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BBQ Your Bacon for Crispy Smoky Goodness

Alright, I'm going to be completely honest here, I am not a bacon fan...I know, shocking right?  Who doesn't love bacon?  This lady, that's who.  Well, I am the only one in my family that doesn't adore the crispy greasy sizzilin' delight known as bacon.  It actually stopped me from making bacon for years.  I couldn't stand the mess of grease everywhere or the ever lasting linger of the cured smokey aroma.  That was when I found all of the pins on Pinterest about baking your bacon.  Perfect I thought!  Until I tried it.  It took a long time, it took a bunch of energy to heat up the oven, and never really came to the right consistency that my children and husband like.  Then one day my husband volunteered to try cooking it on the BBQ.  Brilliant!  All the stink, grease, and mess stayed outside while the bacon cooked Read more [...]

Taking it up a Notch with a Glass and Marble Mosaic Bath Accent Wall

Look at what my hubs found at COSTCO, yes, Costco!   One box contained 5 square feet and cost $20 a box.  That is a steal of deal, better than the big home improvement stores. It is a light aqua sea glass in matte and shiny finish mixed with Carrera marble.  Random lengths are attached parallel to one another with a mesh backing (the photo below shows the back side of the tile squares).  One very important thing to note is that the glass tile has been painted on the back side of each piece.  This makes it possible for a novice to install this tile (if the glass tile had been clear through the back like Oceanside tile, then any imperfections in the setting of the tile and the mastic are shown, even magnified). So when we purchased this tile my husband knew exactly where he wanted to use it.  Our basement bathroom Read more [...]

Reclaimed Shipping Crate and Sherpa Coffee Table

I know I say this a lot, but, this is one of my favorite projects of all time!!!  It all started with a trip to ReStore.  If you've never been to ReStore, you must go!  It is a home improvement thrift store, just the description is dreamy, right?  Anyway, this was out in the yard and I asked how much, $5 later and it was in my van, ready for its new home. I used it this last Christmas as my tree stand and swooned every time I looked at it .  I couldn't bare to put it back outside after Christmas so I decided to turn it into the diy coffee table I always knew it could be. I started out with a trip to Home Depot and picked up a 1/2 sheet of plywood.  It was a 4X4 sheet of pre-sanded plywood in the project section.  No cutting and wasting, no giant pieces of plywood to shove in the van, just a small, concise piece that Read more [...]
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Giant Unstretched Canvas Art DIY (for the un-artistic)

I have a two story family room.  I quite like it but, it has two giant blank walls on the upper story.  During the summer I hang a SURF banner and at Christmas time a NOEL banner.  Those banners out stay their welcome and linger for months because I haven't had a replacement for my Fall, Winter and Spring decor.  Well not anymore.  I just finished a giant un-stretched diy canvas art and I love it.  I was originally inspired by the ever fabulous Pottery Barn: I may add the wood to the bottom and the top of mine as well, but for now, I had to put this up so I could take my NOEL down...yes, in February! I started out by purchasing a drop cloth from Harbor Freight for around $15 (cheap and thin, perfect for this job).  I cut it to the dimensions that would best fill the space.  Then I drew a faint line with a pencil Read more [...]

Skater Bed Upgrade and FREE Giant Mural

During a back to school shopping trip at Famous Footwear my son Jake and I picked up this awesome skateboarding poster!  It was a store display and is approximately 6 1/2 feet tall and 10 feet wide.  It would be perfect for a preteen's bedroom.  I asked the store employee is I could have it when they were finished displaying it.  After a few calls to her manager, she said YES!  A few weeks later she called me and told me it was ready to pick up.  She put toilet paper over all of the tape adhesive so it wouldn't stick to itself, and rolled it up for me.  I couldn't believe how sweet they were and that they gave it to me for free!  It didn't even have a Famous Footwear logo on it or anything!  It was thicker than I expected.  I hung it on the wall using thumb tacks along the borders.  A similar poster from PB Teen Read more [...]
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Easy Frayed Applique Pillow Shams

We finally finished our basement!  Well, almost.  Enough to start decorating!  I wanted the space to have a bright fun, casual feel.  I found some fabric that I fell in love with at my local Home Fabrics.  It had a great thick texture with a wide weave.  It had all the fun bright colors I was looking for with a bit of tropical to go with my ever love affair with the ocean.  It was perfect.  And it had great flowers, leaves and such that would be easy to cut out.  AND at less than $8 a yard, it was a steal (I heart Home Fabrics).  This would work perfect for my applique pillows. I continued my shopping experience at Home Fabrics and found two soft casual striped cottons that matched, but didn't match.  They would be the perfect background for the applique.  The striped fabrics were a mere $3 a yard, YES! I ran Read more [...]
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DIY Denim Tie

My oldest son Jake is very stylish.  Today I am sharing his very own creation, a DIY Denim Tie.  This year he is in 7th grade and accidentally got put in Home Economics.  It actually suited him quiet well, and the girls in his class quite liked having him around.  He started off with a skinny tie that he already had. Then he took an old pair of his dad's jeans and laid them out on the counter.  He looked around till he found the worn marks and whiskering that he wanted on the front of the tie. He turned them inside out and placed the tie over the desired parts of the jeans. Then with a marker he traced the tie with about a 1/4 of an inch extra all the way around.  The jeans were not long enough for the tie, so he traced the extra needed right next to the main part of the tie. Then he cut them out and pinned Read more [...]
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Passport to Reading

A good friend of mine was in charge of our schools Read-a-thon this year.  She asked me if I could design a "Passport" for each of the kids in the school.  Inside they could fill in their information and have a place where they could write down the min. they read for each week.  This is what I came up with. On the inside, the students can glue a picture of themselves (or some times teachers can print them off from their class pictures).  There is a note from the "Principal" and a place for them to sign their name, just like a real passport. There are 12 spaces for "stamps", stickers, signatures, or recording their minutes or "reading miles traveled".  You could also encourage the students to read books that talk about other countries around the world. To download the PDF printable for the Passport to Reading, Read more [...]

25 Tips to Rock your Trip to Disneyland

I love taking the family trek to Disneyland.  But when you are a planner like me, it is best to know as much as you can before you get to the parks.  The following are 25 of my top Disneyland tips for making the most of your Disneyland vacation.     1. Go for the Park Hopper ticket.  If you are trying to decide whether to do one day at one park and another at the other park, I suggest the Park Hopper ticket.  On our latest trip we found this to be the best way to get on the most rides.  Plus, depending on the ages of your kids, California Adventure probably won't take you a full day to do all of the rides you want to ride.  I usually buy my tickets before we leave for our vacation.  I have bought them from GetAwayToday.com and Disney's Travel Agency.  Once you have traveled with Disney's agency, they Read more [...]
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I Hate CFLs {a tutorial for rewiring for warm light}

This project started like so many others, with a great deal.  I had seen these cork pendant lights at Lowe's and really liked them. My basement was far from being finished at the time but I knew I had the perfect place for them.  That was when I noticed the price...$7!  I threw three into my cart when I realized that they were hard wired for Compact Florescent Light bulbs.  BARF!  I HATE CFLs.  Actually I hate all florescent light bulbs.  I wouldn't even allow our builder to put them in my garage.  The slow warm up, the flickering, the blue hue, no thank you.   Something had to be done. I loved the pendant and couldn't let this amazing price go to waist.   Could I change them over hold a warm incandescent bulb?  You betcha.  I hustled over to Lowe's lighting parts department.   I picked up a multi Read more [...]
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Girl On Fire {2013 YW Bulletin Board}

While hunting around on Pinterest, I found a great site called "Better than we Deserve" where Ramona made "Girl on Fire" t-shirts for YW camp.  I loved the idea of merging pop culture (The Hunger Games books) and the gospel.  I think it grabs the girls interests and transforms it into a new way of looking at the world.  Anyway, I took Ramona's idea and turned it into our bulletin board for 2013. You probably recognize the logo in the center, it is the Young Woman torch that has been around forever.  I also found a pin on Pinterest that called the logo "The Original Girl on Fire".  Below the torch are matches or what I call fire starters.  The Young Women are on fire with the Holy Ghost and the matches are ways they can start their fire or keep it burning strong and bright.  All of the values are listed as well as a Read more [...]
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5 Project Fails of 2012

In reflecting back over the past year (and a few months) since I started blogging, I realized that I usually share a cool project, list the how to's and send it out into the blogosphere and the world of Pinterest, but rarely share what happened to all of those projects over the next days and months.  Instead of giving you a glammed up version of my best projects of 2012, I thought I'd share a few mistakes, changes, and fails that came AFTER I hit the "publish" button.     1. My pantry.  While I love my pantry, I wrote that post mostly to show my organizing abilities in order to land a spot on a local TV program.  It worked!  And my pantry went crazy viral.  I don't have a "fail" for my pantry, but some of the comments were hilarious and worth taking a look at.  Especially this one "Your pantry is gorgeous Read more [...]
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Wrapping Up Christmas

Last week I was in line at Costco when a woman came up to me and asked me what I thought of the wrapping paper she was debating buying.  It was bright green with little cartoon animals all over it.  Honestly, I was taken aback when she asked me what I deemed a very "personal" question.  I stuttered "It's .... cute".  Then I proceeded to explain to her that I choose my Christmas wrapping paper to match my holiday decor.  That was NOT what she was expecting, she shrugged me off like I was some type of major weirdo.  Since I have very thick skin and confidence in my ability to "Wrap up Christmas" I left determined to keep up my tradition and start wrapping up all of the presents that were hidden throughout my house.  When I am wrapping Christmas presents, I like to lay out all of my supplies on our kitchen island.  I Read more [...]