) (Via Southern Living) By adding a stand instead of just a tree skirt you can really add personality to your tree.  My shipping crate gives the illusion that the root ball Read more [...]
Nov 26, 2013 - Christmas    5 Comments

Wrapping Paper ChristmasTree Garland

I have been really excited to put up my Christmas tree this year, surprise surprise, but nothing got me more giddy than when I planned this little project.  Justin and I were walking through a local import store called Tai Pan and I noticed a Christmas tree that had brown craft paper tucked in all the open spaces.  As I looked closer I saw that it had music notes on it.  It looked like wrapping paper that had been cut in half, crumpled up and used it as a Christmas tree garland.   I couldn't wait to do this to my tree!  Since I wasn't crazy about the music notes I went on a search for wrapping paper that would fit my style.  I came across this gift wrap at TJ Maxx for just $3 a roll (30" X 120").  I ended up needing 3 rolls for my 9 ft. tree.  I love that it said "Merry Christmas" "Peace" and "Joy".  It has great Read more [...]
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15+ Fantastic Front Doors

 On a recent trip to England I fell in love all over again with Front Doors.  You see in England, there were all types of doors, rounded, square, pointed, painted, pickled etc.  Almost nothing makes more of a first impression of a home that the front door.  I found myself drawn to taking pictures of as many as I could. Here are a few of my favorite front doors:  This was a beautiful townhouse in London.  I love the bright light sky blue house with the jet black flat finish front door.  The black wrought iron keeps the look tidy and crisp.  And who doesn't love a couple of real topiaries flanking the entry?  Well done.  In a village in the Cotswolds there was this gem.  Also with a black door but this time with a high gloss finish and 15 panes of glass.  This has a much more stately look with the matching Read more [...]

How to Host a Clothing Exchange

Have you ever been to a clothing exchange?  Aren't they awesome?  My friends and I used to trade clothes in high school and I even remember a giant clothing exchange that our dorm floor did in college!  I just had one last night for our Young Women's Youth Group.  I'm excited to give you some tips for How to Host a Clothing Exchange.  NOTE: Sorry the photos are terrible because of the rush of the activity! 1. Gather the goods.  We put an announcement in our church bulletin a about a month before we planned on having our event asking for clothes, accessories, purses, bags, scarves, shoes, craft supplies, and home decor.  By including all of these categories, it help ensure that EVERYONE would find something that worked for them.  I also emailed a few specific ladies that I thought might have clothes that the girls Read more [...]

Upcycled Vintage Industrial Lighting {No Electrician Needed}

Do you know who Chico is?  The one with the pony tail?  He was Candice Olson's electrician.  I used to be so jealous of Candice when I would watch her remodel and redecorate a space while having Chico at her beckon call to add can lights here, or a pendant over a side table.  Where was my electrician to do all of my fabulous lighting work?  Well flash forward a few years to today: Since we moved into our house, I have wanted pendant lights over the kitchen island or bar.  Unfortunately I didn't have the builder put any in from the beginning and the can lights that we do have are in an odd configuration with NONE of them over the bar!  Well no fear, I finally added these awesome pendants and barn wood for my own vintage industrial lighting, without calling an electrician.   So this was what I had created previously. Read more [...]
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10 Fab Finds #1 {from Burlap & Denim}

I am starting a new series where I share great ideas from around the web.   I'm calling it 10 Fab Finds.  This is a shout out and thanks to 320 Sycamore since she featured me in a similar post last week!  I'll include DIY's, Sweepstakes, Recipes, Coupon Codes for trusted shopping sites, and anything else I think YOU might like!   So sit back and enjoy some of my recent favorites! 1. I'm in love with this giant cross stitch made with peg board!  It would make an amazing feature wall in a house or store display!  (note: the blog is in Finish and doesn't say much about the photos, but amazing none the less)   2. Christmas is around the corner, Lil Luna has 75 gift ideas for under $2 each!  I especially loved the mod podge hangers.   3. And how about some chalk inspired Christmas wrapping paper Read more [...]
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Christmas Wrapping Paper Pendant Light DIY

I have started my Christmas decorating early this year.  You see I took a trip to England, Oxford to be exact.  I was visiting my sister who recently moved there when we happened upon a little art gallery gift shop.  I found a sheet of  ADORABLE Christmas or winter gift wrap (and you know how I LOVE  Christmas gift wrap and how to store and display it).  I carried it on to two planes tucked inside of a regular roll of wrapping paper.  I knew I wanted to do something special with it, not just wrap a present, but I didn't know what until I looked above my kitchen sink and saw my scrapbook pendant light. (Read about how  this scrapbook paper pendant  light started HERE) It had been a few years since I had added the pendant and scrapbook paper and it was starting to look ratty and faded.  This would be the perfect Read more [...]
Nov 11, 2013 - Crafts, Planted    12 Comments

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Setting and DIY Euonymus Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  I decided to take a minute and figure out my tablescape since I will be hosting my family this year.   In truth, I started by wanting to make a wreath from the Euonymus clippings from the hedge in my front yard.  That evolved into a centerpiece and then the rustic Thanksgiving table setting below. I started by clipping all the Euonymus that was poking up above the rest of the hedge.  Then I separated them into groups of four 6" pieces.  With 24 gauge floral wire from Hobby Lobby (the one I bought even had a wire cutter built-in!) I wrapped the bottom inch or so.  I made about 15 bundles. I layered them starting from the outside to the center on top of a kilim runner that I had.  I then gathered some rose hips from my yard and layered them on top of the Euonymus bundles.  To cover Read more [...]